Chairman PTA Gets Eidi from Public Money

PTA-logoIn a disturbing news lately, it was revealed that Chairman PTA, Dr. Muhammad Yasin has been getting an Eidi bonus for himself valuing Rs. 350,000, that’s equal to his one month basic salary.

Mr. Yasin admitted this during a Public Accounts Committee meeting this week. Chairman further revealed that this Eidi bonus was enjoyed by whole PTA staff including himself and two members of the board.

He told the committee that the Eidi bonus was paid in the shape of one-month basic salary and was given to all employees of the PTA.

It was revealed in the meeting that Chairman PTA gets Rs. 1 million per month as his monthly package that includes bonuses and benefits.

The Chairman PTA contended that salaries of PTA employees are neither high compared to the corporate sector nor the pay scales for professional management were revised since 2008. He said that there is a need of raise in our salaries. To this, the PAC chairman said that if he was dissatisfied with his package he should have resigned.

“The gross package of PTA chairman is Rs 1 million per month while I serve on a constitutional post and my total salary is Rs. 150,000,” countered AGP Akhtar Buland Rana.

Via The News and Express Tribune