Chairman PTA Gets Eidi from Public Money

PTA-logoIn a disturbing news lately, it was revealed that Chairman PTA, Dr. Muhammad Yasin has been getting an Eidi bonus for himself valuing Rs. 350,000, that’s equal to his one month basic salary.

Mr. Yasin admitted this during a Public Accounts Committee meeting this week. Chairman further revealed that this Eidi bonus was enjoyed by whole PTA staff including himself and two members of the board.

He told the committee that the Eidi bonus was paid in the shape of one-month basic salary and was given to all employees of the PTA.

It was revealed in the meeting that Chairman PTA gets Rs. 1 million per month as his monthly package that includes bonuses and benefits.

The Chairman PTA contended that salaries of PTA employees are neither high compared to the corporate sector nor the pay scales for professional management were revised since 2008. He said that there is a need of raise in our salaries. To this, the PAC chairman said that if he was dissatisfied with his package he should have resigned.

“The gross package of PTA chairman is Rs 1 million per month while I serve on a constitutional post and my total salary is Rs. 150,000,” countered AGP Akhtar Buland Rana.

Via The News and Express Tribune

  • And what exactly is the big deal? If the private sector can give bonuses why can’t the government sector?

    • Shame on you whoever you are ‘stone’… Really BIG shame for you!!!!! I suggest we have to dissolve this body.

      • Shame on me for what D-bag? Every company gives bonuses from the money they earn from the public….WTF are you going on about F-turd?

    • Private sector is PRODUCTING goods..which is why they have targets and KPIs which if they meet, they get bonuses.

      What is PTA producing? apart from loser lists of banned words that they take back after a month?

      • Criticism for the sake of criticism is not the winning point here. What do non-profit organizations produce? Why do their employees get bonuses? This is not about production, this is about rewawrding employees for meeting their targets.

        And PTA does have KPI’s and targets. If you think otherwise, plz step out from under that rock…

  • @Stone; well you are right that there is no issue in giving bonuses to goverment employees as compared to private organizations, but what about Profits, is our gorverment earning profit?
    Is everyone in Pakistan haveing all the basic requirments?
    Well a big NO.
    So it doesnot make any sence that you pay 3.5Lack as a bonus.

    • On the contarary Imran, the government employees deserve bonuses just like the private sector does. Even non-profit organizations give bonuses to employees so why can’t the government.

      P.S. Please do not mistake my support of any employer giving bonuses to their employees with support for our corrupt government.

  • Hi, PTA is probably the highest revenue generating organization of the government. A fraction of the revenue is used to run pta and the rest goes into the government kitty. So it is not like the other gov bodies.What PTA does should be followed by other organizations as well. Employees deserve benefits and no one would like to work for a company that doesnt pay well. The post is written in bad taste.

    • This seems to be a typical reply from a spokesperson of PTA. Don’t worry orange sb. aap ki nokri pakki hai PTA mein

  • One month basic salary bonus is not totally unjustified. The post is technical and PTA is active. Dr. Yasin is well qualified too. But PTA should have a board of directors instead of one man show. By the way the AGP is a cronie of Zardari who holds dual nationality.

  • Apko masla sirif yeh ha keh har jaga millions Mai corruption o ri ha aur yeh tou chilar chori ha…apko million isliye nazar Nhi atay k woh baray log kerty Han aur yeh choty chor na chilar akhatha kiya ha

    • Dr. Yaseen is not as you put it: Chota Chor”.
      Are you employed yourself? Doesnt sound like it…
      You sound like a grumpy inexperienced student.

      He is a balanced headed technocrat with both the professional and moral ethics to run an organization.

      No..and I reiterate no employee ever works for an organization which doesn’t take care of the well being of its employees. Eidi has absolutely Nothing to do with Chori. It is his privelage and that of the workers as per an established practice and whether Mr. Bully Rana likes it or not Dr. Sahab is PTA’s Chairman and his salary is more than him (only on papers due to being more qualified, what Mr. Buland actually may be getting as perks of being a ppp allie no one knows) so instead of his immaturily asking him to call it quits he should have stepped down himself for not being able to hold the Multan walas accountable for umpteen reasons like bringing the nation to stone age.

  • Actual news ye thi ke Eidi li aur wo b apme aapse. Mean kisi se manzoori ki bhi zaroorat nahi. Agar govt funds se Eidi aa sakti hai to Private companies kyon nahi?? Esi lye companies ko ejazat hai jo marzi charges lagain

  • hamara alamya hi ye hai k hum aik khabar k peechay nhn partay ! chund roz wawela hota hai aur BUS ! hum se achay to bangaali hain jo aik taka barhna pay sarko pay aatay hain aur masla hul karwa k hi jatay hain ! yahan arbo ki corruption hai aur ye pesa kisi aur ka nhn hamara hi hai TAX ka pesa aur ye personal accounts main kis trha se ja raha hai aur ye BEHISS qom khamoshi k mazay Lay rahi hai . kia waqai hum aik murda qom hain ?

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