ProPakistani is Testing a New Commenting System

Comments are integral part of ProPakistani, thanks to the community that we have earned during the years. Most of the times the content in comments is more useful and informational then the articles/news reports that we do on ProPakistani. Its not bragging but a compliment for our readers who are so open in sharing information and their opinion with us.

On average one post on ProPakistani gets 28 comments with a total of 149,000 comments that we have received so far on 5300 posts. This shows that how seriously the community discusses the topics that we cover.

On readers’ demand yesterday we implemented a new commenting system powered by Disqus, a well known commenting platform used by variety of websites worldwide.

Here is how new commenting system should look like:


And here is the feature run down of Disqus:

  • Comment using your Facebook, Twitter identities
  • Option to comment with Name and Email only without registering
  • Threaded comments and replies
  • Real time notification of new comments
  • Vote comments
  • Order comments by: Newest, Oldest and Best Rated
  • Notifications and reply by email
  • Subscribe and RSS options
  • Aggregated comments and social mentions
  • Flag a comment that you find inappropriate
  • Communities, and Track of your previous comments on ProPakistani and other websites
  • And more

What Do You Think of New Commenting System:

We will test this commenting system for a week or two to evaluate it, after which we will see if this is the thing that our readers wanted or not.

“This blog is yours, I only work here”, as once said by Michael Arrington of TechCrunch, ProPakistani is run by feedback coming from our readers.

We will need your input on this move too. Please share your thoughts on this new commenting system and tell us if we should retain Disqus or the older and simpler commenting system was better than this?

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK

  • Zia

    Good Work Aamir Bhai

  • good, 1st se bohat behtar or easy hai

  • salman

    good job

  • Aslam


  • hmm v.nice dear

  • Shahid Saleem

    The font (especially colour) is harder to read.

    • Asad

      I have to agree with you this time :P

  • ~Talha~

    Good start…..

  • Faheem Mumtaz

    good ha g

  • Stone

    This is nice and much more usable. The only thing missing now is “LIKE” button for comments. Wonder when that will come up?

    • aamir7

      Thank you for liking this.

      There’s voting thing available with each comment, it is used to rate the comments.

      You can find it here:

  • Hassan Khalil

    Nice addition, nice interface and with good options.

    Comments are stored by you or by disqus?

    It will be wise to have your data stored with you not others.

    • aamir7

      Thanks for feedback.

      Data is synced between Disqus and our servers in real time.

  • Hassan Khalil

    Another issue is Timestamp which show “12 hours ago” and I am posting at 11:33 at the moment. Please adjust the time settings, if disqus allows.

    • aamir7

      This is probably because of “Time Zong” on your machine. Can you please check and make sure that Time Zong is selected as “+5 – Karachi/Asia” on your machine?

      If done, you will see corrected relative time of comments.

      Please do let me know if this isn’t fixed.

      • Hassan Khalil

        Oh Sorry, it was wrong with me. Now corrected to +5 Karachi, Islamabad Time Zone and I hope it will show correct Timestamp.

      • Danish

        Aamir brother, i think your mind is full of cellular companies. Time zong instead of Time zone :p
        Keep it up for working hard, i like your site and information provided here..

        • aamir7

          Apologies for typo. Thanks for the love :-)


        hahahaha, time zong…

  • Now all we need is a new theme.

    • aamir7


      Working on new theme for more than a year now. Let’s see when do we get one.

  • Ali

    Looks Nice…


    Disqus is good moderating commenting system!
    Good to integrate it here.

  • Amirali

    Good Job !

  • Muzamal

    I Like New Commenting System


    New commenting system is good but will there be no way to put web link like you could do it in your name in previous system?

  • Muhammad Anas Zafar

    Great New System for commenting! I was waiting for it since I came at propakistani.
    However, “Deer Ayed Drust Ayed”

  • d3vilish

    admin plz try something like youtube’s rating system…most favorited comment stays on top…

  • Muhammad Arsalan

    awesome man. just love it
    thanks aamir bhai <3

  • A beautiful feature is that comments can be liked or disliked!!! This feature was really missing in old system! Great!

  • Muhammad Kashif Shabbir

    Now we are talking!

  • aqeeliz

    So I am the only one who doesn’t like disqus (or other similar commenting systems) and prefers blogs to use their own commenting system?

    • Muhammad Kashif Shabbir

      Reason for your dislike?

      • adil

        no links juice :P

        • Muhammad Kashif Shabbir

          Most of the blogs are nofollow

  • Asad

    Good work Aamir bhai. Have you evaluated the commenting system of PakwheelsDOTcom? That is just awesome.

  • Yasir utt

    Feature to acha hy

  • Great!

  • Dear Amir Atta,It is better than the old one but If you are on WordPress, CommentLuv is an other good option.

  • MMMTheHacker

    Nice commenting system.Keep this..Also, How can I send you personal mails?

  • Nice addition. But I think “ALSO ON PROPAKISTANI”
    section below comments is useless and mixing up with comments. You should remove it or update its look and feel, may be one blog per line ( instead of two in-front of each other ) will improve the look.

  • good work amir bhai

  • engrz

    nice work by propakistani

  • Aslam Mastoi

    Nyc system ProPakistani Team…!

  • Muneer Ahmad

    Ah! finally thanks Amir bhai
    I was the one or one of them who suggested this feature :)
    If possible change the font style to some bold font or may be the new comment system is not so prominent I don’t know if anyone else find it this way.

  • Good work

  • Alone ©™

    I Like It Dear Working Fast :)

  • pehly se acha hai pehly comments karny main kafi time lagta tha par abb easy ho jata hai……………..nice work Amir bhai

    • aamir7

      you are welcome bro

  • This Commenting system is awesome…
    I also want to mention here that i think ProPakistani is trend setter among Pakistani Bloggers so other bloggers will definitely follow You in this commenting sysytem :)

  • udas bacha

    Love the change!

  • Find Car

    A positive change. .. good

  • Furqan

    Good Job!

  • kingMAK

    thats Great!

  • bohat acha hay :D main to kafi arsay say chahta tha propakistani livefyre ya disqus ya intensedebate istemal karay :D

    waisay propakistani ko thorda wait ker lena chahiyay tha kia pata google+ comments system zayada behtar ajata.

  • ab users dosron ke comments ko thumb up thumb down bhi kar sakay gay :D

  • Danish

    I am expecting disqus once read your title. nice implementation!

  • omer

    @aamir7:disqus I want to know one thing .. The Disqus save the comments on their own server but can it synchronize the comments with your own server ? Because i can see comment count are upto date..

  • Sulaiman

    nice to see that, good work keep it up ,now that is we called team work with implementations & good results came:)

  • Ali

    There are other commenting plugins better than disqus

  • Wireless Internet Services

    good job, new commenting system is much better

  • adil

    its bad… no field to put links :( :P

  • Asif Latif Awan

    Very Good Effort ProPk :-)

  • abbasi506