PTA Directs Telecom Operators to Immediately Stop Prize / Inami Schemes

PTA-logoPakistan Telecommunication Authority has directed all telecom operators to immediately stop all prize schemes, even if they are legitimate, or operators will have to face legal action from PTA in accordance with law.

A letter from PTA to all telecom service providers dated May 28th, 2012, made available to ProPakistani, read that authority regularly receives complaints from customers regarding the Inami schemes that various telecom companies have been offering.

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority termed these prize schemes as misleading and against Telecom Consumer Protection Regulation and hence directed all telecom operators to stop such offerings with immediate effect to avoid any legal action.

Inami Schemes or lucky draws are considered a lucrative revenue inflow for telecom operators. Industry sources suggest that one such scheme earns PKR 4 to 5 million for a telecom operator per day or PKR 150 million a month.

However, such schemes are usually misleading and result into loss of valuable money for telecom consumers. These prize schemes, officially announced and advertised by telecom operators, give an opportunity to fraudulent people to fake the schemes and earn money through illegal means.

PTA has asked telecom operators to submit their compliance report in two days.

Check below the scan of PTA’s letter on Prize/Inami Schemes offered by Telecom operators:


Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK

  • Thats a best step…
    meri ammi nay kafi paisay zaaya kiye hein Telenor ka Gold jeetnay k liye, hehehe
    Thanks Aamir for this good news!

  • Companies should concentrate on making money through providing better telecom services, They are here to provide and make money through Telecom services, not to make money through Inami schemes.
    Inami schemes are usually for promotion/advertisement, but as the above article suggests that they are making huge money through these schemes, that’s really really bad.

  • This is interesting to know that this restriction is only for PTCL, WLL/FLL, LDI, ISP, CVAS, NTC & SCO.

  • 3G kab aayga I’m crying loadsheding ki waja se pc par net use nahi kar sakte mobile par 3G ajay to kuch masla hal ho

    • hehehehe!!!! kya baat ki hai aap ne Pakistan may tau Dew 3G bohat mushkil sy i hai yeh network 3G ki tau bohat door ki baat hai…… bus wait he karo load shedding k khatam honay ka aur 3G k aaney ka.

  • Talib Dogar in action again!!! this is the same guy who earned pakistan an international shame and ridicule for his famous “obscene SMS words list”. What do you have to do to get fired in government?? Why is this person still leaching on to our tax rupees after getting us declared a moronic nation in every news outlet in the world??? Disgusting.

  • After all the looot marr been done and incentive given to insiders know comes the drama of stoping it why not the day it was all started

    • Ufone ne 30May se charges increase ker dye hain. Maine warid pe mail ki hai ke Call aur sms packages change nahi kerte as other companies do aur es tarah ke charges lagane main other companies ko follow kerne main dair nahi lagate

  • At last, we will not be receiving such annoying SMS any more, Greta step and highly appreciated.

    • you can request ur operator to stop sending u promotional sms u will not recieve promotional msgs.. :) very simple dear

  • If this order is to diverd the company focus on better services rether then better inami schemes than its good idea.
    Companies must be forcused to provide their customers better services in term of call connectivity, quality and packages.rather then better inami scheme

    • salam to all. hope everyone is doing just great. look I am from Australia and I’ve heard a news that international calling rates to pakistan are going to go higher. if this thing happens then who will make calls to pakistani friends?. I would like your comments. thank you

      • Dear Tahir,
        right now Pakistan APC is $0.0625c but LDI operators selling @ $0.011, LDI operators selling at low price because there is check & balance on them and directly or indirectly Pakistan losses all money, but International carriers still charging you Pakistan Per Minute @ $0.08c to $0.15c + Taxes for Example Skype call charges for Pakistan is $0.145c + Taxes, now think and tell me who’s making money here? ofcourse All International Telecom Companies.

        Let’s come to the point International carriers making a lot of money and paying nothing to our country even after ICH implementation rate get revised your cost to call pakistan will be the same but Those International Calling card/Mobile carriers will pay higher amount to Pakistan Telecom Sector, and after ICH implementation all incoming overseas remittance will help to rebuild Pakistan’s economy.
        so please don’t worry for nothing your cost will be the same as you are paying now.

        Looking forward to hearing from you.

        • salam. thank you for your comments. lets come on to the main point. first of all I would like to say to you one thing. no one cares about skype. but there are some very good companies providing very cheap rates to pakistan, such as. megavoip: 0.006 per minute. lowdial: unlimited calls to pakistani landlines and mobile with out any limit for only $29. currently calling rates to pakistan are. A grade quality is $0.05 per minute and B grade is less than $0.001. then how can you say that it will not effect on the calling rates?

  • Almost a year ago I wrote a letter to the editor in the DAWN in which I brought the same concern to the notice of concerned authorities. Thanks God PTA has come to the rescue of poor Pakistanis whose pockets are being fleeced day a night by different swindlers on one pretext or the other.

  • Waht about Ufone Shahcar offer2

    I have alreay made 10 entries by spending 2000/=




  • this step should taken far time ago, but there is no late still………………. good work PTA

  • PTA is also party to this loot – they keep their eyes shut for months deliberately and operators go on to lure away public and then all of sudden they wake up – PTA and Mobile Operators should be penalized equally.

  • The shahcar-2 offer is still running….is PTA going to impose any fines etc on ufone for non compliance?

  • Was a separate letter sent to the Cellular operators? The address list does not show this.

    If not, then this is just a joke!

  • NO implementation has been ensured so far, you can see compaigns on TV and media by all cellular companies up till now.

    PTA is now only so called regulator…no one honor instuctions and advisory by PTA.

  • Lakan inaami add to abhi tak media per aa rahay han. 08 june 2012 ki subah tak.

  • yes Shafiq u r right!!!
    so why is Ufone exempted from that law????
    as they are running TVCs for 20 cars for usage of Rs-200

  • My Name Is Abdul Jalil. from Peshawar i have filed a petition in th consumer court of KPk against PTA and All telcos on spaming gambling night packages misleading rates utone tariff etc their are many orders issued by PTA but No compliance PTA and PPP GOvt is responsable for all this illegal activity. telcos are lotting this country. every day they are getting 300 million from this nation illegaly

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