Get PTCL EVO WiFi Cloud and Nitro Cloud Devices for Free

PTCL-logoPakistan Telecommunications Company Limited (PTCL) now brings 3G EVO Wi-Fi Cloud and 3G EVO Nitro Cloud devices free of cost if paid in advance for four months of unlimited downloads.

EVO WiFi Cloud:

Customers can avail this bundle offer at upfront payment of Rs 8,000 which includes free 3G EVO Wi-FI Cloud device and 4 months free internet with unlimited downloading.

Monthly charges of Rs 2,100 will be applicable from 5th month onwards.

  • Bundle Price: Rs. 8,000
  • What’s Included:
    • 4 Month of unlimited downloads
    • EVO WiFi Cloud Device
  • Monthly Charges from 5th month: Rs. 2,100 per month

3G Nitro Cloud:

3G Nitro Cloud device can also be availed free of cost at bundle offer of Rs. 12,000 with 4 months free internet and unlimited data downloads. Monthly charges of Rs 3,000 will be applicable from 5th month onward.

  • Bundle Price: Rs. 12,000
  • What’s Included:
    • 4 Month of unlimited downloads
    • 3G Nitro Cloud Device
  • Monthly Charges from 5th month: Rs. 3,000 per month

“It is not the competition that makes us work hard rather the passion to achieve the impossible”, said Senior Executive Vice President (SEVP) Commercial, Naveed Saeed. “Being the largest telecommunication company in Pakistan PTCL is a trendsetter for other companies”.

PTCL 3G EVO Wi-Fi Cloud and 3G Nitro Cloud devices provide a powerful Wi-Fi experience on the go, connecting 5Wi-Fi enabled devices to PTCL’s 3G Wireless Broadband. Both the devices are a perfect travel companion due to their compact size and super charged battery with support for up to 4 hours of usage with EVO Wi-Fi cloud & up to 12 hours of internet usage with Nitro cloud and 6 hours for downloading.

PTCL 3G EVO Wi-Fi Cloud and 3G EVO Nitro Cloud provide customers seamless roaming experience at speed upto 3.1Mbps in more than 200 EVO covered areas cities & up to 9.3Mbps in more than 150 Nitro covered cities nationwide. The devices come with secure password protection to ensure optimal connection security.

  • There are contradictory statements about 5th months charges. Kindly correct them.

  • Sajid

    PTCL Charging highest Servicing lowest.

    • king rafay


  • Muhammad Haris

    I have availed this offer for 3g EVO Wifi cloud and so far working great.

    Checked in KHI, Hyd, Nawabshah, Sukkar, Sadiqabad & Bahawalpur and performance is satisfactory so far :)



    Great offer by PTCL

  • imran

    sajid bhai i have found ptcl service to be better of standard than compared to other oprators, witribe, and qubee.

  • aasim

    i have used ptcl evo in hyderabad qasimabad .. but speed was too slow.. they said downloading will be 3.1 and uploading will be 1 mbps. but i was just getting 1 mbps .. some time worst speed was coming .. so i returned them in money back guarantee period.. i suggest .. landline ptcl dsl is good 1 option ..

    • Nasir

      u mad bro? … u cant get 3.1 mbps dl on 9.3 mb .. 1 mbps is ok speed for 9.3… u can get max of 120-140 kb/s dl on 1 mb connection .. do the math

    • Zeeshan Mughal

      plz koi mujha bta de ka devicewapis bhe ki ja sakti ha or agar han to kesse..?

  • Arsalan Bakht

    totally agree with aasim…. DSL is best….

  • Ali

    The best thing about DSL is that either it bears no downtime or if any then very minimal. Though wireless option may present with greater speeds but the varying phenomenon (and high ping issues for gaming) fail to present it as primary option.

    If you have got no phone line issues. BIG YES for DSL!

    • Nasir

      u tried gaming on nitro?.. i m planing on buying it coz my dsl has alota line issues

  • mudasir

    ptcl is ______ off, fraud network

  • mudasir

    ptcl is ,fraud network


    jin k pass old ptcl evo ha woh kya kare

    woh ap 3000 ke le ke new de dain plz

    and 1000 charge karen …..

  • Baaghi

    Are these offers just for EVO users? Why DSL users are not being offered free Wifi DSL modem against advance payment of monthly charges?????

    Is there any excuse in the pocket of PTCL?????

  • nadeem ahmed

    wateen is best in wireless internet (wiMax) and price is also reasonable , since last 3 months 100 uptime and no speed hickups at all . (gulshan karachi)

  • Asif Ali Buriro

    dosto evo kabhi bi nahen lena mera ek hazar rupe ka balance ek akhbar parhne se khatam ho gaya mene jaa k evo wapis kiya aur toba ki evo use karne ko.
    Dsl good nahen very good hai.

  • Hamza

    A very common misunderstanding while calculating the speed. 3.1 mbps (bits) translates to 3.1/8*1024= 396.8 kBps (bytes). This speed is achieved if minimum number of users are connected. So if you are getting download speeds of ~200KB, consider it a very good output.
    PS: DSL is not an alternative to wireless if you are on the go.

  • imran

    Evo speed just sucks

    • badar

      yes vry true

  • Gags

    I dun thinks its free :x what you guys say?

  • SAIF Dj

    Evo 3G is best, but 2100 bill is too much. do some thing about this PTCL,

  • AJJU

    Sahe kaha hay Dj bahi ap nay aik student 2100 bohot muskil say affort karta hay,

    • Sarwat Zafar


  • Dalpat

    Why it says 5 wifi devices… Can I connect more
    Are these packages available on student discount??

  • badar

    very baaaaaaad
    its only connect on 512 kp/ps

  • j

    i use evo 3.1 in isl/rwp both cities.. the speed is extra ordinary here on IDM i get some 250kb(stable) download speed in morning an night speed goes up to 350-390 easily the lowest speed i use to surf is some 80kb
    but thers an issue is with pings its not so much high but its average… i can play multiplayer games on majority of servers
    im now planning to get evo Nitro Cloud. but its a bit out of reach 3000/month
    i can confirm performance of evo is supreior than witribe/wateen i’v tested all in same locations and its real time unlimited my laptop is always on download

  • UK

    does fone data gets sync with it evo cloud ?

  • muneer

    bakwas network ha wifi cloud its only worked some days better after some days its speed go down and ptcl customer service centre give nothing responce

  • Shees

    It just gives 52 kbps, sick fake company. I have checked more than 5 devices from different locations. 9.3 mbps bundle gives an speed of 3.1 and 3.1 gives upto 512!

  • ﱞﱞ ﱞﱞ

    meri wingle to achi chalti hai :D …. 500kb + speed ati hai :D

  • Basit Bhai