Ufone Announces 10 Toyota Corolla Car Winners

Ufone_car_WinnersUfone has announced the lucky draw results for its ShahCar Offer and made public the names of 10 lucky winners to have won Toyota Corolla XLI cars.

Ufone had promised 10 Toyota Corolla 1300cc XLI cars; through lucky draw to those customers who would consume a minimum balance of Rs.200 during the month of March.

All Ufone customers who had consumed Rs. 200 or above balance during March 2012 had automatically qualified for the lucky draw.

Here are 10 lucky winners of Toyota Corolla cars:

  1. Shahid Ali from Lahore
  2. Muhammad Sarwar from Attock
  3. Dilshad Ahmed from Karachi
  4. Muhammad Yaseen from Rahim Yaar Khan
  5. Muhammad Khan from Lahore
  6. Sajjad Hussain Memon from Noshero Feroz
  7. Muhammad Iqbal Tabassum from Karachi
  8. Shahzad Rasool Khan from Rajan Pur
  9. Wajid Iqbal from Chakwal
  10. Bilal Hassan from Sialkot

  • Real OR Fake..:)

  • FeZy

    CoNGratS!!! to All WiNNeRzzzzzzzzz……

  • Anwer Ali Baloch, Quetta

    Here are 10 lucky winners of Toyota Corolla cars:

    1.Shahid Ali from Lahore
    2.Muhammad Sarwar from Attock
    3.Dilshad Ahmed from Karachi
    4.Muhammad Yaseen from Rahim Yaar Khan
    5.Muhammad Khan from Lahore
    6.Sajjad Hussain Memon from Noshero Feroz
    7.Muhammad Iqbal Tabassum from Karachi
    8.Shahzad Rasool Khan from Rajan Pur
    9.Wajid Iqbal from Chakwal
    10.Bilal Hassan from Sialkot

    If we carefully read the names and cities of Winners, we can see a very innocent and insignificant thing, i.e. Six (6) Lucky Winners from our Punjab Province, Three (3) Lucky Winners from our Sindh Province, One (1) Lucky Winner from our Khyber Pakthoonkhwa Province.

    I have no doubts about the fairness of this Lucky Draw. May be rest of Pakistan does not use Ufone balance of more than Rs.200. That is why nobody, not even a single person won from there.

    • Askani

      Baba Baloch and Balochistan r ignored everywhere…….

      • ali

        Dont worry 20 car more’s Coming Soon

      • Ali

        Mr. Askani, all the winners were selected via lucky draw.. hence no point of discrimination what so ever.. please be reasonable & logical.. we all are Pakistanis

      • Sumeet Kumar

        Askani, I am also frm Balochistan but i dont agree with you… Qura-Andazi ha yaar,,,, Jis ki Qismat ha so usey mile gi…. Dont worry, Try Again :)

    • khan

      Winners were selected via lucky draw. Lucky Draw means more chances of winining with more entries. Rest you can do the math population wise.

    • imran

      i am almost sure u didnt do 200 balance urself, yet youre saying this. its a draw, a PUBLICITY stunt. UFONE targeting PEOPLE not SAND. hence more winners in Punjab = more publicity.
      No winner in Balochistan = 0.1% difference to them.
      sad but true.

    • Ali

      Which one is from KPK. dude…
      do u mean attock. It is not n KPK..

  • Sunny

    Yaar ye in inami schemes me qismat ghareeb logo pe he q meharban hoti hay… Ameer loag kia 200 ka balance use nahe kertay… lolz… its damn fake. Just a marketing tactics to entice poor to use more cards in greed.

  • Sulaiman

    the best way is to search them on Facebook* & find if really they are winners in real, wht do u say ???

    • imran

      yah im sure the doodh wala and kisan who won the car have facebook accounts

      • SFD

        @imran EPIC!

      • Sulaiman

        to ab kya kisan tractor ki jaga corolla se ghas katwai ga ..lol

  • Pir

    Competition is never fair in Pakistan. I am not saying because I didn’t win but it is a reality. Ufone is pathetic and so are their services.

  • Saeed

    Sub Topi Darama hai.

  • Muneer Ahmad

    And still people say Balochistan is a part of Pakistan….Wow

    • Ali

      Mr. Muneer Ahmad, all the winners were selected via lucky draw.. hence no point of discrimination what so ever.. please be reasonable & logical.. we all are Pakistanis. Dont spread hatred. Dont be the devil’s advocate. We need unity in these tough times.. please dont try to dig out negativity in almost everything. May Allah guide us all

      • imran

        agreed bro, but some elements who have hatred of Pak and Islam in their hearts will ALWAYS say this. May Allah guide us and them, and May Allah save us from such people and make their nasty plans fail!Ameen

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    Congrats to all the winners.

  • noshi

    hey tell me kya 200 ka easyload direct karana hay ya 50, 50 ka bhi user kar sakty ho? please tell me.

    • FONE tum he to ho…. Baki sab Bakwas….. jazz bakwas, telenor Bakwas…………i love i like ufone. i m user of ufone.. UFONE cal pkages and sms pkages r v v v v nice… i hate telenor..telenor service is v weak in my area. LOVE U UFONE…my all family is user of ufone.

  • summit kumar ur right, and yeh muslims he Gaddar han, passy k lea apni maa sale ker sakty han… kuch sharam karo, balochistan ka number nahi laga to koi baat nahi, this is Qura, wese b balochistan me papulation bohat kam hai.so………i love UFONE AND PAKISTAN.

  • friend

    its real so far, as Karachi’s winner is from our area, he is enjoying that Xli from last few days, he already had one but was old taxi.. UFONE ne te kismat badal diti jawan d.. :D

  • UFONE teri kia hai baat…

  • Karachi k telenor use kerne walo, dakh lea UFONE ka kamal……..i love UFONE…beshak muje CAR nahi mili, meri kismat ka darwaza nahi khula, pher b i love i like UFONE… i m customer of UFONE. 0333-4066656.

  • m asghar


  • m asghar

    ruply zaror krna

    • Saadi Power

      i always had a doubt on lucky draws i only believe in Prize Bonds but agar aik 250 ka card dala kar fake hi sahi atleast u can list urself in Car Lucky Draw so to think like that, i am sorry to those start talking abt Baloch, Sindh, KPK etc etc blah we from inside are so sensitive and negative that we cant help ourselves…just think positive and dont put ur expectations to ur heart

  • Ali Malkana

    Yes i like it 03337381796

  • Ali Malkana

    Ye i like it u fone tum hi to ager is dafa mera inam na laga me is sim ko jazz pe convert karwa lo ga janb g u fone walo ko bata do sab g thanx

  • Saqib Bhatti

    fake offer

    • wazir ali

      Not Fake but your thinking Fake sorry

  • Wazir Ali

    Inshallah Next Time i will win but Ufone is the best i have two ufone sim