wi-tribe Drives for Green Initiatives

wi-tribe in collaboration with Capital Development Authority (CDA), recently organized “walk-a-cause”, an event where employees embarked on a walk to encourage support for the environment.

wi-tribers set out together from wi-tribe’s head office in F-8 Markaz to Faisal Mosque, in Islamabad. 110 Saplings were planted by various members of wi-tribe’s Islamabad team.

wi-tribe Pakistan’s Vice President of Human Capital, Zaheer Baig commented, “It is a pleasure to be here with fellow wi-tribers. All of us at wi-tribe strive to contribute further to the environment, and to create awareness amongst our friends about the importance of nature, what it gives us and what we must give in return. Companies tend to focus on offices and their built up surroundings and forget about nature, which makes up such a significant part of our world.”

wi-tribe is an environmentally conscious company that encourages initiatives that give back to nature and have positive effects on the environment. wi-tribe also recently implemented a “paperless environment project” prevalent though out all wi-tribe offices in Pakistan.

wi-tribers has always ensured not to neglect its responsibilities to contribute for a greener tomorrow. This is one of many socially responsible initiatives that wi-tribe has taken in the short time since it launched in July 2009.

  • ahsan

    when’s witribe coming to mulan ?

  • K.A.

    Before such walks and claims they should put their cell towers on solar energy first.

  • Faizy

    hehehe….very true MR. K.A…but the thing is from where they get money to convert there cell sites on solar…

  • Telecom Employee

    Low penetration with high investment like Wateen is the case of Wi tribe in Broadband business
    Team is good but WI max technology has built in issues which company has to face for a longer time
    But good in LDI business
    New management might change the image
    Imran Saqib

  • xys

    tree is life … we should plant them as much as possible.

    Compare to late 90’s and now Islamabad has changed a lot environmentally.

    I wish we learn this before its too late

  • Umair Arif

    Please cover the recent Lay offs done by Wi Tribe in there S&D Department