Telcos Added 1.08 Million Subscribers in Nov 2012 to Top 123.6 Million Subscriptions

Cellular companies in Pakistan added 1,088,909 subscribers in November 2012 to take the total subscription base to 123,597,202 subscribers by end of November, said recently issued stats by Pakistan Telecommunication Authority.

This huge increase in cellular subscription – after a long time – can be credited to Zong, which alone added 978,627 subscribers in the reported month.

PTA said the cellular density stood hay 69.8 percent, up from 68.8 percent a month ago.

Mobilink lead the market with 36,600,076 subscribers while Telenor had 30,809,667 customers by November end. Ufone stood third with 24,314,561 subscribers. Zong took a long jump in the month to get 18,930,012 subscriptions.

Warid had 12,942,886 subscribers by end of November. It added 181,877 customers during the reported duration.

More details in following graphs:

Cellular Subscribers November 2012

Cellular Subscribers November 2012 a

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  • zain

    december ,january would be worst in telecom sector. my prediction. thanks to poor performance by our security forces.
    na kaam kay na kaaj dusman anaj kay.

    • sufyan

      dear aamir, there is descrepancy in highlighted figures as chart figure is not reconiling with monthly total.

  • Bagu Badmash

    I think Warid should sell the company for a dime to some one like ZONG or Ufone.. They have been changing commercial managements like we toss a vegies in a stir fry and non has been able to perform other than the last commercial man they had. Look at the results with the best quality network.. My dear warid whats the use of such a network when u dont have customers to use it.. ZONG Way to go.. the last in the market and already number 4 by far…

  • Jalal

    Due to the
    suspension of mobile services, different rescue organizations particularly
    Rescue 1122 and ambulance services faced a lot of difficulties. People were not
    able to contact rescue services on time. Keeping this situation in mind I urge
    all the people to keep at least 1 landline connection in your homes. After all,
    Lives of the people are important for us.

  • Ali Haider

    When I was going to my business trip at one of the occasional day, at airport what I
    see that I forgot my some important documents and for flight there is only few
    time left. So, I thought to call to my brother to get those documents but what
    to do, mobile services were blocked for the whole day in Karachi. Suddenly, my
    mind clicked to use the landline of airport authority. So, I made a call by
    landline to my home. The PTCL landline makes my problem solved and I took my
    flight in time.

  • Pappy

    So telenor now has 50% market share, with its significant share of vimplcom (owner of mobilink) and 100% ownership of the number 2 player.

    Wake up people telenor owns our telecoms industry

    They take 100% value out of telenor and 46% profit from mobilink

  • M. Umair

    I think this sudden increase is because of increase in international rates from Oct 2012. Most of these SIMs are being used in grey traffic and causing huge loss to telecom sector.