75% of World Population has Mobile Phones

World Bank has announced that three quarters of the world’s population or 75 percent inhabitants on the earth have access to mobile phones, or out of the 7 billion population in this world, 5.25 billion people use mobile phone for communication and other needs.

The number of mobile phone subscriptions amounts to over 6 billion, while 5 billion out of total count come from developing markets showing that people of developing countries are using mobile phone devices for other purposes than basic calling, texting and for communication too.

Developing world has more mobile phone users than the developed world, the report said.

The number of subscriptions, World Bank noted, had increased by 5 billion over the last 12 years since 2000 when we had fewer than 1 billion mobile subscriptions. It also said that in 2011 alone, around 30 billion applications were downloaded worldwide.

World Bank Vice President for Sustainable Development Rachel Kyte said that:

“Mobile communications offer major opportunities to advance human and economic development – from providing basic access to health information to making cash payments, spurring job creation, and stimulating citizen involvement in democratic processes, The challenge now is to enable people, businesses, and governments in developing countries to develop their own locally-relevant mobile applications so they can take full advantage of these opportunities.”

One of the lead authors of the report, Tim Kelly who is Lead ICT Policy Specialist at the World Bank also said that:

“The mobile revolution is right at the start of its growth curve: mobile devices are becoming cheaper and more powerful while networks are doubling in bandwidth roughly every 18 months and expanding into rural areas,”

In Pakistan, mobile phone subscribers are are counted as over 120 million showing that people are getting more and more involved in the ‘mobile revolution’.


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    I thought Pakistan would be at 1 but we have Kenya. That is now surprising.

    • Ali

      LOL, I was expecting the same!

  • Usman

    This says that 75% population has ‘access’ to mobile phones, not necessarily have one or own one.

  • Saim Ali

    this research is no doubt shocking because we all think in the same manner and looking at the mobile phones available in Pakistan be it online or offline we cannot think otherwise. Dekho.com has a wide variety of used cell phones to be sold for.

  • Zurain

    and remaining 25% are hungry?
    fake research.. not every research is true nor based on facts and figures

  • Hamza

    @propakistani should mention the source of this information. Its against the ethics to not give the credit to whoever the person/organization who has done this research

    • admin

      You probably need to read the post again. World Bank’s name is mentioned in first line.

  • Is media nah har cheaze ko zaroot or intenahi zaroori bana dye.. food puri ho nah ho mobile zaroor hona chaye ta ke multinational orginzation ka businuss chalta rahe …

  • jammer

    These figures are only for subscriptions. That makes 6 subscriptions from me alone, 2 active and 4 dead sims. All of us are so fond of exaggerating things.