PTCL Revises Pakistan Plus Package

pakistan plusPakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) has revised tariff for Pakistan Plus package.

PTCL customers can avail 1,100 on-net free minutes along with free conference call facility at Rs. 249 per month.

With the new Pakistan Plus Package, PTCL landline customers can also enjoy the liberty of nationwide unlimited free calls from PTCL to PTCL and Vfone on Sundays.

Tariff Details:

  • Line rent (excl. taxes): Rs. 199
  • Package charge: Rs. 249
  • Local Call charges: Rs. 1.10 / min
  • NWD call: Free 1100 minutes (additional minutes would be charged at Rs. 1.10 / min)
  • Conference Call Monthly charges: Free
  • Mobile: Rs. 2.50/min
  • Free On-Net calls on Sunday
  • Activation / Deactivation of Package will be applicable from 1st of next month

“PTCL continues to provide the most affordable telecommunication packages and special offers to its customers,” said PTCL Senior Executive Vice President Commercial, Naveed Saeed. “With this revision, we have made 24/7 connectivity possible with unmatched voice quality and, that too, at the lowest rates in the industry for all our valued customers.”

“Our aim is to exceed the expectations of our customers by providing them unlimited on-net dialing facility at the lowest rate,” said PTCL Executive Vice President Wire-line Business, Aasif Inam. “PTCL continues to strive for maintaining its competitive edge in the market by offering its customers the lowest dialling rates and quality services.”

  • Baaghi

    Is not it a joke????????????????

    Local Call charges: Rs. 1.10 / min
    NWD call: Free 1100 minutes

  • Munnu

    Zardari Company

  • rashid rauf

    Agar apkay kissi relative ya friend jis k pass qmobile ha or os ma urdu likhnay ki option b ha to os ma lafz Muhammad (saww) likhnay ki koshish karain (jo k nahi likha jaey ga) agar na likha jaey to ye hamaray nabi ki toheen ha maray nazdeek aisa set haridna jaiz nai qadyanion nay apnay aqaid ko philay k liey ye harkat ki ha joq dar joq jao or is base pay (set pori urdu he nhi likhta) warranty claim karo agar qmobile ap ko paisay na dey to kya lakhon musalman q mobile k headoofice ki ient say ient nhi baja saktay? Faisla ap ko karna ha koi jamhori qowat qadyanion k samnay nai bolay ge ye to bikay hoey log hain.
    itna share karo k poray mulk ma phail jaey

    • Junaid

      Bro if you have this problem then visit their customer service center they will update your software.

    • Baaghi

      Dear, this is a software bug, and q mobile is offering to get it set from their franchises. Don’t play in the hands of Harami and Fasadi Mullas.
      This is due to incompatibility of Urdu font. Just get the software of your mobile upgraded and it will be set. No more drama in the name of religion…….

  • rashid rauf

    porana package b bata dain

  • sab dramay baazi ha…

  • ali

    it is a big joke

  • PTCL has superb services but these are not well managed plus their down times crack your mind.

  • rashid rauf