PTA Warns LDIs to Pay APC or Their International Incoming will be blocked

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority has warned LDI Operators for the last time to pay their APC (Access Promotion Contribution for Universal Service Fund) or termination of international incoming traffic will be blocked, told a senior official at PTA.

He further added that a total of Rs. 5.84 billion is outstanding against LDI operators, who are not paying this money. It merits mentioning here that as per APC Rules, 2004 all LDI operators are bound to pay APC for USF on monthly basis with-in 90 days of each month.


Source at PTA further told that earlier this issue was in High Court, but now as per decision, LDIs are obliged to pay their APC or authority will take action against them as per rules.

On other side, USF is also not entertaining all these LDIs in their biddings, terming them defaulters, told us a USF official.

Moreover, if international incoming traffic of these defaulter operators will be blocked, all traffic will be diverted to remaining LDI operators who have paid their APC; hence international incoming calls won’t get hurt.

PTA sources also confirmed that PTCL is to pay Rs. 2.1 billion, while other LDIs include, World Call, NTC, DVCom, WiTribe, Telecard, CallMate, Dancom, Wisecom, Circlenet, Wateen and 4B Gentel

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