Sindh Government to Ban Skype, Viber, WhatsApp and Tango for Three Months


Sindh government has plans to block instant messaging apps including Skype, Viber, WhatsApp, Tango and other similar applications for at least three months.

Sindh Information Minister Sharjeel Memon confirmed this during a press briefing today.

According to Sindh Minister, terrorists are using these instant messaging apps for communication. He said that terrorists are switching from conventional communication channel to internet based instant messaging and this is why his government has decided to ban these applications.

Pakistan is pretty familiar with the “BAN” word and this is another example of curbing the communication networks in the name of security.

cellular networks, VPN, Skype and various other services have remained blocked during the past in the name of security.

Sindh Information Minister believes that his government will contact Pakistan Telecommunication Authority to get the decision implemented.

Our sources at PTA, however, said that PTA is liable to Ministry of Information Technology and Telecom and may not entertain Sindh Government’s request.

It merits mentioning here that decision isn’t implemented yet, and may require necessary approvals from federal government.

It won’t be out of place to mention here that blockade of any service is implemented by PTA on orders of MoITT only.

Users are already storming the Sindh Government with criticism over the decision.

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    • Even UAE has failed to block them, God knows how much investment Pakistan will do on blocking this for three months. But I don’t see it only in Sindh, it will give excuse to other governments and finally PTA which is bent on benefiting LDIs in the name of grey telephony will try to block everything.
      I recommend using Google Voice and other VoIP services like Vbuzzer, Google Talk, Fring. and hundreds and thousands other.

      • Irony is that this Sindh government failed to deliver during last 5 years was re-elected and banning seems quite easy for them than recovering arms from the city, so they are doing this.

      • And all these investment will be o our tax money. If Pakistani like the “BAN” word then I suggest public should ban these incompetent Govts at once.

      • Plz don’t name other voip services stupid govt. will also ask to block these as well :)

    • We Pakistani’s are always good in finding alternative ways :D found the alternate app for viber, skype and skype. there is a service friendcaller which works fine at anyplace

  • So the terrorist who are hell bent on destroying Pakistan won’t know how to use proxy? If they have developed the brains to use Viber/Whatsapp then they definitely will be able to find out that using a proxy can kill the bad for them.

    People who do not know how tech works should not be allowed to make or suggest laws on them.

  • Country first and therefore we should support them. These services should host there severs in Pakistan so law enforcement agencies can have instant access to identify its misuse. We can’t afford to have such vast communication source unchecked.

    • Yes and govt should place a cam in your home+rooms too. You know for “security” purpose as we can’t afford to have such vast living premises unchecked.

    • ^How many countries in the world have forced such companies to have their servers in place or banned them?? Now don’t give me the example of communist China or some other muslim extremist countries:(.

    • I strongly agree with you,though the proper thing would be to strengthen the intelligence system and capabilities of security agencies but unless this doesnt happen we have to do something to block the communication.Majority public is opposing because their free fund would be closed,however national security comes first.
      Inn services ko public k liye he ban kiya ja raha ha…May be in future government ko yahoo messenger and facebook ko bhi ban kerna paray as they arent also monitored by Pakistan Government

  • its pathetic…… one can make such VOIP application quiet easily….. if they are to BAN some thing, i suggest it should be internet :P or probably the whole communication should be blocked for atleast 1 month and we will see the role of modern communication in terrorism…………

  • i think their next step will CUT the INTERNET in Karachi, probably they used KESC to stop electricity…etc
    i dont understand how target killer did surveillance on specific target by using Whatsapp and where did they got training of using smartphone apps so quickly on gprs SIMS… o_O

    • plz shut ur mouth why ur giving them idea they might be reading this post and will cut our internet :P

      • LOL you must be kidding me mate, these government officials don’t even bother looking at the files and documents in their offices, and you are expecting them to search the internet to see and read the reaction of the citizens that what citizens are saying over the announcement? lol, if they would have ever done anything like this in their life, we definitely would have 3G available few years ago, we wouldn’t have seen any crisis whether its technology, or food, if they always use to look at the reactions

  • Ban this, ban that, ban this, ban that… Results are always 0%… Because Bull-Shit is always guaranteed in our “Failed System of Governance”

  • I do agree with guys that terrorist are intelligent enough to find new ways even build customize voip applications 100s of apps are already available for free. as far as the law is concerned I believe as per international communication laws it can’t be banned (PTA may clear this perception) but I suggest that it will be better if PTA allow to register legitimate users of skype , viber etc to register them with PTA by providing their credentials like SIM registration (it ca be done through web page , email or even through an SMS). and can continue enjoying these services for free

  • hahahaha. yaaar show hi chal rha hy apny country men to! i hope you guys out there are enjoying it wearing your red/cyan glasses :D lol

  • so please place BAN on public transport and airline because that service also use by terrorist,,,,,, Good way to hide that our politician are so illiterate, unable to govern.

  • Karchi se just MQM ko khatam ker doo sab thek hoo jyega jo yeh ker nahi saktay kher kernay doo Bann hum loog VPN se use ker lain ge yahan Goverment ka yeh haal ha iska ek simple sa example apko defa hoo. Ek plaza ha jiska 8 floors ha apko 8th floor pe jana ha or government kehti ha Seriyoon se jao Lift 1st floor walo ke liye ha bus. ghatiiya nizaam youtube to khool nahi sakay ab baki services bhi band ker rahay hain or 3G ki aution kiss liye kerwa rahay hain ager yeh sab bann kerna ha. 3G pe hum Tune.PK use ker saktay ha wahoooo.

