Why Blogging for Money is Not For Everyone?

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Note: This Article is not aimed at Personal Blogging – rather it talks more on Professional Blogging or Blogging for Money

If you are inspired by one of the recent success stories of the bloggers who are pampered by the reputation and are showcased everywhere? If yes, you must have been romantic with the idea of making extra income while having started a part time blog as a side business.

And what is so unfair about your desire to be a one of those shined earner? blogging hi tou hai!

We are told that it’s so easy to blog and everyone can become a blogger. eh? By now, you must have read various articles, topics, tutorials over the internet about starting the blogs or auto-pilot blogs in minutes. You must have thought that starting blogging is as easy as having a wordpress or blogger account and there you go.

Actually not really! Not everyone can become a blogger. Stop day dreaming and open your eyes. It’s not all that easy. Yes, setting up a blog is easy but the real trouble is not setting up a blog but to maintain it. And maintaining a blog could be that complicated as if your dogs have run out.

In this series of posts about blogging, we’ll have some insight, some expert opinions and some very helpful material for wanna be bloggers and very well versed guide that will help you judge if you can be a blogger or not.

So to be a Blogger, you need to sit back and relax because it’s not really a shortcut kinda thingy as people keep on telling.

Case Study!

This one is a very common case that is often followed by the n00bs (newbies or newcomers).

So what the n00bs do is they just have heard of being rich by having a blog and adsense setup. They don’t give a heck about the content. They simply write the topic and keywords of their blog by and copy/pasting the content from some other website and present as if it is their own creation.

I have had the honor to have interviewed such a blogger. On telling him that he is plagiarizing, he laughed at me saying who gonna know that I have copied the content from somewhere! Very precise – it’s difficult to say that who has created and who has copied. He didn’t listen a word of mine and kept convincing me that copy/paste is what they keep doing in their assignments/presentations too and never got caught.

So ofcourse by now you know what do we call such people. Yes, n00bs…! Aren’t they? And if you too are a n00b and are planning to start a blog like this, let me warn you! There is no use of having such a blog.

You are wasting your time. And as far as you say how would you get caught? Try this! Go to CopyScape.com and write the url of your blog or for that matter just a sentence of the writeup and you will have the clear idea how really you could get caught.

And even, if you are lucky enough to not come across the original content producer – you will not get loyal visitors, neither good ranking in Seach Engine, and resultantly not higher revenues.

Or let me put it this way, search engine giant Google that has already crawled the words you just plagiarized, will not acknowledge you for re-posting the same content. You, on the other hand will be penalized by the search engines in terms of low rankings and upto the extent that your revenue stream i.e. Adsense account may get terminated.

So I hope you have realized that if you can’t produce the content, you CANNOT be a blogger. And when I say content, I don’t mean the textual content only, or the English text only. If language is the barrier, you can write in your own language Urdu for example. And if you think you cannot write, then text is not the only form of content. You can produce graphical content such as photos, videos, audios etc. But the condition remains the same, the content should be original. And if you can produce the original content, Congratulations ! You CAN be a blogger.

The benefit is all yours. You enjoy good search engine rankings and Adsense results. The next part of the post will feature the case of Mature Webmasters / Probloggers.

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  • Good one … yes i agree with the phrase that blogging is not for everyone … i am a new blogger and thnx to some friends who help me to get in and make my blog but now its up to me that how i manage it. as u said content is important 110% i agree with u on that, original content always get good traffic. In the start i do copy pasting but now i try to avoid that as much as i can and i got the reward that google start indexing my website for new posts.

  • Another thing i want to mention here that the basic reason for plagiarism is our educational setup as in universities we make assignments in this way, do projects in this manner and same goes with research works so how come when we get in practical life we able to produce good and original content.

  • yar hw can i strt my blogging!!!

    i really likd the article par plz tell me the website or a way to strt my own bloging in wich i can earn also

    • aaaaaaaaaaaah…. i use to have a post on my blog answering ur very question but alas my blog aint no more… :/
      sorry aamir bhai… not publicizing…. his comment just reminded me of tht…. ;)

  • i was thinkin abt it for the last couple of days. nd also thought to write u a mail to giv sum articles abt bloging aur mere kehne se pahlay he kar dia kia bt hai!!

