Send SMS Alerts to Your Blog/Website Readers in Pakistan

choppalI know there has been couple of plugins that send SMS alerts of all post updates to your readers, in rest of the world. Here is this service available now for your Pakistani readers too – a treat indeed for Pakistani bloggers.

Brought by Chpaal.Pk, whenever you make a new post, they will get an SMS alert containing the title of the post and its URL. And, it’s not just one-way – readers can respond to the message or leave comments via SMS that will appear in the widget on your blog.

You will have to install a plugin (widget) to put the subscription box available in sidebar. Once activated, you are done.

Installation Instructions:

1 – Plugin Way, will automatically send new Post Updates to your Readers

  1. Download the “chOpaal SMS Alerts” widget
  2. Unzip the widget file in wp-content/plugins/ directory of your wordpress installation
  3. Go to your WordPress Administrator panel and activate the widget plugin
  4. Now Go to Appearance>Widget Controls and drag the widget to your sidebar
  5. Enter your chOpaal account details to activate the widget on your blog
  6. Try it out – make a new blog post!

Manual Way (Manual Updates For Websites, other than blogs)

Go this this page, sign-up and put the code on your website. This way, you will be able to send updates to your readers manually (Good for those blogs with too many posts a day)

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