PTCL Revises its EVO Packages

PTCL Revises its EVO Packages

PTCL EVOPTCL has revised tariff plans for its EVO customers. Daypass plan for EVO customers will now cost Rs. 200 and will be valid for two days.

Similarly there are other enhancements in volumes for other packages, details for which are available below.

PTCL has also imposed a fair usage policy cap of 100GB for its unlimited packages on prepaid plans, which was previously truly unlimited. Postpay customers can still enjoy truly unlimited volume with PTCL EVO.

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PTCL EVO Prepaid Packages

Packages Monthly Charges Volume Additional Usage / Mb
EVO DayPass 3GB Rs. 200/2days 3GB*
EVO GO 5GB Rs. 899 5 GB Rs.0.10/Mb
EVO LITE 30GB Rs. 1200 30 GB Rs.0.10/Mb
EVO Max Rs. 2100 Unlimited** Rs.0.1/Mb
EVO 256Kbps
Rs. 1200 Unlimited

*Fair Usage Policy 1GB applies for within 24hours usage.
** Fair Usage Policy of 100GB applies.

PTCL EVO Postpay Packages

EVO Package Monthly Charges Billing Mode Download Limit
EVO Postpaid Unlimited

Rs. 2,100

PTCL Landline Billing or
Advance Billing


PTCL EVO 256Kbps Packages

Billing Options Monthly Charges Payment Type
PTCL Landline Billing Rs.1199 Billed in PTCL Landline bill
Advance Line Rental package Rs.1199 Advance payment at PTCL OSS, designated bank or using any smart recharge method.

PTCL has said that existing DayPass and Lite 10GB customers shall continue to be on the same volumes unless they opt-in for the new packages. Existing subscribers can opt-in for new packages either through a call or an email; for package change and subscriptions customers can contact the helpline.

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