Pakistan is one of Fastest Growing Country for Telecom: UN Report

60% of the world’s citizens have access to Mobile phones – that’s 4.1 billion cellular subscribers. This is according to a recently released UN report. Pakistan is mentioned as one of the fastest growing country for telecommunications.

It is concluded in the report that Mobile Phones help developing countries to improve their economy. That is a well established fact by now. However the more relevant question is how the governments can either support this growth or cause it to slowdown by

  • which do not help with foreign investment
  • and infrastructure issues.

of course political stability and lack of security is the overriding factor above all for economy.

Some developing countries, though, have moved up considerably in the Index over the five-year period, including Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, China and Viet Nam. This is partly due to high mobile cellular growth, coupled with an increase in Internet users.

Both developed and developing countries have increased their ICT levels by more than 30 per cent over the five-year period, but developing countries are still lagging behind on ICT access and usage.

The Report also presents the latest, end-2008 figures for key ICT indicators. There has been a clear shift from fixed to mobile cellular telephony and by the end of 2008, there were over three times more mobile cellular subscriptions than fixed telephone lines globally. Two thirds of those are now in the developing world compared with less than half in 2002.

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