PTCL Upgrades 2MB DSL Speeds to 4MB for Limited Time

PTCL Upgrades 2MB DSL Speeds to 4MB for Limited Time

PTCL has announced that it is upgrading its 2 MB broadband DSL costumers to 4MB for free.

The promotion will allow 2 MB users to enjoy double speeds of 4MB speeds for same rates, i.e. at Rs. 1,549 per month till December 31st, 2013, after which customers will have to pay the regular 4MB charges which are Rs. 1,999 per month.

PTCL said that it is automatically upgrading all customers, however, those who would not want to keep 4MB speeds can opt out of promotion by calling 1236.

This is not the first time that PTCL has upgraded its existing customers. However, the practice of automatically upgrading the speeds has seen criticism in the past. Customers are usually of the opinion that company should not upgrade speeds if the promotion is for limited time.

  • Iman

    PTCL is among the blood-sucking mafia in the governmental organizations. They are keen towards attracting you and then afterwards the speed becomes snail! Why in the first place you offer this for limited time, and then why do customers need to opt out. For those who want 4mb would get it themselves. You don’t need to play these ill-business tasks!

    • SohaibAhmad

      100% agreed with you. this is reverse marketing. The ill mentality :(

    • Umair

      100% Agreed

    • zafar

      PTCL is providing fastest internet speed in Pakistan what you want more…people just criticize, in abroad min speed is 4mb i think this is good step by PTCL,everywhere in world people have issues with their internet provider…..but no major issue on my side

      • Vicky

        Mr. Zafar this is not about best speed. This is highly immoral and against the business norms to upgrade automatically to the offers without the consent of user. They should offer the promotion and anybody who wants to avail the promotion can subscribe to that. Why the hell bother the regular user??

      • shehzie

        u r lucky. I had PTCL 4 MB that i got disconnected as I was connected only 3 days a week and for 4 days the line was dead.. this happened constantly for 3 weeks. I started with EVO Nitro, they say its 9.3Mbps, but on their page on PTCL site right at the bottom in small fonts they said that you will get 70Kb to 700Kb average, I am getting 12-20Kb max. The customer support is now not willing to give me a complaint number (as they are already under a ton of complaints), they say that 9.3Mbps is the capacity of the device that they market. I told them to buy a 5 Liter bottle of pepsi from me but it will only have 250ml of fluid, would you buy it.. these are the biggest addholes i have come to know doing business, with staff at exchange yelling at customer support, customer support yelling at DSL officer, DSL officer yelling at lineman and lineman is no where to be found.

      • Aamir

        Iem agree wiD u (Y)

    • Ahmad

      Iman you are Right and i am agree with you.

    • PKG

      I work in Govt. orgranization. We had been using 1MB connection. We asked to upgrade to 8MB. They said it is impossible due to poor line. We asked 4 MB they say not this either. We said ok fine 2MB.

      Now from the day one we had less speed than we used in 1mb. So Moral of the story how they could manage 4mb if it barely manage 2mb

      • shehzie

        Had a chat with the local lineman.. he says that headoffice issued money to replace/upgrade existing lines and then provide connections, they ate it all and informed headoffice that lines are set and now headoffice wants them to give people upgrades on their conections which they are not able to do, but would try to cover it by all means..

    • shehzie

      Absolutely right.. one of the biggest corporate scam now a days and no body is doing nothing… got my 4MB disconnected a couple of weeks ago and alhumdulillah out of the constant stress cycle that they provide free with their packages.

  • Rafeh

    Totally true Iman!
    I must say it has happened to me twice, not everyone knows that they’ve been upgraded by PTCL automatically and only way they get to know is by the getting 1999 digits on their monthly bill after the offer is expired.
    The criticism is not objectionable in any sense.

    • Akbar

      Sadly the vocal minority is the loudest. I have never had any issues with by 2 Mbps and I don’t think I am alone in this.

      • Shahid Saleem

        You have completely missed the point. The “vocal minority” is not complaining about being upgraded WITHOUT THEIR CONSENT and then charged extra.

        Maybe you like paying extra for something you didn’t ask for, but I think that makes you a minority.

  • Shaharyar

    Why on earth can’t I use internet peacefully without calling PTCL for wathever reason?

    • Umair

      because PTCL don’t understand the words Peaceful and uninterrupted.

