ProPakistani Gets Redesigned


Today we have changed the layout of ProPakistani.PK – something that we were planning for long. We have tried to keep things simple, bold, straight forward and easy to handle.

While sticking with blog layout, the new design will respond lot better to tablets and mobile devices, an audience which is rapidly growing and will further stretch in coming days. Responsive behaviour of our new design will automatically determine your screen sizes to show you the content that best fits your widths.

We have made efforts to show limited and optimized ads to mobile and tablet users. Similar care is taken for social sharing buttons.

With wordpress shortcodes, this new design will help us to bring you the content in better ways. Videos, images, slideshows will perform equally well. Overall, we are expecting that this new design will enhance your experience of viewing and staying on ProPakistani.

Yes, a similar design is on the way for our Urdu Section too.

Here I would like to thank our valuable readers who make up this wonderful community that has always helped us grow. Thank you for keeping this website up and running!

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK

  • Usman

    Looking nice…

  • Suhaib Malik

    Nice. Keep up the good work, infact 2013 is the year of responsive web layouts :)

  • Usama

    Great Improvement.

  • Finally ProPakistani edition for my Ipad and Iphone ;)

  • Jawad Bakhar

    Aamir, layout’s response is not great on windows phone. You can compare it with (fyi-not spamming).

  • Adil

    which ads to promote in mobile devices? which pays better?

  • Copyright © 2012 ProPakistani. All rights reserved. …….plz correct that

  • Copyright © 2012 ProPakistani. All rights reserved.

  • naveed khan


  • Khalid Mehmood

    Hay wailiaaaaa.

  • Zaki Khalid

    Your new layout is sleek and fast at loading. Great stuff!

  • Furqan

    Good Work….

  • Mashallah Its Awesome


    Ahan, great, keep it up :)

  • ata bhai ala………………..

  • Thumbs Up! Wishing you a very good 2013 ahead!

  • اظہر علی

    Good work

  • WOW Good Looking

  • Good Improved Design Amir Bahi :) … New Year with news design :)

  • aamir7

    Thank you guys for loving and appreciating this :)

    • Waqas

      I like the green color. But Im sure the person to modify the premium theme you hired is an awful designer

  • Asif Mansoor


    Can I know which theme you have used?

    • llGooglell

      Theme is Old one just customized.. and Changes are owesome

      • M.Aswad Mehtab

        Actually it is a new responsive theme … nothing from old theme.

        • llGooglell

          this theme is OLD ONE.. i Bet on this.. its just customized….

          • M.Aswad Mehtab

            Please Don’t bet on this … :) it is a new theme , have nothing to do with old theme .

            • llGooglell

              do you have any Clue or point to show this is now.. this is OLd one just customized.. with Colors/Flexibility and CSS, Any way all Efforts appreciated.. its looks nice..

              • It has been customized to fit on all internet-enabled devices. They’re using new “responsive” technology.

  • Nice, one! Gap up the icons in the sidbar at the top to match up the the width below.
    On Single.php the categories must appear below the title.

    • aamir7

      Thanks Ahmad bahi. We will have more icons (such as SMS subscription, mobile apps) in future to meet the sidebar width.

  • Alam

    Wish you could make it available at 1-1-2013. breadcrumbs and Urdu text “Urdu mein parein” requires improvement. Diverting attention from post.

  • rehman

    pheeka design

  • rehman

    pheeka design, do not remove comments

  • 10/10 for responsive design.

  • M.Aswad Mehtab

    Woow !! Good to see amazing feedback from all of you guys, and that all liked our hard work :) Positive feedback helps alot :) loving it !!!


    Bhai Acha Design Hai Lekin Sidebar mein Yeh Jo feature stories etc ka widget hai is mein headings ko Bold kiya gaya hai .issey Normal Font per Laeen Aur Sidebar ki width ko Thora kam kr dein.Dosri Baat key Menu Bar suit Nahi kr rha website key sath.Baqi Sab Thik Hai..Thora Colour Balance ki Zarorat hai Bus Takey Adsense Per Clicks Bhi Zyada Sey Zyada A skein…

  • Amir

    good job …. it looks good.

  • Abdul Rahim

    very nice responsive theme. I like this new design.

  • raja maja

    nice change

  • Safdar Khan

    It is nice, I like it. The change is life.

    I like your newsletter everyday. Since I am living in another part of the world, Propakistani is like a newspaper for me. I read it before I read Jang and Express.

    Nowadays, your alerts about the mobile service disruption are very informative. Keep it that way please.

