PTCL Connects 535 Election Commission Offices

PTCL-logoPTCL has said that it has extended full support for the preparation of upcoming elections in the country by successfully connecting 535 Election offices of the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) using the flagship voice and broadband range of services including wireline and wireless broadband.

Some remote sites have been connected via VSAT technology.

Concurrently, more than 500 central, district and regional offices of Returning Officers (ROs) of ECP are being connected through PTCL network and additional locations will also be connected shortly. PTCL said that it has this unique capability to render services for customer like ECP with a demand for the widest possible national coverage.

The state of the art connectivity has been provided to ECP and UNDP office bearers across the country. It will enable ECP and UNDP offices in all parts of the country to transmit data whilst remaining connected with ECP Headquarters in Islamabad.

This is a significant step forward towards ensuring timely delivery of information which in turn helps to render transparency in the election process.

  • Expect a lot of Lag and down-time.

    • Still better than presiding officers “carrying” the results to district returning officers while getting harrased on the way. With this system in-place, the presiding officer will be able to immediately communicate the election result to distruct RO or DEC. It surely is a Win!

  • Anwaar Humayun

    Real-time live election updates are the key to a clean and fair election. The ECP has taken the right step to get PTCL`s vast infrastructure involved in the forth coming elections. In truth, only PTCL would be able to provide the services required by the ECP, no other service provider has the coverage or the capability to assist the ECP in this task. Hopefully this introduction would help make the forthcoming elections more transparent and clean.

  • i really appreciate ptcl for that step…a real pakistani telecom company

  • Naqi Shah

    This initiative will surely make the lives of the RO`s much easier than before, if they could transmit results with the help of the Internet it would make the process much more efficient and safe. The results would be processed and announced much sooner than previously and the chance of any error will be greatly reduced.