Burq Broadband to Offer WiFi Broadband Services Across Pakistan

Burq Broadband to Offer WiFi Broadband Services Across Pakistan


ICONDOR Telecom Group from Argentina launched its flagship broadband brand ‘BURQ Broadband’ in Islamabad.

Aimed at offering high-speed broadband services over WiFi, Burq Broadband is planning to start its operations very shortly.

Having footprints in Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay since the early eighties as a pioneer in wireless telecommunications, ICONDOR Telecom is all set to spread the expanse of its network across the sub-continent and Middle East with Pakistan being the hub of its core business activities starting with Broadband Internet Services.

Burq Broadband is reportedly going to offer high-speed broadband over WiFi. Down the line, the company has plans to partner with cellular companies to offer their subscribers the broadband services through WiFi but they will be charged based on their mobile-internet subscriptions.

Data channels over WiFi are always proffered when compared with GSM or 3G networks. Similar kind of partnerships are successfully running across various markets.

At the launch ceremony, Ambassador of Argentina, H.E. Mr. Rodolfo J. Martin Saravia during his address as the chief guest said: ‘We are very hopeful that the success of BURQ Broadband will encourage more investment groups from Argentina to invest in various trade sectors in Pakistan and will open new vistas of progress and development for the country’, said the


On this occasion, the Chairman of the Board of Directors ICONDOR Telecom, Mr. Oubay Atassi told the media that BURQ Broadband has been launched with an objective to improve the social strata and allow people to experience seamless service of high speed internet.

Mr. Shahid Mir, CEO ICONDOR Telecom Pakistan said in his opening speech that BURQ Broadband will be rolled out throughout the country.

Mr. Shahid Mir the CEO of Burq Broadband has vast experience in the field of IT and has been associated with PSEB during the eras of Benazir Bhutto and MIan Nawaz Sharif as Prime Ministers during The 90s respectively.

Mr. Sohel Baqai will be the CTO of the company. Mr. Baqai brings with him a rich experience of more than 23 years honed around Multinationals of The Caliber and Magnitudes of ALCATEL Lucent and Mobilink.

Syed Alireza has been given the charge of Marketing and Sales as General Manager and Head. Mr. Ali has worked for Ufone as Regional Manager and his last assignment at Telco was  heading The Scratch Card Distribution set of China Mobile Pakistan (ZONG) under the former Head of Sales at ZONG and the current Head of Sales Ufone Mr. Usman Ishaq.

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  • What PTA license will they need to get for this? Wireless local loop?
    Wifi in Pakistan is banned more than 100 meters.

    • WiFi Broadband don’t have long Distance Range. it has less coverage than 3G or 4G but gives you much more Internet Speed. The Services offered by Burq will allow you to Connect to a Nearest WiFi Hotspots installed by Burq.
      In USA AT&T has installed over 32,000 WiFi Hot Spots on Popular Locations like Famous Hotels,Retailers, Restaurants etc.

    • Bro it depends on the Class of Equipment used
      in home we use Class C Equipment
      i have seen WIFI Devices with even 3-5 KM of range

      • WOW!! coool, but how will they charge for service?
        and I have read in the comments that long distance wifi is banned in Pakistan, is it true?

      • There are Two techniques developed for Long Distance WiFi Network one is called Wi-Fi over Long Distance (WiLD) which is setup to create long-distance point-to-point links with the Range of 5 – 15 Kilometers.
        Second Technique is Tegola Project of University of Edinburgh with range of 2.5 – 19 Kilometers.

        • true, but PTA restricts 2.4Ghz for indoor use only (say 100 meters) and for outdoor point to point or multipoint one can use Free Band at 5.7Ghz and that is also limited by a maximum of 36dBm EIRP, so one cannot reach more than 5 kms hops with merely a throughput of 200 Mbps.

      • Yes we will get ready ‘than’:)
        Many have tried with Nayatel but failed. Icondor better be ready to lose some serious money.

        • OfCourse Nayatel is Providing Excellent Services

          But The Burq Will Leave a Magnificent Impact on ISP Sector

    • Naya Tel is Different than Burq because naya tel offers Internet,Telephone and Cable Tv with Good Service ,where as Burq will only offer Broad Band Internet over Wifi with Coverage area of several Cities.

      • Sorry to say but after one year we will argue on same topic. You will see Burq will lose huge investment here. But no doubt their higher Employ will make quite good money. Its not passable to start ISP business in Pakistan. There is thousand problems.

  • Launching service without getting license from PTA? Nayatel is the market leader in this segment in Islamabad. long way to go.

      • Only Time Will Tell and Shahid Mir have seen a lot of changes in Telecom Industry and he has Experience but competition will get a lot tougher by the time Passes because the new players have started to arrive in Telecom Industry and they will make sure to Provide good QOS in order to survive. When the 3G gets Launch it will be a completely new era in Pakistan and any ISP’s with very poor QOS (quality of Service) like PTCL will get the Final Knock out Punch if they don’t bring changes.

  • i want to do a little business of wifi network
    can you help me and wht is require mony and etc.

  • nice i love burq i use this time its so fast this time burq speed 26 Mb i love it

  • Are they planning to use 2.4GHz ISM Band for WiFi? But isn’t it restricted by PTA???

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