PTCL Offers Static IPs for DSL Customers

PTCL-logoPTCL has announced the offering of Static IP addresses for all broadband customers, a worthy tool for the webmasters and those who want to access their PCs and other home devices (such as cameras) remotely.

Static IP will give the PTCL DSL subscriber an ability to have one IP address forever. Currently, the subscribers gets an IP from host which remains valid for one session and may change after re-connection.

PTCL said that it will offer one IP per connection for now, however, there are chances that PTCL will allow multiple IPs reserved against a single connection in future.

Static IP Charges:

  • Static IP for Rs. 200 per month
  • PTCL is initially offering single static IP address

Benefits and key Highlights:

  • One can host Web, E-mail, FTP, DNS server’s directly on one’s own machine for users across the globe accessing internet.
  • Application or services that require external access such as house or shop monitoring solutions, Virtual Private Networks, Remote access for various systems, Online Games including Play Station & Xbox, IP based CCTV cameras and DVRs etc.
  • Point of sales softwares for shop, restaurants & super stores. Financial & other licensed application clients that require static IP address for licensing obligation.

To order call 0800 80 800 or call helpline for more information on this.

  • Wow, the world had provided this service way back 4 years back and PTCL has just got to know about it. Great innovation guys..
    I am already using LDN static ip since 4 years.

  • 200 a month is excessive. Especially when on a 4Mbit link you can only upload 50-70 kbyte/sec.

  • Jab net per online movies dekhtay hain free mai (Mega Video and many others), to wahan per her IP address ke liye ek limited bandwith allow hoti hai. Agar net reconnect karo to normally new IP ki waja se movie restart hojati hai. Static IP mai ye facility to nahi hogi, I think so.

  • Witribe already gives static IP at PKR 500/YEAR (not per month). Barri meherbani PTCL walon; Pehlay apna internet chala lo sahi tarah, phir commercial apps ka infrastructure banana! :-)

    • saad bhai, witribe me static ip kaise milti hai? aur iska faida kia hai? me ne connection share kia hua hai, kia mje sharing me koi help milygi is se?
      please guide me.

      • Sharing main koi help nahi milay gi… aur meray khayal main app ko static IP lainay ka koi faida nahi hoga.

        • admin, kia me apny doosry PCs ki bandwidth control kr skta hn is k zaryee?
          q k tplink router static ip recommend krta hai, ta k ip change na ho.

          • You may use Mikrotik router for this purpose. Its cheap and nice. If you have static IP you may access your system and monitor all users activity from Mikrotik easily.

  • Agr yahan bijli ki load shedding ka masla na hota to mein zarur khareed leta web server banane k liye.

    • bhai web server k ley ip agr le lo tu phir mery he modem k sath connect hoga tu stattic ip work kare ga kya…..?
      ya phir kahe bhi web server ley jao or net sy connect karoga tu chal jaye ga

  • well, nice step but as beaten by love said, it’s only source of earning for PTCL,it should be given for free.!!

  • Static IP is useful for server hosting(http/ftp/mail/CS) but tell me how someone can host server with uplink of 256kbits to 1 Mbits
    (+ 300gb data restriction). It is just another trick by PTCL to make profit.

  • Kabhi kabhi IP change karna parta hai >_> Can we ask PTCL to give us a new IP or something if we have a static IP?

  • propakistani.. aap log apni urdu web ko update q nahi karte kam se kam aeham khabroon ko kardiya karen

  • PTCL is really bad company in pakistan to provide net services, I begged them to kindly take of your router from my home and they really did not ear on that , even it was holy ramdan, they took advantage because they simply send money in bill of phone line, therefore they dont care much about their customer, now i have micronet, best people best service, no problem of any type.

  • Can someone confirm that LDN has no limit on 2M and 4M packages like PTCL capped 300GB.

    Waiting for prompt response.


    • There is no cap of download limit on LDN packages. PTCL is skimming out money out of ur pockets.

  • Old info, I remember back in 2009 this service was available at same rate, I wanted to have a dedicated server for COD4 but then I relied on open DNS .

  • Whats the point of having a static IP when the Upload limit is stricted to 50kb/sec on 4mb internet . The upload will be too slow to host a server.

  • I wish they could offer more than 1MB upstream on VDSL. But here is something which I would like to show you regarding PTCL Static IPs:

    I’m not paying anything for it. If you’re a *nix Administrator & Expert with Cisco VLANs, then forget about paying 200 PKR for Static IPs. Have a look at the screenshots.

    By the way, here is my room (in my home) where I’ve setup all this:

    Waiting for your comments… :) If anyone need my contact number, let me know.

    Thank you,


    • Dear Taimur.
      Provided link is dead. I really need this solution so I can suffix the 1 ip with employee. attendance system.

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