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On 18th November 2008, “Electronic Arts” (E.A) launched Need for Speed Undercover, The 12th episode of their one of the most anticipated gaming series in all over the world called Need for Speed. The game is all about Fantastic Street racing action with lots of more attractive styles. This magnificent version of Need of Speed has got realistic 3D graphics and contains the large highway system including 160 km of road (100miles). Racing is placed in TRI CITY (A Fictional City) which is divided into 4 major territories named Palm Harbor, Port Crescent, Gold Coast Mountains & Sunset Hills.


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The game contains a very realistic kind of story and its very 1st time that in the game player (you) is a Cop who goes undercover showing himself as a street racer to report the criminal activities to F.B.I and to take down an international smuggling chain which are smuggling the stolen cars and their spare parts in Tri City’ different territories. After going undercover the Chase Linh (Maqqie Q) is your only contact she guides you throughout the mission as your FBI Liaison. Although player is a cop but he has to destroy the police vehicles and break the rules of law and order.

The game contains the single race quick race and knockout system but the main part of the game is carrier mode Player can start His carrier by purchasing a new car and after winning the more races he earns more cash and can get more vehicles. player can increase his Wheel man Level by wining more and more races, Players gets different bonuses after winning the races in shape of up gradation of their car’s spare parts such as Engine, transmission, brakes, wheels, NOS and ETC.

Like the previous episodes this version also contains the Sprint races, Circuit races, dodging the cops. but allots of new racing styles has been introduced in this game such as Highway Battle on a free way from starting point to ending point in which you have to race against your opponent (having a highly tuned car) on a straight highway without any curves and beat him by keeping  distance of 300 meters from his car

The other new thing in the game is driving jobs just like G.T.A (Grand Theft Auto). You (player) have to steal a car and pursuing with the cops you have to drive the car without major damages towards a designated location (told in map).

The Game contains very rare BOSS RACES but they are quite different from the previous episodes. Basically boss race is a chase down race where player has to chase the boss car and destroy the car before the boss’ thugs comes near to you and destroy your car.


Game allows its players to play anywhere in “TRICITY” and this experiment was not highly appreciated by the players because there are no hidden events and unlock able missions.  Police is not so efficient in this version and can be easily handled by the player. Although they put some pressure on during the game play but cops are not so efficient like they were in Need for Speed Most Wanted, so it’s very easy to doge the cops in Undercover

The Game contains very few modes of multiplayer game play but some of them are new and launched 1st time. Players can play against each other in “COPS n ROBBERS MODE”. One player will play being a cop and the other one will play as a robber. Cop is liable to catch the robber and the robber should deliver the package towards the safe or designated location. Players can entertain themselves by playing the remaining modes.

Need for Speed undercover is really a very interesting and entertaining game especially for a single player graphics and sound are really very realistic and awesome and other factors are also but it’s almost same as Need for Speed Pro street so it could be disappointment for many players but overall it’s an entertaining version launched by Electronic Arts n BlackBox Studious


  • Intel Pentium 4 processor (2.8Mhz or 3.0Mhz) or equivalent
  • Minimum Ram needed 1G.B
  • Graphics card 7300 NVIDIA pixel shaded 3.0 having 256 MB of Graphics Ram
  • Windows XP/Vista with latest service packs
  • Direct X compatible sound card (anyone)
  • 8x or faster DVD Drive
  • 5 to 6 G.B of free space of your hard drive

NOTE: – These are Minimum requirements of game and these are tested by me on my own PC.

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