PTCL Offers Static IPs for DSL Customers

PTCL-logoPTCL has announced the offering of Static IP addresses for all broadband customers, a worthy tool for the webmasters and those who want to access their PCs and other home devices (such as cameras) remotely.

Static IP will give the PTCL DSL subscriber an ability to have one IP address forever. Currently, the subscribers gets an IP from host which remains valid for one session and may change after re-connection.

PTCL said that it will offer one IP per connection for now, however, there are chances that PTCL will allow multiple IPs reserved against a single connection in future.

Static IP Charges:

  • Static IP for Rs. 200 per month
  • PTCL is initially offering single static IP address

Benefits and key Highlights:

  • One can host Web, E-mail, FTP, DNS server’s directly on one’s own machine for users across the globe accessing internet.
  • Application or services that require external access such as house or shop monitoring solutions, Virtual Private Networks, Remote access for various systems, Online Games including Play Station & Xbox, IP based CCTV cameras and DVRs etc.
  • Point of sales softwares for shop, restaurants & super stores. Financial & other licensed application clients that require static IP address for licensing obligation.

To order call 0800 80 800 or call helpline for more information on this.