Warid: Transforming Future

UET1It’s that time of the year when leading universities of Pakistan schedule recruitment fairs and networking nights for graduating students.

In order to guide them about possible career opportunities in the company, the Recruitment & Staffing team from Warid Telecom participated in engaging career fairs at leading Business & Technical Institutes of the country.

These sessions were held at:

  • U.E.T (University of Engineering and Technology)
  • LUMS (Lahore University of Management Sciences) ,
  • LSE (Lahore School of Economics) ,
  • Bahria University and
  • IBA Karachi.

Under the same flagship Warid also attended a Networking Night at LUMS.

Senior technical and management employees facilitated students as mentors and provided thorough career advice that will be instrumental in shaping their future and strengthening Warid’s bond and commitment towards society.


  • All operators participate in such events regularly (some do it much better than Warid), in-fact all major companies take such causes seriously, so the few thousand bucks question is: why is your blog promoting only Warid? Is this content sponsored or paid?

  • Looking at the ads on this blog…seems more than plausible that this post is sponsored. As accurately mentioned by Observer, Telenor and infact other operators do this much better…

  • Looks like company’s marketing team is more proactive now. trying to pass every news to blogs & other medias

  • The thing about this website was that it gave a neutral and unbiased view of the Pakistani IT and Telecom industry. But with the website being sponsored by Warid (as you can see huge ads of warid)people will begin to rightfully question if the neutral and unbiased stance is still there….and seriously even if you are neutral, it wouldn’t seem like it….

    • We welcome the feedback. Having said this, however, we can’t react on every input. That is, we can’t remove ads – or remove content that is not untrue. Kind of majbori.

  • Aamir, the point is, how a career fair attended by Warid is news worthy? That too, for a blog focusing on commercial & industry developments!

    I hope you understand that no news is good news sometimes !

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