Punjab Government Denied Cell Phone Tracking Technology

Punjab government’s request for cell phone tracking system has been denied by the federal government, as Inter Services Intelligence (ISI) didn’t allow it, reported The News.

Punjab Government earlier requested federal government for the installation of cell phone tracking system to help trace out high profile kidnapping for ransom and terrorism cases and other heinous crimes.

Punjab Law Minister Rana Sanaullah confirmed that the provincial government has repeatedly requested federal authorities to get the cell phone tracking facility but to no avail.

“We can’t do anything when the federal government is not willing to provide us with the technology.”, The News quoted Rana Sanaullah.

It always happens that when any government agency wants to have access to the record of a mobile phone in connection with any investigation or any other valid reason, it contacts the premier intelligence agency for assistance. In no time, the agency gets the data. However, it is its prerogative whether or not to share it with others.

Via The News

  • good decision. i don’t want to be blackmailed by some mullah punjabi police when he has all my private info. also punjab police is penetrated with right wing extremist elements

    • I think keeping aside that mullah phobia Punjab Police (your calling it Punjabi police sounds racist) has no knowledge of law of the country or religion otherwise they might have an idea of right of citizens. you think it will be misused by Punjab police? can you trust officials in other intelligence agencies, be they civil or military that they won’t use it for their personal motives? On the other hand is our privacy in safe hands when an franchisee of a telecom can access our record. You give a shut up call to someone disturbing you and will hear to this famous line “tahar tu mai tera ilaj karta hon, tera address nikalwata hon bla bla…” & many will agree that they actually try to harass you by giving you all detail.

      In such a country do you think such a facility to access our records shouldn’t be given to police when they show intention of using it against criminals when this data is already not in safe hands ? A DIG level police officer may take care of it. But denial by ISI and Federal Govt specially is totally not understandable when Federal Govt. blames Punjab Govt. for inaction in case of Shahbaz Taseer’s kidnapping (I wish if every poor’s father was an ex-governor, to have concern of officials, politicians and media).

  • Nice step by ISI. We all should be thankful to ISI for not letting them get this technology. These politicians cant be trusted as if given such authority they are only going to harass common people. They DON’T deserve to get access to our personal lives.

    If they want to get any information they can contact ISI in this regard! I dont think that ISI will ever refuse them if they want to know about the location of any kidnapped High Profile Personality.

    • @Furqan …. how is that nice step ?
      First, how can ISI be trusted with this ? They are misusing it from day 1 against politicians, judges, journalists etc etc ..
      and NO its not for security reasons ..

      secondly, politician and police wont have direct access to it .. a cell will be created under Punjab Government and that will control that ..

      and how will that help beside kidnapping/ransom etc ?
      My car and iphone was snatched at gun point .. I managed to get to police in 30 min ..
      but what they could do then ? iphone was on and they couldnt trace it ..
      don’t u think it would have helped in that case ?

      • I think that ISI’s job is to do INTELLIGENCE and there are reasons for ISI to be in world’s top intelligence agency. Its there job to know whats going on in Pakistan, who is doing what against Pakistan.

        and YES it is for security reasons.. ONLY!

        What kind of cell you are talking abt? A cell where a call from any minister’s son will do the trick and all the details of any common man will be at stake.

        In your case, i think if ISI makes a “cell” and keeps it under their command for tracing of lost phones can be helpful instead of giving the access to punjab govt.

        TIP for iPhone users: There is an app called “Find iPhone”. This app can be used to trace your iphone anytime anywhere. Provided you have GPRS activated.

  • its was because of simple reason

    ISI wants to keep its monopoly.

    further by giving technology to Punjab govt. civilians might intercept out military commanders calls as well and our military does not want to get exposed

    • +1
      Only military wants to control it. Its highly inefficient and criminals run away until the request is fulfilled by ISI.

  • Surely as there are still several sims that are issued under the presence of fake CNIC detail, or more number of sims for one User Name and CNIC, so how can one detect whether if a particular person has got all the sims active at the current point of time at several locations.

  • Every thing has its pros and cons , its not that agency want to keep their monopoly.its the only thing that a proper approach should be done . ISI and police are the working bodies of Pakistan and they worked together. they have special joint team and some times things are not in the domain of both parties so they request each other, now in case of kidnapping isi can not do it yes they can help police if they required any assistance, and most mobile operator franchises give data to Police everywhere in Pakistan.

  • I think this technology should actually be passed to Punjab and Sindh Government so that they can track culprits and killers…

  • If you are doing nothing wrong why be worried. This is for catching criminals and terrorists.

    Nothing to hide, nothing to worry about!

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