Girls Outnumber Boys in Prank Calls to 1122

If you ever believed that girls are less involved in prank calls, then you need to reconsider your views. Based on data revealed by Rescue 1122, it is unveiled that girls are more indulged in prank calls than the boys.

Statistics said that The Punjab Emergency Service, Rescue 1122 received a total of 1,088,235 obnoxious/irrelevant calls (that’s over a million calls) at emergency number 1122 since its inception in District Rawalpindi.

The data revealed that 1,088,235 obnoxious calls included 537,623 calls from girls, 462,705 from boys, 32,437 from kids, 2,460 musical calls, 51,450 abusing calls and 1,560 were obnoxious/irrelevant calls.

The main reason for this rise in prank calls from girls is mainly due to more freedom that they have got in our society as compared to the past, opines a psychologist.


Fine and Imprisonment for Prank Callers:

It’s not that Rescue 1122 isn’t taking any action against such unwanted callers. But the overall number still continues to increase, and hence Emergency Service 1122 is often compelled to take necessary legal action which includes imprisonment for six months or fine of Rs. 50,000 or both.

In addition, Rescue 1122 is always in touch with PTA to get those numbers blocked that originate prank calls. Registration of FIR and legal action is however the last option that the emergency service takes.

Via The News