X-Men Origins: Wolverine – Game Review


X-Men Origins: Wolverine is based on an animation & movie series called X-MEN while game is developed by Raven Software (PC Games Developers). Other developers also developed this game on different consoles such as PlayStation 2, PSP and Wii but game is published by Activision. X-Men is basically an action adventure game and it was released on 1st May 2009. Game got released for PC (WINDOWS) PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, PSP, Wii, and Nintendo DS.

X-Men Origins has got allots of action, violence and amazing combat system in it. It has got awesome graphics and sound quality which makes user very excited. There are allots of bosses, puzzles and exciting moves that makes the game more better then the movie and these things are enough to entertain a player.

Extra ordinary game play has increased the reputation of the game and that’s why GAMESPOT and other famous websites have shown positive response towards the game and Storyline which is almost same as shown in the movie but very interesting.

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This time you have to play as (wolverine) LOGAN (Main Character of the Game). Story starts from 1845 when Logan kills his father mistakenly and runs away with his brother named Victor creed. These two mutants put them selves in American civil wars with their combat skills and violent urges. Victors kills an officer of his own army and then Logan defends his brother – after that they were fired from the army. After this Major William Stryker meets them and offers them to become a member of his TEAM X.

There were many other extra ordinary mutants in the team but Logan leaves the team due to some illegal activities. After many years, William again approaches the Logan and tells him that some one is killing the members of Team X. Victor kills Logan’s girlfriend and William offers Logan a way to beat the Victor. William took Logan to his LAB for reinforcement of his skeleton with Adamantium a very strong and indestructible metal during reinforcement William orders to erase Logan’s memory and then Logan flees from there and then the real game starts. William’s mutant pursuits him and Logan kills them all Now Logan has to find his old friends to find the address of William’s New LAB and during this Logan had to make allots of combats and had to fight with tons of bosses to reach to the William to kill him.

Game has got very good response from the players specially its combat system, violence, gore and blood which has been shown very clearly and differently. Logan has got 3 metal claws in his hands and after the process of reinforcement Logan’s claws becomes more powerful and those are the main weapons for the player. Logan claws his re-generation and his bad attitude attracts players to himself. You can grab a guy and can rip him into half, you also going to throw a guy 20 to 30 feet away. All that stuff is true in this game Xmen origin of wolverine.

One of the most important moves in the game is called the lunge, you are just able to target somebody from far away, and you can fly across and lunge into him. We also got bunch of other things the fury power and the fury moves. Like you can spin a person like a tornado so it just makes it awesome game; one thing you will get in this game is quick time event.

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Minimum System Requirements for X-Men

  • Pentium D @ 2.6 GHz or AMD Athlon 64 X2 3800 +
  • 1 GB Ram for XP & 2 GB Ram for VISTA
  • 256 MB Memory of Graphics Card with Pixel Shader Model 3.0+
  • 8 to 9 GB free of Hard Drive
  • Direct X Compatible Sound Card
  • DVD Rom Drive

Official Website: http://www.uncaged.com/


When you complete the following tasks you will be rewarded with the corresponding trophy. There are 51 trophies in total.

Bronze – A Day’s Work Trophy
Killed 500 enemies.

Bronze – Aerial Assault Trophy
Performed 10 Air Grabs.

Bronze – Aerial Master Trophy
Got 6 enemies airborne at once.

Bronze – Apprentice Trophy
Raised One Combat Reflex to Master Level.

Bronze – Astonishing Trophy
Found 1/2 of ALL Dog Tags in the game.

Bronze – Bloodlust Trophy
Killed 50 enemies while in Berserker mode.

Bronze – Boomerang Trophy
Killed 25 enemies with a reflected projectile.

Bronze – Catch! Trophy
Killed 1 enemy with a reflected projectile.

Bronze – Clean Up On All Aisles Trophy
Destroyed ALL objects in the grocery store fight with Fred Dukes (The Blob).

Bronze – Defensive Trophy
Performed 1 Counter move.

Bronze – Drop Dead Trophy
Killed 10 enemies by throwing them off high areas.

Bronze – Efficient Killer Trophy
Quick Killed 20 enemies.

Bronze – Environmentally Friendly Trophy
Killed 10 enemies using objects in the environment.

Bronze – Found! Trophy
You found a mysterious hatch!

Bronze – Fully Loaded Trophy
Maxed out ALL upgrades.

Bronze – Getting Started Trophy
Killed 100 enemies.

Bronze – Heightened Senses Trophy
Killed 200 enemies in Feral Sense.

Bronze – Hot Potato Trophy
Light 20 enemies on fire.

Bronze – Lunge Trophy
Lunged to 25 enemies.

Bronze – Mutant Lover Trophy
Raised one Mutagen to level 3.

Bronze – Perfect Killer Trophy
Quick Killed 3 enemies in a row.

Bronze – Piggy Back Ride Trophy
Lunged to a W.E.N.D.I.G.0 prototype’s back.

Bronze – Pounce Trophy
Lunged to 100 enemies.

Bronze – Quick Killer Trophy
Quick Killed 1 enemy.

Bronze – Shotgun Epic Fail Trophy
Killed 25 Ghosts with their own weapon.

Bronze – Slaughter House Trophy
Dismembered 100 enemies.

Bronze – Slice n’ Dice Trophy
Killed 6 enemies with a single attack.

Bronze – The Cake Trophy
You found the cake, yummy!

Bronze – Ultimate Wolverine Trophy
Fought 4 W.E.N.D.I.G.0 prototypes at the same time and defeated them at Alkali lake.

Bronze – Untouchable Trophy
Performed 25 Counter moves.

Bronze – Weapon X Trophy
Killed 150 enemies while in Berserker mode.

Bronze – Whatever It Takes Trophy
Killed 30 enemies using objects in the environment.

Bronze – WoW! Trophy
You feel a cold as you examine the sword and skeleton. A rustle of wind in the trees faintly echoes the name Arthas.

Bronze – You Can’t Hide Trophy
Lunged to 250 enemies.

Silver – Blender Trophy
Killed 200 enemies with Claw Spin.

Silver – Devil’s Brigade Trophy
Found ALL Dog Tags in the game.

Silver – Samurai Trophy
Raised ALL Combat Reflexes to Master Level.

Silver – What I Do Best Trophy
Killed 2,000 enemies.

Gold – Walking Death Trophy
Beat the game on Hard Difficulty.

Secret Trophies

Bronze – James Howlett Trophy
Performed a Wolverine to Wolverine Lunge.

Bronze – Spillway Escape Trophy
Escapes from Weapon X.

Bronze – Stick Around Trophy
Impaled Victor Creed outside the Bar.

Bronze – Threading The Needle Trophy
Flew through the O ring in the Sentinel Boss Battle.

Silver – 52 Pickup Trophy
Defeated Remy LeBeau (Gambit).

Silver – Bar Fight Trophy
Defeated Victor Creed (Sabretooth).

Silver – Fallen Sentinel Trophy
Defeated the Sentinel Mark I.

Silver – Helicopter Ride Trophy
Defeated David Nord (Agent Zero).

Silver – Put Up Your Dukes Trophy
Defeated Fred Dukes (The Blob).

Silver – The Village Trophy
Completed the Jungle Mission.

Gold – The Dead Pool Trophy
Defeated Weapon 11 (Deadpool).

Platinum – Platinum Trophy
You collected ALL the trophies in Wolverine.