Smartphone Market Share on the Rise in Pakistan: Samsung Head

Zeeshan Quershi, Head of Mobiles and Corporate Samsung Electronics Pakistan and AfghanistanSamsung has been aggressively capturing local market with fairly large share through introduction of advanced and latest smartphones in collaboration with cellular operators in Pakistan.

This was stated by Zeeshan Quershi, Head of Mobiles and Corporate, Samsung Electronics Pakistan and Afghanistan, in an exclusive interview with ProPakistani.

“We launched Galaxy Tab and other Touch Screen handsets in Pakistan exactly the same time when they were introduced in other parts of the world.

These Samsung powered smartphones received amazing and overwhelming response locally, which depicts the solid market potential in Pakistan for high-end and expensive brands of Smartphones”, said Mr. Qureshi.

Samsung introduced its different Smartphones, one after another, and obtained a better-than-expected results in terms of popularity, demand and sales hence the number of buyers have been increasing significantly in the past year, Quershi said.

Local market for Smartphone is very secure and thriving – though not in substantial numbers but it’s significant keeping in view the economy situation and purchasing power of the local customers.

As per estimates, there are roughly 20,000 buyers of high-end phones in the country. So if a Smartphone is launched here, it can easily attract twenty thousand buyers, while the sales can go higher and response can be tremendous if the smartphone is extra good.

There are more than 1 million handsets being sold in different markets throughout the country in one month, while Smartphones have got a market share of 4 percent in overall handset industry in Pakistan, revealed Mr. Qureshi.

The business strategy of handset makers and cellular operators is outstanding as both are earning their lucrative share of revenues through sales of Smartphone, he said.

“We get our customers and operators receive their share for combined businesses model,” he said.

The collaboration between handset makers and operators enhance the scale of technology utility among the customers of different segments with targeted marketing and advertisement campaigns.

According to Mr. Zeeshan Qureshi, handsets’ market share based on pricing is as following:

Handsets priced between Rs 2,000 to Rs 3,000 enjoy 70 Percent market share, while those handsets priced between Rs 5,000 to Rs 10,000 have 20 percent market share. Rest of the market is for high-end phone phones that are priced between Rs. 12,000 to Rs. 25,000 and beyond.

Samsung official foresee increase in sales of Smartphones in the country with the emergence of 3G in the country.

  • I wish I had an Samsung android phone instead of this lazy LG.

    • Abdul

      samsung has loads of andriod phones. Samsung galaxy mini, galaxy gio, galaxy ace, galaxy s2, galaxy s, and many others. Checkout the website.

  • Saeed

    I have just purchased Samsung 1 month before S3353-WIFI but i will not recommend anyone to buy it because WIFI has some issue, no skype, no fring, no msn/yahoo not working even after updating the software.

    I contacted to Skype/Fring but no positive response when they release.

    • Sameer Usmani

      Dear brother, to install skype, u need to have a phone based on either android, iOS or symbian platform, all these phones without these OS dont have skype.

  • Nauman Afzal

    Using Android has been a great experience. I have simply discontinued using Nokia or any other brand

  • Ansari

    Lolz before I read the article, I have to ask, WTF does the article picture have to do with the article itself?? LOLZZ

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      I am sure you will have better understanding after you read it

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        Nope!! Still doesn’t make sense to put up the pic of the head of (**)[email protected]{|[email protected]$)!! But that is not the important part………tht was just for fun!

      • Ansari

        Nope!! Still doesn’t make sense to put up the pic of the head of (**)[email protected]{|[email protected]$)!! But that is not the important part………tht was just for fun!

  • Ansari

    As for the article, declaring a winners for smart phones in a country where 4% of the sucscibers use them (honestly this is between 3% to 4%) is really premature!! Samsung might only be ahead because of the excessive choices in models and pricing but that still does not make Samsung the most desireable….. its simply too early to say!

  • Umer

    Using Android has been a great experience. I have simply discontinued using Nokia or any other brand

  • Irfan Elahi

    Nice articulation of trends sourced from the opinion of Samsung Head. Samsung’s dominance in smartphone market specifically on global scale is truly mesmerizing. Standing #eye2eye to Apple ;)
    Anyways, if anyone is interested in getting to know about latest Pakistan smartphone trends in Pakistan, this article is sure to ignite your insights: