PTCL Claims to be the Legal Owner of the Nitro Spectrum

PTCL-logoResponding to ISPAK’s allegations (published here yesterday), PTCL has taken a strong exception to it.

The spectrum is legally owned by PTCL and all the services the company provides are within that frame work. PTCL clarifies that there was no violation on part of PTCL for use of any spectrum.

PTCL has been using frequency spectrum in the 450MHz, 3.5GHz and 1900 MHz bandwidth as allocated to it by PTA since 2004.

The allegation made by Mr. Wahaj-us-Siraj, spokesperson for ISPAK regarding use of 3G frequency by PTCL is baseless and not factual as PTCL is using WLL frequency allocated to it in 2004 through open auction process whereas 3G spectrums to be auctioned by Government of Pakistan is a totally different frequency band and there is no link between the two. Therefore, the allegation against PTCL for loss of USD 300 million is baseless.

These accusations made against the leading telecom service provider of the country clearly reflect the inability of ISPAK service providers to invest in improving the quality of its services leading to the fact that they are unable to compete in a highly competitive market where the customers are discerning and demand value for their money. To cover up their own infrastructural inabilities of providing a satisfactory service they are making baseless accusations against PTCL.

While at the same time ISPs continue to benefit from the services that PTCL has continued to provide them beyond the obligation period that has expired. Without these services these ISPs will be unable to run their operations. The said news item has completely exposed the mala fide intent of ISPAK, to deliberately misinform by defaming a professionally run organization. Meanwhile in spite of the expiry of the service provision period PTCL continues to facilitate them

PTCL is the national leader in ICT sector who fully understands and respects the rules and regulations applicable to the telecom industry. It is in compliance of these is committed to its obligations to the concerned authorities.

The 3G frequency auction is the matter related to Government of Pakistan. Ministry of IT & Telecom has already issued a policy directive regarding auction of 3G spectrum in December, 2011. The guidelines regarding auction process were provided in the said policy directive.