  • Very nice and a good looking design. Thanks for updating design for us.

  • Very good effort, keep it up

  • Okay the new theme is sleek, stylish and responsive. But I still like the old one.

  • Awesome

  • Hasan Alvi

    at my first visit i didn’t even noticed it. but as i seen this article i began to think it is hardly differ from the previous design but i must say it looks better now.

    some handy features are very useful/helpful (i.e Top Page Button at the bottom right corner). Social Media sharing icons looks more attractive and moderated.

    i’d like to ask you one more thing here if you may be considering to develop an IOS app. it will come really handy for most users.

  • Muneeb

    ..should i say it new design is inspired by..
    much cleaner layout btw.

  • Saqib Ali Zafar


  • zain

    very decent , very soft on eyes, very easy to navigate

  • Akram Abbas

    This design looks nice, but it is not perfectly responsive design. There are some little issues I can see in iPod touch (4th Gen) and Nokia Lumia 920.

    The most important thing is that your website should not have any horizontal scroll bar when you build responsive design.

    You can also check how it works, Resize window size on your PC/Mac browser and resize it small (like iPhone/iPod touch width) so you will get horizontal bar, actually there is some elements which is making horizontal bar.

    Tell Mubashir Hassan (Aerezona) to fix this :)

    • aamir7

      Thank you Akram for feedback. Which horizontal bar you are talking about?

      We will look into other issues you mentioned.

  • rehmat

    or wo adds kahan gay :D:D:D

  • ali

    Font size of the article body is too big. A couple of pixels smaller will be ideal…

  • Professional design!
    How about giving a try on its logo?

  • Faraz Ahmed

    Great design, looks really good

  • zain

    aamir bhai . free sms service is not working . have you abolished the service ??

  • The ad on top of the articles is hideous! Aside from that, very nice.

    • aamir7

      Thanks boss. I will see if we can get that ad removed :-)

      • Nabeel

        Agreed. That Ad on top is against the principles of ad placing in blogging. Remove that top AD, and this new design will be a HUGE and Welcome change for the better.

  • jawad zaib

    Awesome nice design, looks really good

  • mustafa

    little deference,its nice

  • Hasan Mehmood

    10/10……….nice job

  • Hamza Tariq

    Design is good, especially the responsive part of the design. But I was expecting some new version of blog design. Most of things are still same.

  • bas tek hai ……guzara hi hai

  • Pathologist

    its really nice

  • nice!

  • Amzaing..keep it up

  • @Admin. is there any app of propakistani for andriod???

  • great layout must be HTML5 ! ! !

  • i have noticed some bugs i will mention you when i will thoroughly check your layout

  • i was expecting a professional layout but again a blog it will be better to make a layout like mashable

  • Dan*

    nice that you are thinking for people using mobiles and tablets…. but i liked the look of the old theme better. I suggest that u use the previous theme and make it compatible for mobile and tablets.

  • WIndow 8 Look ;)

  • ga

    New site is not displaying correctly on IE8 WINXP

  • Sajid Mehmood

    New look of this site is good and attractive.

  • sohaib asif

    While i must appreciate you for redesigning the much needed look of the site, i am also displeased at the level of ignorance you show when it comes to site updates. Your mobile prices section was last updated on April 4 ,2011 .!!! If you dont intend to keep that section remove it altogether.

    I was hoping that newer look would come with better management and fresh minds, but it seems that the change is merely cosmetic. Remember it is the content that drives traffic and not the cosmetics ..!! Try to make things better and keep an eye on your site. I have been visiting PP regularly for the past many years so i felt like saying out loud what i feel right.
    A long time reader and follower.

    • aamir7

      Thank you Sohaib for the feedback, it will be considered.

  • Responsive Design . Awesome ….

  • Muhammed Ovais Alam

    Responsive design – Finally

  • Meru

    Good simple design as its a “Responsive Design” So congrats from my side to your whole team. Its the future of web design.

  • Wowwwwwww love this new design

  • Zulfiqar sarwar

    The blog should also be available on apple app for ipad users.

  • hifiaha

    where are the tags.If i want to tract a particular brand or type of post i can,t target it.Coz there is no tagging in the post in form of breadcrumbs or at the end of post also WordPress tag widget is is also missing in the footer.Which is commonly used for those purpose.And sub menu is also a solution for this problem which is also missing.And 10 on 10 on media queries.

  • Imran Hunzai

    This looks great and feels lighter too :)

  • noor