      • Sara

        I am pretty sure you don’t need to call PTCL with this upgrade. You people are impossible to please :(

        • Shahid Saleem

          Not everyone wants to pay more. You certainly do have to call them to tell them you do NOT want to stay at 4Mbps. Didn’t you even read the article? Here, I’ll copypasta

          PTCL said that it is automatically upgrading all customers, however, those who would not want to keep 4MB speeds can opt out of promotion by calling 1236.

  • Ahmad_Nazir

    “Zalalat” on the part of ptcl.

  • Stone

    LOL the copper wires hardly support 2MB speeds and you have to call PTCL to fix your issue every 2 months and now they are running this sham. Last time they did this, I was charged for the 4MB package in one month’s bill despite having called them to downgrade. Had to go through PTA and PTCL directors to have the crap sorted out. Maximum speed I got on 4MBPS was 280kbps. It wouldn’t go above that for the life of it….interestingly enough, the phone exchange is only 1.2KM from my house.

    • do stones use internet :P ?

      • Santiago

        yes they do when some are still living in stone age : )

    • i had speeds problem, then ptcl offered me other fibre line without charges and without monthly rent. (if one old line is not compatible with dsl, they offer second for free)

      • Osama

        bhai phir to ap mjhy b btao agr fibre free milti hai….. thankful to you

        • apnay nazdeeki ptcl exchange ja kar pata karo.

          pehli line main internet problem ho to second line without advance aur without line rent.

          • Osama

            yar mai ny request ki thi but they could not listen yar then what to do??

          • Shahid Saleem

            I live less than 1km from my exchange yet when I had my problem (2Mbit worked, 4Mbit did not work), I had to pay for fibre line installation fee. I did not get it for free. This was in the summer.

          • shehzie

            yar pehli line jo use nahi ker rahay uska to free may day rahay ho na line rent??? to free kia hua.. okay how about i sell you a broken cell and give you a good one with it for free… haha.. what a joke..

      • Shoaib

        They gave you a dedicated fiber line free of charge? That’s some fairytale story :P

        • hehe :D look at my bill

          • Osama

            brother student package raised to 1375/- from October 2013 and from November 2013 it will be 1424/- and also please inform me where you got that package in which line rent is zero or else you could avail freedom package?????

            • Umair

              My Line Rent is also zero.I have PTCL triple Play Telephone,TV and internet.

              • I never used tv etc services of ptcl. They are expensive. Above bill is without those services with just DSL charges

                • Osama

                  yar how can this be???

                  • shehzie

                    he will recieve two bills now, one will be of old line having the calls and line rent, and the second bill will only have DSL and/or call charges, both will have taxes as well. Wait and see.

                  • Osama bhai I have confirmed again, second phone line without line rent offer is still available. But you have to pay PTCL connection order fees now + DSL order fees (around 1600Rs total).

            • nayay DSL charges next month say he lagain gay ye bill old hay.

          • Shahid Saleem

            My line rent is also 0. But I still had to pay for installation of fibre, just for internet.

            • For me too, they later charged me installation fee, but after complaint they removed the fee. Actually, they removed more than just fees after complaint and I had to pay just 290Rs for one month with dsl as you can see in above screenshot :P

            • aasim

              how is ur line rent 0 . we pay line rent ..and above bill i am also not seeing any line rent.. can u tell how we can be saved from line rent shahid???. i have 1 mb only therefore i pay approx 1500 /month ..

              • Shahid Saleem

                But do note they charge me Rs 250/month for some voice package, so it is **not** free. Even if line rent is 0.

                I had a visit by the DSL person from my exchange and also visited their office this summer twice. After that, I ordered the fiber connection and specifically told the line man it was for internet. They knew I was not getting full speed with my copper line and they knew I did not want to leave my copper line (did not want to change phone number).

          • shehzie

            where is the first bill with line rent.. haha

      • shehzie

        whoever told you that is lying.. there are setbacks with fiber too.. for instance fiber lines can only be backed up with online UPS that they have at exchange, but at max it has 15 minutes of backup. If there is a power outage at the exchange (no matter they have generator or not) your line will go dead in 15 minutes.

