Anyone With a Mobilink Number Can Audition for Pakistan Idol in 60 Seconds: Ali Murtaza



Mobilink has introduced mobile based auditions for ‘Pakistan Idol’, offering an opportunity for millions of Pakistanis to become part of Pakistan’s largest music reality show.

Those who can’t go to the live auditions, for any reason, must not sit behind. Simply dial this number 2241 – from your Mobilink number – and get yourself auditioned.

You will be able to record a 60 second audition, which will then be evaluated by a panel of judges, to select participants for a second round of auditions.

Mobilink is the exclusive cellular partner for ‘Pakistan Idol’, which is currently conducting nationwide auditions for the first edition of the show in Pakistan.

Ali Murtaza, Director Brands and Communication Media, Mobilink, was kind enough to explain us the role of Mobilink in ‘Pakistan Idol’.

Ali also shared his thoughts on how these Mobile Auditions can be vital for the talented youth and can be game changer for those who live in far-flung, less connected areas.

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