LDN Revises Student DSL Package Prices

logoLink Dot Net has decided to increase price plans for its 1 MB and 2 MB student DSL package subscribers.

In order to keep the quality of services up to the mark and to maintain operational excellence as per prevailing economic situation, the monthly package plans are being revised, said an email sent to LDN student package holders.

Mentioned below are the new charges of DSL Student Packages:

Package Name Speed Data Old Charges New Charges
Link 1M 1 Mbps Unlimited Rs. 735 Rs. 839
Link 2M 2 Mbps Unlimited Rs. 1,295 Rs. 1,350

It merits mentioning here that rental charges of DSL CPE i.e. Rs. 150 in case of non-Wi-Fi and Rs. 250 in case of Wi-Fi CPE will remain applicable to all packages as current practice.

It maybe recalled that Link Dot Net had to bring down the prices (in 2007) when PTCL introduced its low-priced broadband services.

    • As you are currently using it, it seems fit to ask you this question.

      How is the service of LdN when it comes to online gaming? I’m talking about the latency here. PTCL has been giving me very inconsistent latency in the past couple of weeks.

  • Link Dot Net the worst customer service ever, no official customer office in major cities (Karachi, Islamabad). simple one work LDN sucks!!!

  • the only one who is in competition with PTCL,and they are offering DSL on much cheaper price then PTCL.

  • So is ptcl better or LDN? I’m currently using ptcl, and i was happy with it until recently when it got disconnecting very frequently. Despite changing the modem, and having the settings changed, the problem hasn’t been fixed for the last 1 month.

    • I have been using LDN for 2 years and for me its better then PTCL. And yes PTCL landline is required for LDN. Main reason of preferring LDN is the good customer service and no (very rare) disconnections.

  • proud user of LDN for 3 years that too in QUETTA CITY , where PTCL said Your Exchange doesnt support DSL and they forced me to QUIT PTCL , i was like WTH , untill i found LDN in google. applied and now using it non-stop 24/7 1mb pure quality in gaming!

  • Can someone confirm that LDN has no limit on 2M and 4M packages like PTCL capped 300GB.

    Waiting for prompt response.


  • I have using LDN from more than 2.5 years…there is no installation charges no caps on downloading like ptcl and better customer care service even in Ramzan…I’m fully staisfied…and it is only one company which is competing robust network ever PTCL…

  • admin pls correct for 1MB it is 849,,,they had intimated me through email…still effective rate compare with ptcl 1000 for 1mb

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