        • about 3 hours of backup if charged fully :) aur jab ghenta ghenta light ati jati the tab bhi koi problem nahi howa karti the fibre line main.

          aur mujay yahan zayada safai denay ki zarorat nahi. mujay yahan koi paisay nahi day raha zero line rent offer baray batanay kay :D main to sirf apni shokhi mari the kay shayad kisi aur ka bhi faida ho jayay.

          old line jis per net sahi na chalay wo rakhna acha tha ya sath agar fibre line bhi lag jayay bagair azafi line rent kay wo rakhna acha?

          Oper bill screenshot main wazay hay kay koi khas taxes nahi pard rahay.

          aur meray pas option hay main old line utarwa sakta hon :P

    • Umair

      Absolutely True Bro, i had the Same Problem and Downgraded my speed to 2mb and it still gets Disconnected a lot but few times than 4Mb.

    • Uzair

      i had to get the new line for dsl activation. Even first the exchange personnel told me that its free of cost. but i was charged with 750 Rs and it cost me my 17 years old number. i dnt knw how u got it free…..??

      • one thing, they charged me too later for phone line order after three months, before I was told there will be no connection charges for second line.

        Then I complained online to ptcl and they removed the charges :D

  • i am using ptcl 2mb student, its still 2mb
    faisalabad city

  • Syed Aqib Shah

    this is due to the lack of rivals……


    FIle 1 complaint with Competition Commission and PTCL will run like Speedy Gonzalez.

  • Syed Saad

    It is still not working and my PTCL DSL only gives speed upto 1.3 Mbps. How will they return quality of 4 Mbps. Its all about their objectives to suck the money out of the customer pockets. Such a shameful monopoly by restricting Wimax and offering high bandwidths with loads of amounts.

  • Ali Sharif

    ** Its not only the 2 MB users enjoy double speeds of 4MB

    They forcefully sending Rs. 1,550 paying customer to Rs. 2,000 after december !!
    (*remember its package reverting fee cost Rs. 1,500 after promotion)

    don’t be a fool… all home users its time to boycott PTCL… find alternates

    • waiting for in Faisalabad city :)

    • Osama

      brother agar apki baat thek hai to phir mai b completely boycott karonga seriously cuz mera pkb 4mbps par ho gya but still facing slow browsing issue…

  • Omair Ahmed

    Why not reduce price of 4Mb package to Rs. 1,549 instead of other-way around?. Similarly reduce the price of 2Mb Package to Rs. 1,250 ???
    Cuz its PTCL…Had there been no PTCL we would already have 3G ages ago..

  • farrukh

    i have enjoyed ptcl dsl 2mb package & it give me 300kb/s download & round 50kb/s uploading speeds…

    • my 2mb ptcl hardly gives me 210kb

      my linkdotnet 2mb used to give me 240kb during both peak and off peak hours

  • a

    youtube khul gae

    • SohaibAhmad


  • muhammad wasim

    ptcl dont upgrade their system and selling their services nonstop first they should upgrade the system every week they are launching different pakages but they are unable to handle their customers

  • muhammad wasim

    ptcl need to upgrade their system instead of selling and increasing their data rate and speed

    • Riaz

      How is it I never hear of any issue from my friends and the people in my area but propakistani is full of whiny people who cannot be happy about anything.

  • Ææmįr Mōhâmmåd

    My internet connection is still 2Mbps (karachi)

    when its going to be applicable ??

    • Osama

      brother this is ptcl and they only upgrade that connections where they think more money

      • Fahan

        I live in Karachi and just got my upgrade. I think you need to understand how business works Osama. Karachi is the biggest city in Pakistan and if they are giving 2 months of free internet here thats a big deal

        • Osama

          not a big deal dear… if they do so then made turnover several lac…….

    • student package? will not be upgraded due to this offer

  • Waqas Ahmad Khan

    PTCL is gone gaga with my broad band. Here is my speedtest result with 28 Mb/s download :D

  • Pyro

    PTCL 4MB is pure pain when i upgraded to PTCL 4MB my internet gets disconnected after every few minutes i got my line changed,called the PTCL,Change the Router etc etc noting got solved.Even at 2Mb my internet gets disconnected but very few times than on 4mb.
    PTCL Should upgrade their Equipment and Service.Speed Comes Afterwards.

  • Umair

    PTCL have done this FAILED Trick in PAST by upgrading 2MB users to 4MB then those users downgraded it to 1MB and PTCL brought 2MB back again because PTCL’s service becomes absolutely crappy on 4MB.