  • Good job. Great idea. More power to the people who are in for censorship.

    When it started with youtube, You guys really thought government would stop there. Censorship sucks, Always. Banning and censorship are easy scrap-goat for government incompetence.

    Next time government ban or block something, Think for a moment, Its really easy to abuse it.

  • “”Terrorists are switching from conventional communication
    channel to internet based instant messaging and this is why his
    government has decided to ban these applications””

    Then why don’t you cut off the internet, land-line, mobile phones, Postal Service and even pigeons as they can also be used by terrorist for communication.

    A bad carpenter quarrels with his tools

  • I am ready to protest on street now . Lets ban sindh government. They are more of pain in the ass , than terrorist.

  • No
    problem can be used With VPN like Samrando, Security Kiss And Private
    Tunnel, etc. it’s 21 century our stupid government and stupid
    decision’s… ./

  • Its all a game, they are going to get people used to regular calls, (ofcourse if they are capable to ban there servers at the first place) so that when finally 3G comes out a ration of people would have forgotten or moved off these apps and gotten used to the classical texting and calling service provided by the networks, still not such a solid plan tho.

  • Following their thinking I would say that they should ban police since terrorist use their Uniforms for attacks

  • Unfortunately, a majority of people commenting don’t understand security issues with such softwares. And can we for once, not compare ourselves with Western World…We are in a state of war, and need to support governments due to its limited resources.

    We still need to understand Why govt has decided to ban Skype/Viber/Whatsapp?

    Although target killers/Bhatta Mafia call the ordinarily people directly on their phone, but their communication with their leaders, and bosses in london, India is acheived through Skype/Whatsapp/Viber, which for our government is difficult to track. Although they can beat up those arrested, and ask them who do they talk to, but the answer would mostly be that we get the orders on one of these apps.

    Hence, It is easy for govt to track phone-phone communication, but at the moment they cann’t track packets of data going across the network (Expensive solution).

    In order to properly identify who is behind Karachi unrest, this is the best step, and identifies that government is thinking in right direction (at least in karachi).

    • And BTW, yep the terrorists will start using other applications. However, i am all for blocking all VOIP communications, even if it could save a single life. And remember, that life could be yours or your families (i-e if you are living in Karachi).

      • People willing to trade their freedom for temporary security deserve neither and will lose both. (some asshole said that)

  • This act is only to get down auction rates of 3G License, I am humbly requested to please open all good web sites i.e. youtube etc. to help increase rates of auction.

  • One more thing that has to be stopped, “Oxygen” terrorist breath oxygen, Kindly ban it too.

  • I am fed up with these bans now. That’s why i shifted from apps like Skype, WhatsApp, Tango, Viber to another service “friendcaller”. And guess what, i am still using it after the ban. For me, friendcaller works fine today as well.

  • a time comes when electricity, water, gas will ban & the news will spread like this: We have to shutdown these resources in-order to prevent safety for the people as terrorist are using & communicating.

  • Another pre planned measure to gradually block and cut off Pakistan from the International community….

    The Mir Jaffers of today are at top of their game with Pakistan…

  • So targeted operation was actually suggested against Skype, Viber, WhatsApp and Tango. I got it .-.

  • Welcome to Banana Republic of Pakistan. Sooner internet will be block for same reason.

  • The funniest part was the Bilawal Bhuttos tweet.. “I rather sacrifice an app than another life” I mean what the heck !!! If he is or his party is so concerned why dont they do something “RIGHT” rather than something exremely stupid as this

  • Thats why I miss Mr. Pervaiz Musharaf. In his era IT development were on its peak. Now stupid Govt want to destroy everything in Pakistan along with IT.

  • This is just to make money from Auctioning the 3G license to someone close to Sind Government. Banning these services is an attempt to keep investors away from 3G Auction. This is one of the dirty tactics to ever failing politicians.
    They will do whatever they can for money even sell their country’s/ voters interest for personal interest.

  • Entertainment can have a temporary break for good reasons. Mostly the usage of these applications is unproductive. As long as Karachi Op is in progress, the ban is good. The addiction of Whatsapp, twitter and Viber is rising and 3 month ban is good to wean the addicts from these.
    Good news for the opponents of this ban is that the provincial Govt. may not have the legal mandate to impose this ban.
    P.S. A banned sectarian terrorist organization, if you ever happen to read its tweets, exploits twitter so effectively that within an hour its activists gather at the given place or initiate action as directed.
    Hence, the temporary ban may come in handy in support of the current crackdown.

  • All of LINE best due To Also Video Calling Free Voip Calling and Free Texting as what’s app HAHAHAH:) ANd Kal Ki New Suno Goverment k pas aisa koi system hi nhi jO SKYPE VIBER TANGO ko Band Kar Sakee hahahahahaha

  • “BANS” do not stop any person from using any software if they choose to. Hackers alternative solutions exist everywhere, including Pakistan.

    Corruption runs wild in so many of our world governments.

    This is the Age of Information. Information and awareness leads to freedom.

    All these BANS implemented on youtube and other popular software (like those mentioned above) is to keep the people of Pakistan cut off from the rest of the world as much as possible.

    This shit can’t last forever. A few men in suits can’t possibly decide the actions of a whole nation.

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