51 % Complaints, Registered Online, Are Never Responded by Celcos

Recently, ProPakistani conducted a survey that asked:

Do you contact your mobile service provider online support (i.e. Email or any other online channel)?

We are thankful to 2200 participants for participating and making this survey more meaningful.

Here are the random statistics:

Survey Demographics:

  • 93% male and 7% female participated in this survey
  • 57% were in the age group of 18-25 and 24% were in the age group of 26-30.
  • 31% participants have income of Rs. 10,000- Rs. 60,000 and 29% participants earns Rs.1,000 -, Rs.10,000 income.

Participants Mobile Connection Statistics:

  • Ufone customers were the major contributor in this survey and stood @ 34%
  • 19% Telenor customers participated in the survey.
  • 18.71% Mobilink customers participated in the survey.
  • 14.57% Warid customers participated in the survey.
  • 13.25% Zong customers participated in the survey.

Participants Connection Type Statistics:

  • 75% participant’s connection type was prepaid.
  • 25% participant’s connection was postpaid.

Survey Summary:

This survey was conducted for 4 weeks and almost 2200 participants gave us their views about the question:

“Do you contact your mobile service provider online support (i.e. Email, online contact form)?”

According to world internet world stats, Pakistan had 10 Million internet users where almost 7.2% penetration rate has been observed in last conducted research in 2006. While in 2000, Pakistani internet users were only 133,900 with only 0.1% penetration rate, this trend shows that what could be figures of internet users now.

As our survey collection has given us some phenomenal results like:

38% mobile customers do not bother at all to register their complaint online despite the fact that they use internet. The reason behind non-registering complaints could be,

  • They have no confidence of getting reply of their complaint with some standard complaint resolution time from the mobile service provider.
  • While, we cannot ignore the fact that most of customers know only basic use of internet and they cannot write long emails or self explanatory emails.

35% mobile customers have ignorant behavior towards registering their complaint via online channels to their mobile service providers. They seldom contact fill online forms to get their issues resolved, however, their primary point of contact happens to be the contact center. This is maybe due to

  • Dissatisfied reply of complaints from mobile service providers
  • They have no confidence about entertaining of their complaints
  • And many others, such as not putting efforts for writing long emails narrating their complaint stories.

However, we cannot ignore the fact that written resolutions of complaint from mobile operators takes long time and customers prefer visiting service centers for on spot resolutions instead of waiting for longer hours. So, if mobile service providers will cater their online customer query resolution times, they can easily cater this issue as an opportunity for customer experience.

Only 27% mobile customers always use “online complaint registration method” as a convenient channel to communicate with their mobile service provider. These customers could only be those who are geographically distributed from the service centers and franchises, where people have lost confidence on franchises to get their problem solved.

However, we cannot ignore the fact that busy professionals also do not have time to visit customer service centers of the mobile service providers, so they prefer to pay online, complaint online and to get every service benefit preferably online and with these type of professionals we also cannot ignore computer related industry professionals who prefer sending emails instead of visiting customer service centers to wait for coupons turn to come.

51 Percent Complaints Registered Online never got entertained!

Figures are quite explanatory, and shows the reason why customers are not filling online forms in order to get help from service providers.


We can conclude from the results that trend of registering online complaint is above average. Traffic jams, Security issues, and getting every day mobile generation trends, bring people in a state where they prefer everything on the doorstep.

So, we cannot ignore the fact that after just couple of years, huge number of mobile customers will prefer to register their complaint via online channel instead of calling on help lines or visiting customer service centers. This also depends on the mobile service providers that how they are reacting to online registered complaints.

However, forums, blogs, knowledgebase, has become world standard of service providers to resolve customer queries online. That time is not so far, when I think mobile service providers have to think for actual usage of web technology for providing true Customer Service Experience. Facilities like forums where customers solve customers’ problem, Product & Service Blogs, Online Web Chat Sessions and etc, this can help Telco’s to achieve the best satisfaction of their customers from every part of the world.

Recent example of “Zong BYN” has proved to industry that people will welcome handy facilities on the mobile service provider’s website. PTA also needs to promote the usage of online complaint resolutions in a world standard design to address customer service experience in true form.

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