    • Fatima

      You are just pathetic man. Free upgrade for 2 months is a good thing.

      • Umair

        Oh Please Shutup if you don’t have a Brain to Understand Technical Things.

        • Shahid Saleem

          It is not a technical issue. Fatima simply has more money than common sense.

  • Scorpion

    Despite all the criticism.
    There is no better ISP in the market than PTCL.

    • Umair

      There are better ISP’s in the market but their Coverage area is Small.

    • Shahid Saleem

      There is also no better nationwide electricity provider than WAPDA, either. Doesn’t mean it’s the best it can be. Same with PTCL.

  • Hassan Tahir

    Lutti Jau Awaam Nu…. Hr Banda Lutt Riyaa

  • zakhanum1945

    I am away from my country and the internet at home is not connected since last two months , after several complaint the PTCL is not doing any thing to rectify the problem but the bill is regularly reaching my home and unluckily paid as well, my family went to the complaint desk in diffrent places (as advised by the so called officers)but to no avail even they requested to change the modem if it is not ok, but to -date it is the same..BY THE WAY AM LIVING IN PCHS LAHORE CANTT, ADDRESS CAN BE PROVIDED IF REQUIRED CAN ANY ONE RECTIFY.

    • Navy

      write to PTA

  • Nadia Zahra

    That’s actually a really good offer.

  • Shah

    Not this again. They need to acquire more ethics and respect the consumer’s rights. Cheap antics to lure subscribers into paying more. Quit bothering us PTCL.

  • moonji1234

    it is not fair to upgrade speed after 31st.dec.2013 without the conscent of customers just to incease the revenue.

  • Shahid Saleem

    Try setting modem modulation to G.dmt. After I did that my drops reduced to less than once a week. On standard PTCL modems, go to Advanced Setup then DSL then uncheck G.lite, ADSL2, etc etc. Just G.dmt.

    Might not work for you, but it worked for me and a few people I gave this advice to.

    • Umair

      It didn’t work for me. It turned my Internet off Completely.

  • Jay

    @Admin: Please correct the unit, Bandwidth is measured in Mega bits per second (Mbps) not Mega Bytes (MB)

  • saadi

    I am a 2MB user of ptcl broadband. yesterday I contacted ptcl to check if I am upgraded to 4mb as well. as per the representative that I m still on 2mb, and they don’t know when this promotion will be activated.

  • mohsinraja

    i have no any choice for fast net. only ptcl here in my area. and i m very thank full to ptcl but please dont up and up charges.

  • tjnapster555

    4mb kay package par 80 gb ki limit ab bhi hai or 2mb par limit hai?

  • hamza

    mai reh 2mb hai leken 4mb nai huwa hai

  • shehzie

    4 MB package is Rs. 2100 + (FED + Sales Tax + WH tax + line rent + special service charges). Total would be Approximately Rs. 3000. Just got my Disconnected due to poor service/customer support and high taxes.

  • shehzie

    and people please, as this has happened, kindly check your current connection status, as PTCL has a habit of updating your profile on their part the first day where there is no actual service provided and after a month or two you will get a bill of 4 Mb.

  • Waheed Marwat

    im still waiting for upgrade:
    i think its a lie?

  • Rao Tahir

    sir g net ke speed bohat sloe aa rhi hn or 2mn ka pkj hn speed kbi 75 kbi100 ati hn ya masla mara saat 4 din sa aa rha hn

  • Asad Mushtaq

    Cm’on guys, its always heavily advertised in media, they give total freedom to revert back to your original plan, then why is everyone shouting. The campaign works for several hundred potential customers who wishfully want to remain on higher speeds. We as a nation has made a habit of criticizing everything. Imagine yourselves without ptcl dsl. what other options you have who are providing same facilities at such cheaper rates?.

  • Adi Malik

    Ptcl force the peoples for pAYING MORE then what they are providing.ptcl dsl have some possitive aspects but lots of negative things to be discussed.
    Upgrading 2mb to 4mb is just a spam to get money from innocent peoples.
    Shame ptcl admin.


    sir 2MB package upgrade karo ye ptcl number he 481370


    2MB upgrade ptcl number 481370


    2MB upgrade ptcl number 481370

  • asad

    sir hamra pakege 2MB se 4 MB ker den shukre my number