Zouhair Khaliq and Naeem Zamindar Honored in Pakistan Power 100

Wateen-Telecom-New-LogoWateen Telecom CEO Naeem Zamindar and Zouhair Khaliq, Member Board of Directors Wateen, were recently honored at the Pakistan Power 100, a forum recognizing the most influential Pakistani men & women internationally, whose exceptional work makes an enormous and essential contribution to the wealth, health and intellectual well-being of their respective countries.

Zouhair Khaliq and Naeem Zamindar are the only members from Pakistan’s telecoms community to have been bestowed this honor. The final awards ceremony for the Pakistan Power 100 was held in London on the 29th of September with hundreds of dignitaries from the international Pakistani community in attendance.

In any society the presence of highly successful figures able to create and exercise a wealth of power and influence is a fundamental necessity. These individuals are leaders, able to steer opinion and action towards the most positive possible outcomes in economic, social or cultural contexts. They are people who, either through position or personality exercise a significant power that influences events and sets parameters in the conduct of their organization, the climate of political debate and the shaping of new ideas.

The event also played host to a multitude of non-Pakistani invitees who came to show their support for Pakistan and the British Pakistani community. The glamorous evening was attended by over 700 of Britain’s leading Pakistani personalities. Other attendees from the Pakistan Power 100 included Mr. Abdul Sattar Edhi, Ms. Mona Kasuri, Ms. Tehmina Durrani, Mr. Monis Rahman, Ms. Namira Salim, Mr. Naeem Ghauri, Mr. Rashid Rana and Mr. Amin Gulgee.

Commenting on his inclusion in the list and the Pakistan Power 100 ceremony Mr. Zamindar remarked, “I am honored and humbled to be included in the Pakistan Power 100 list and am delighted to be amongst the likes Mr. Abdul Sattar Edhi and other honorable guests. I would like to congratulate the Pakistan Power 100 team for organizing such a stupendous event and bringing together Pakistan’s top minds under one roof. I believe such events enable us to collectively use our intellectual and financial capital to effectively bring positive change to Pakistan and its people.”

Mr. Darr’s speech was followed by the awards ceremony where a select few individuals from the Power 100 list were honoured with special awards for their outstanding achievements in their fields. The eventful night was wrapped up after a magical performance by Salman Ahmad.

The indomitable Abdul Sattar Edhi, who managed to attend the event despite ill health and a hectic schedule, received the Humanitarian Lifetime Award for his lifelong commitment to bettering the lives of all Pakistanis. Mr. Edhi’s speech was a seminal moment at the event and received a standing ovation at the end, with many of the attendees moved to tears by his selfless and heartfelt words.

A total of 13 awards were handed out on the night. The complete list of Pakistan Power 100, Pakistan Women 100 and Pakistan Future 100 is available on the official website of Pakistan Power 100.

  • But the WATEEN is going so badly in
    Pakistan they have layoff 100’s of employees shutting down their consumer
    business v soon and yet he is powerful?

      • Brother it has happened actually and we
        have got news from inside WATEEN, and layoff news was there on Pro Pakistani
        blog as well in recent past.

        • U are right my dear. But this is not layoff, not even a downsizing. This actually is RIGHT SIZING….means keeping the higher progress graphs by maintaining a Right size of employees which is affordable and capable for all goods.

          • brother it’s been 5 years since wateen came in pakistan and every year they fired people. this time in july 2012 they fired around 600 to 800 employees all over pakistan. all business centres of wateen are closed all over pakistan. all direct sales staff are fired. now they even dont have devices to sell. kindly look around your city nad just visit any wateen outlet, you will sell reality with your eyes. naeem zamindar is one who make spent billions of wateen money in last year relaunch still no resuly and company future is in very bad condition. just meet any wateen guy.

            • True…and that’s why I call this a RIGHT SIZING…Keeping on with firing means they are still not concrete about what exactly should be the actual size of the company to meet their financials.

              • This is not RIGHT SIZING brother, i would say they are vanishing the consumer
                WiMax services and since the other players are around their services have been
                degraded, WATEEN is not able to compete with others, however in corporate level
                they are still giving good services and we ourselves using their services and quite

  • I am eager to know the source and the international organization who hosted this forum !!

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