Recharge EVO Today to Win 1 Month Free Internet, Waiver on Previous Bills

EVO-Summer-Fest-OfferPakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) is offering 100% free internet upon recharge for all 3G EVO wireless customers, who have not recharged their 3G EVO devices since 30th April, 2012.

The offer is valid for both prepaid and postpaid customers using PTCL 3G EVO, 3G EVO Nitro and 3G EVO WI-Fi cloud devices.

Prepaid customers can get 100% free balance equal to their first card load, whereas postpaid customers’ previous outstanding dues (if any) will be exempted for advance billing/ non-PSTN package. Post paid customers can also enjoy absolutely free internet for the second month.

Post-Paid Customers:

  • Exemption of Previous outstanding dues for Advance billing/Non-PSTN packages
  • Enjoy second Month usage Absolutely Free

Pre-Paid Customers:

  • For Pre-paid customers Win Back offer would be offering following incentives
  • 100% Free balance equivalent to first card load.

Terms and Conditions:

  • This offer is valid for all EVO customers who have not recharged since 30th April or before.
  • The offer is applicable for consumer packages of EVO, EVO Wi-Fi cloud and Nitro only.
  • Outstanding dues for all qualifying Advance/Non-PSTN billing customers shall be waived off under this promotion.
  • Offer is valid for prepaid & Advance billing/Non-PSTN customers.
  • Offer is not valid for EVO PSTN billing subscribers.
  • Offer is not valid for corporate/employee packages.

  • Azi

    Good short

  • Arslan

    What is the mistake/fault of those customers who are recharging their Evo devices regularly every month but getting no reward/promotion from PTCL. Go back to school PTCL.

    • the awkward movement when you see these adds

      • Arslan


  • Abid Soni

    Yes arsalan you r absolutely right. Our fault is to continue our Evo cloud connection with out fault. Actually PTCL is forcing us to be defaulted to enjoy its package next time.

  • Muhammad Anas


  • ahmad khan

    i bought evo wifi cloud on 22nd April with 4 months free internet… didn’t recharge it again because free time was not finished. can i avail this offer? or its only for those devices which are not active since 30th april?

    • Muhammad Haris

      You purchased on 22nd April so now you free 4 months end on 22nd August right?

      Bcuz m planning to buy it and if I buy today i.e. 7th August then it would get expired on 7th December.


      • ahmad khan

        yeah… my 4 months expire on 22nd Aug…
        but u should check its speed in ur house b4 buying it… speed is also not constant whole day… it gets almost 40kBps in congested areas at peak hours…

        • Muhammad Haris

          Thanks for quick response.

          Yes speed is good …around 80 KBPS and sometimes even touches 100 KBPS and plus too…

          Hows its battery time? how many hours it worked with single device attached?


          • Ahmad khan

            battery time is quite good. works almost 3-4 hours and charges again in almost 1 hour…. you can also connect it with laptop if battery is finished… then it will run on laptop’s battery

            • Muhammad Haris


  • Muhammad Anas

    4 months free internet and you are looking for more???
    Anyway its now for you its for inactive customer since 30th April

  • Danish

    I am planning to buy this a new package of Evo Nitro but i wanted to be clear on one thing, i have the earlier Evo device which i bought from will it be usable on this package?

  • Damn PTCL EVO !
    I was offline last 12 hours because of its shitty services.
    You cannot even complain now at 1218 they say our automatic system is down whereas Customer Support is busy For 12 hours :P

  • Muhammad Haris

    @Nursury Stop (Shahrah – Faisal Karachi – Taken from my Galaxy S

    (280 KBPS + D/L , 120 KBPS + U/L)


  • Muhammad Haris

    Yesterday I got my 3G EVO Wifi cloud enabled and here is the result @ Malir Cantt, Near Checkpost#4

    @ Sehri Time…taken from my Galaxy S



    Early Morning




  • would have gotten it for my evo nitro cloud but it was launched in june so not possible