Wateen Deploys WiFi Hotspots at Educational Institutes in Punjab

Wateen-Telecom-New-LogoWateen Telecom has announced the deployment of 235 indoor and outdoor Wi-Fi Hotspots at Government of Punjab educational institutions. These hotspots will enable students at government institutions across Punjab to gain vital access to the numerous educational resources on the internet.

Wateen Telecom has deployed 126 hotspots in 22 educational institutes using the Indoor Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) with built-in Wi-Fi equipment. While 109 hotspots are being deployed using Outdoor Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) along with best quality Wi-Fi routers. These 235 hotspots will enable access to education with just the click of a button.

This deployment follows an earlier agreement with the Punjab Government; whereas Wateen Telecom will provide for an e-learning portal for graduate and post-graduate students to access and gain vital educational content from. The online portal will include text books, past papers, solved past papers and tips for students on preparing for examinations.

In order for students to access this portal in universities and colleges, Wateen has provided the facility of Wi-Fi Hotspots. These Wi-Fi Hotspots are free to access for students, to help them in their education and research. This portal is a small step towards realizing Wateen’s vision of enabling access to information and education for every man, woman and child in Pakistan through leading edge technology.

Speaking on completion of the deployment phase of the project, Mr. Naeem Zamindar CEO Wateen Telecom said that “With better online access, Wateen believes in providing students in Pakistan with opportunity to access the same information that is available to those studying at some of the leading institutes of the world such as Harvard and Cambridge. We believe in the power of the internet to bring about socio-economic improvement in the lives of all Pakistanis.”

  • Thanks to Punjab Government and Wateen for signing contract for students and for providing this service for free.

  • Does Wateen realize how few students have laptops in colleges/universities and how fewer of them actually use them while attending classes? The hot spots will give little benefit to students.

    • I think the main use will be by wifi-enabled phones. These days many Android phones and low end tablets are down to the Rs 10-15k range — very affordable for a lot of students.

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