    Pro Pakistani roxxx

  • @ jamil

    yar ap kitney arsay se bloging kar rahay ho??

    nd hv managed to earn sum money?

  • Just visit http://www.wordpress.com and make a blog of your own choice… but as mentioned in article… setting up blog is easy but running blog is the most difficult work. Then if you want to run for commercial purposes then you have to invest on blog for its popularity and to give ample time.

    I visit few good blogs (including this one, from Pakistan) but majority lacks professionalism and code of ethics for decent blogging. Few even attract visitors by giving options of girls numbers, few by making false stories, few my wrong data and info… and those who follows right track succeed… success can not come in a day or month. it needs time to get succeed in this competitive world.

    Name selection of the blog is an other big issue. This blog is good but if you see the name.. It not gives idea that its telecom blog. this is hurdle for success at large level also.

    • I need to meet saleem by mail because i need help to make setting the wordpress blog.If any other can be able to help me in this plz mail me.

  • I think that I’m a good blogger. I write for two blogs, my personal blog + TeensPK.com. But I’ve never got interested in making money through it. It’s just a hobby of mine. I someone wants to earn some dough, why not get into affiliate marketing and related stuff?

  • :) Agreed with article, If you cannot write your own content do not open blog, in my case no unique content = no visitors = no earnings. Even I have tried to copy 2 articles from pro pakistani for my blog, next day i got email from Aamir sahab :) that remove articles or he will complan… so I immediately remove articles instead of getting ban.

    But few friends of mine are making good money (well doing nothing and making 250 to 350$ a month is good for me atleast) they are using autoblog script with wordpress. they are getting feeds from technology and mobile related blogs they have modified script so it does not get … MOre link instead it gets excerpt (so no click here to read more) link appears in their blogs. and they are making good money with it, even websites from where they are copying content comes 3rd or 4th rankings and my friends’ website comes on first rank.

    So i think luck also matters in this case.

    Well for new bloggers i have few ideas.

    1. Start free classified blog (copy content from newspapers which are not online, so you’ll get unique content)

    2. Target realestate and autos so u’ll get good CPC rates.

    3. Never use re-writer plugins, it makes your content garbage.

    4. search data from those sources which are offline (not online so you’ll get unique content, and if your topic is good you can also get alot of visitors).

  • Plagiarism on the internet is a problem, witness your conversation with someone who apparently is a frequent practioner!

    It might work to start with, but in the long term bloggers who plagiarize will not have the success of those who are honest and working hard to making a blog income.

    Something that is acceptable is to publish someone else’s material but giving full credit to the original author.


  • WordPress is the Best Blogging Platform cz WordPress is easy to Customize they have a large Variety of Plugins on the other hand Blogger is also good when it comes to Ranking cz it is owned by Google,i also started with Blogger but then i switched to WordPress.

  • creating value for readers is the heart and soul of blogging, not just creating content….

  • Well i think this article is very staright answer for those who think they can become rich within a day or two by make fake clicks and visits at there site without running and maintaining it properly

  • thnx for writing such a great article!!

    i want to ask one thing that if one copies the article and give the credit to orignal writer or blog by mentioning the source, so is it fine practice??

    • Yes that’s fine only if original content producer hasn’t any problem with this – and if this is done once in a while. Like i would not want some one to start copy/pasting our all stories

      • Grateful if you could give an example of a story/stories from this website that have been reposted on another website and given you a credit/backlink that you are content with. I would like to see how credits and backlinks work. Thanks.

    • For the real insight and detailed answer of ur question, stay tuned and wait for the 2nd part of this post ;)

      You’ll really enjoy that.

      • Respected Sir. Farhan Janjua,

        Assalam o Alaikum

        My name is also Farhan.I have abilities to write or crate unique ideas about politics, religion and other burning issues on the Glob.I have written various articles in urdu news papers during last years.I m doing MBA and have Masters in Islamic studies and I.R.Please let me advise how can i do blagging on wordpress? Can u give me some references to know about it or written material. I will be very thank full to you and jazakallah.

        Warm Regards
        Hafiz Farhan

  • In my sense when it comes to blogging, the blogger should standout of the people just like a news reporter. Infact blogger has to be very careful on writing because words once said can be forgotten but the words written are always caught up.

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