PTCL Starts Reconnect Landline Offer

PTCL-logoPakistan Telecommunication Limited (PTCL) is now offering “Reconnect Landline Offer” to those customers who have discontinued their landline numbers volunatarily or due to non-payment.

Reconnect Landline Offer can be availed by all those customers who had disconnected their PTCL Landline connection before 31st of January 2013, either voluntarily or because of non-payment of PTCL bills.

Keep reading to know the incentives of PTCL’s Reconnect Landline Offer.

Offer Details:

All eligible customers will be able to avail following incentives:

  • Free Installation / Restoration (Usual charges: Rs. 750)
  • Unlimited On-Net Calls for Rs. 250 per month till December 2013 (Usual tariff: Rs. 499 per month)
  • Zero Line Rent
  • 50% Discount on Outstanding PTCL dues

Further Information:

  • Customers can avail this offer by calling 0800-8-0800 or visiting your nearest PTCL One Stop Shop (OSS). You can visit your nearest PTCL exchange if you don’t have OSS in your area.
  • Customers who have disconnected their PTCL Landline services after 31st January 2013 will not be eligible for this offer.
  • PTCL will not charge any Restoration Charges nor will PTCL charge any Installation Charges. However you will have to pay only 50% of your outstanding amount in lump sum for restoration of your services.
  • Outstanding bills can’t be paid in instalments.
  • PTCL can’t guarantee that customers will get the same old number.
  • All other PTCL services (such as broadband, Smart TV) can be availed at additional standard tariff.
  • Standard charges of Rs. 499 per month will be charged for unlimited on-net calls after December 2013.

  • Hello PTCL Authority Admin, Here is an honest suggestion,
    1-if PTCL lowers down the call rates on PTCL and other networks, people would leave the private mobile network and only use the PTCL due to low rates, as private companies are robbing the people with both hands.
    2-For this PTCL should also impliment the uses of mini ptcl sets just like Mobile cells so thst ptcl services can be used in any area away from the landline set.
    3-If these suggestions be implimented, none will use private company , only ptcl would be used. If anyone have more suggestion, he/she can put here or email me [email protected] or 0923135448175

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