Pakistan to Get BeiDou Global Navigation System by Year End

Pakistan Global Navigation System

Pakistan’s first, government backed, multi-functional global navigation system will be demonstrated by year end, said the Chairman Pakistan Space and Upper Atmosphere Research, Ahmed Bilal with an interview with APP.

The Chairman SUPARCO said that an agreement in this regard has already been signed with BeiDou – a Chinese Global Navigational Satellite System – while ground based augmentation system will be first installed in Karachi region and will have multi functional benefits.

With the deployment of operational reference stations built in Pakistan, BeiDou Navigation Satellite System will offer better location accuracy to Pakistani users.

With this new navigation system, Pakistani users will get the choice of using BeiDou, a safer alternate of American GPS.

BeiDou offers positioning accuracy to within 25 meters, but the precision will improve to 10 meters as more satellites and reference stations are launched.

After Thailand, Laos and Brunei, Pakistan will be the fourth country in the region to get navigation services from BeiDou.

BeiDou has been operational and offering free navigation services to customers in Asia Pacific since December last year. Chinese government backed BeiDou aims at providing a global service by 2020. The Beidou network has 16 navigation satellites over the region, with 30 more due to join the system by 2020.

Chairman SUPARCO said that space technology applications act as a catalysts in socio-economic development.  Space Technology Applications are now playing an important role in human life and are  being commonly used with full efficacy by shipping lines, airlines, agriculture, medicines, spreading education, survey for dam constructions, road alignments and disaster management.

This Government has already approved the launching of Pakistan’s first  Remote Sensing Satellite.This satellite will now be developed and launched into space by early 2017.

To promote Space technology, the Chairman SUPARCO pointed out that his firm is working closely with several universities for incorporation of space science and technology application subjects in their curriculum.

He further elaborated, that to develop further interest in space technology, soon a  National Student Satellite Program is being launched to enable universities to undertake satellite development and associated R&D to meet future national requirement.

He stated that Chinese  space station is expected to be fully functional in orbit by 2020.If the Chinese open the facility to the foreign astronauts;  we would also be the first contenders to send Pakistani Astronauts in space.

SUPARCO undertakes many initiatives, to create awareness among the masses about space sciences and its benefits.  One such initiative is the holding of the World Space Week  from 4 to 10 Oct every year. This year  activities related to this week will be held in ten major cities of Pakistan.

Tech and telecom reporter with over 15 years of experience, he works as founder of ProPakistani.PK

  • good… but it will take time to be more effective.. untill that.. GPS…
    also the main purpose for this system is for military purpose by leaving GPS a suspect system to be watched by US and also the priority of GPS is only for US army and free service can be stopped any time…

    • Just for your knowledge. All navigation service providers reserves the right to halt their free civilian service any time.

    • The thing which makes it better is that it can give Positioning accuracy up to to a millimeter level hence it is better then GPS in giving positioning and navigation. It is also an Active system as user will be able to send and receive text message (120 Chinese character) which is only available with Beidou System for free users. For military purposes it has a precision signal which will give much more accurate measurements(only for military) then the free signal however our military will always use it as a secondary navigation system until we make our own navigation system Insha Allah. Receivers and IC’s are being widely manufactured in China and it wont take long until they are available world wide. Currently it is a Regional system and is expected to become a Global Navigation system in 2020.

  • The biggest question is whether the current built in gps receiver in gadgets supports BeiDou. As far as i know most of gadgets are designed / capable to receive signals from american navigation system only. Some new gadgets also supports Russian based navigation system GLONASS but for Beidou there is no official information from any hardware manufacturer which states that their products are compatible with BeiDou

    • yar system launch hone do. iske gadgets U.S gps se ziyada cheap ho gay.
      phir dekhna rakshewala bhi ye afford kr lega lagane k liye…. :-D

  • Available Options:
    1. GPS = U.S aka Uncle Sam
    2. GLONASS = Russia
    3. Galileo = Europa
    4. IRNSS = India

    Better Option:
    BeiDou-2 (BDS) = Chinese

    Go China Go…

      • Because we have closer strategic ties with China than with any of those countries hence a less probablity of being denied service in a critical situation e.g. in war time.

        • You are assuming all of them will collaborate when there is a war.

          Truth is, looking at the chart of Rupee to Dollar, we are already at war — ecomomic war. And we’ve been loosing since 2006…

      • As usual “Shahid Saleem, the spanner thrower” …… who has objection to everything in this world. lolz

        • Last I checked, China doesn’t allow Muslims in Xinjiang province to pray or fast during Ramadhan. Google it, you’ll find lots of news stories from reliable sources. And then come back and defend them, since you obviously cannot “object” to that behaviour from our higher than moutnains friend, right???

          So, do you believe a government that disallows its own citizens from practicing Islam to be our friends? Why? Because of “mutual interest”? I think it’s more like what they want from us, and we’ll give them for peanuts..,

          • my sister is in china and she fasts and prays and also says there are many halal shops in china…

            • Is she in Xinjiang? Is she Chinese? Specifically, is she not Han Chinese?

              If the answer to any of the above is “no”, then your anecdote has no meaning.

          • havent u ever seen pics of muslims living in china….. search on facebook…. u will find millions….

            • That doesn’t change the fact that the government’s official policy is to try and control Muslims with their own set of government-mandated scholars, and rules.

  • – You have told above, BeiDou is safer alternate to American GPS system. How?
    – Its told that its accuracy is down to 25 meters and will improve to 10 meters in many years. But as far as I know American GPS have accuracy is down to one inch.

    Government would have thought and gone for a better alternative.

    • Khurram Bhae. yai system adopt karnai ki waja aor b hoti hain. Redundancy kisi cheez ka naam hai. Word safer ka political matlab b hai. and GPS are not only used in Cars and cell phones only…

    • That’s the issue with this emerging solution but that 1 inch accuracy is not basically for us but for US army…I said safe in this regard

  • well if i am given option to buy a phone with bds or gps
    i will prefer bds
    i can trust chinese device that they will betray me
    but an american device can screw you any time ….

  • close