New Year Offer: Get PTCL Evo for Rs. 500 Per Month

New Year Offer: Get PTCL Evo for Rs. 500 Per Month

PTCL has introduced this New Year Offer for its potential wireless broadband customers.

Under the promotion, you can buy a new EVO device and enjoy a discounted rate of Rs. 500 per month for one year, till December 2014.

This offer is available on new purchases only.

Any subscriber making a new purchase for EVO USB between 24th Dec -3rd of Jan shall enjoy 58% discounts on monthly charges for 12months.

EVO Package for this offer is capped at 30GB. Regular charges (without discount) for this package are Rs. 1,200 per month.

Below are the package details for the promotion:

  • EVO Device charges: Rs.2,550
  • Monthly Recurring charges: Rs.500/month
  • Volume limit: 30GB
  • Billing options: Prepaid & Postpaid

No, there’s no discount for existing customers. But they can discard their running devices and get new EVO connections to avail the offer.

Terms and Conditions

  • Promotion is applicable for purchases made between 24th Dec to 3rd Jan 2014.
  • Promotion is valid for new sales on EVO 3.1Mbps USB only.
  • Promotion is valid for postpaid and prepaid subscribers.
  • Offer is not applicable for package conversions.

  • Tech Guru

    what a chawal offer by PTCL ….

    • Gueat

      Bhai jaan 500 mei ata kya hai? Mobile gors 500mei 2 gb data dete hen ye to phir b 30 vb hai

      • Dear speed to ati he nhi evo ki raat ko to browsing b nahi hoti kia faida 500 bharny ka?????????

        • Osama

          Yes you are right…..

          • Naveed

            yr mn use kr rha hn or some times speed low hti hy pr mostly bohht achi speed aati hy or rat mn to downloading 250Kbs se 300Kbs tk jati he depand yeh krta k ap k pas coverage kesi aa rhi hy

            • Samreen Ijaz

              yes evo sy kam chl sakta hy
              jahan pr wi fi na ho

              • Nazeer.Ahmed

                Samreen kesi ho ap

            • Amir

              kis color ki hy

            • tariq

              yah kis tarah lagaya hai aap ny bro

    • ptclzong

      hi brother i have HEC student eVo 3G & I am using 500/30GB :P

      but now i have DSL 8mbps shared by 4 people… so ill sale it on good offer


      0300-five eight eight five three three four

      • Umair

        Bhai jan apne evo sale krna ha to muje day do aur apny paisy lee len 03052072415


        Kia ap ne sell kardi agar nahi ki he to mujh se contact karen 0321-2550986.

  • test

    Welcome to 3G now this is a tactics of PTCL to boast sales. Pathetic device and network

    • Nouman Younas

      totally agree, wingle mei nikalty to smjh aata

      • Reddevils

        Wingle b phatelee hai dost

        • nah, wingle is awesome since I bought it. But its 2500 per month. download speed in the night is almost 1MB.

  • Amir

    This is a great deal. I’ll definitely get one.

  • PTCLsucksduh

    Dont buy Evo! It’s a waste of money, you’ll regret your decision!

  • Amir.Gujjar

    Don’t be fool…… I am using PTCL Wingle. 1500Rs Package. and trust me it is the worst broadband i have ever used. total WASTE of money. PTCL has Pakistan’s worst support team. Once you have any problem with device or signals….. NO ONE will be there to support you ! like me u will break WINGLE with rock solid BRICK. … Sad but true !

    • Saira

      400% agree with you

    • 1000000% agreed

    • PeeDroid

      So It Is A Lie,”Jo WINGLE Karta Ha Wo Mingle Karta Ha, Aur Jo Mingle Karta Ha Wo WINGLE WINGLE WINGLE WINGLE”??

    • MuHammåd ATíf

      Ya wingle totally fail
      It’s heat up after 15 min nd give only 5 kbps speed
      don’t buy wingle guys
      Buy evo cloud
      Awesome device
      Chargee back up time upto10 hrs
      Speed too gud
      Nd they will never get heat up

  • Khurram ShahzAd

    AGain PTCL trashing their current customers and offering discount on new purchases. So this time i trashed (not literally but it will sit idle) their old usb (evo nitro postpaid) and purchased this one. Going to check.

    • Omair Ahmed

      Do let us know its speed and if kind enough kindly, post the average speed of downloading any file.. In Rs. 500/month this is cheap. Atleast, now i can afford this.

      • Khurram ShahzAd

        Ok, sure I will do test it today as I reach home, and will post the details.

      • Khurram ShahzAd

        First look pathetic till now. PLus support has been pathetic as well. It was connecting and was not giving any bytes transfer.

        First call they simply hanged by saying you voice is not clear call again.

        Second one, first operator redirected to second, he just noted the mdn and gave me complaint number, without telling much on configs. Checked adapter settings and there no ips were configured, so just clicked get ip automatically and also dns automatically. Device started working. Also with full signal strength 4/5 and some times 5/5 signals speeds are not impressive. see attached image

        Gona get the 3g wifi router and will put outside of my room to see if things remain the same.

        EDIT: I added same image twice and seems there isn’t an option to remove one

      • Khurram ShahzAd

        Ok after testing 3 to four times i got out some speed from it but its really not consistent.. goes up and down very fast.

        • Saqib Zeto

          Depty evo thakeli hai chahay wingle he ho………haahahahahahahahahaaa

          • Khurram ShahzAd

            You are right, though I already had evo 9.3, i was not using it anymore, however, seen an attractive offer so got this one. Not satisfied with speed I am getting but still it would be good backup when dsl internet goes down, as i have to pay only 500/month for this for whole month meanwhile I have LinkDotNet dsl internet doing wonders for me.

        • sajid

          Boys Jo bi hy jesa b hay apna network hay Han thora waheeyat hay par kam chal jayga

          • Khurram ShahzAd

            Aub toa apna b nai hai, Partially owned and fully administrated by Etisalat , an organization from Arab world

      • bilal

        I am going to switch for new device with economical charges unless 3G arrives… I am paying 1300/- for unlimited package (50 Gb fair usage policy and 256kbps after this limit) and speed you can see in picture attached. i am using it since last 4 years and learnt one thing… keep your device at good position to get maximum signals (me using 3G modem at 25 ft high) and getting enough speed for 3-4 users over WiFi… the same device gives 512kbps while working inside the room.. first learn to use it then comment…

        • Arif

          Which wifi modem are you using? Please communicate the make model and price. Thanks.

          • Bilal Iqbal

            simple TP link TL-MR3220 3G/4G WiFi Modem… price was around 2800/-… but keep in mind… place your device at some place where signal strength is full e.g. i can see PTCL tower to get better results.. the same device used inside my home gives only 512kbps with higher ping…

          • Bilal Iqbal

            being an EVO user since long.. i also faced the problem of low speed and disconnects during this period but i launched complaints over their help line and the issues was resolved all the time during given period…
            I am a satisfied EVO user since last few years and hoping to continue until 3G makes some real difference…

  • Faisal Iqbal

    Good offer for working professionals, who have to work in the field support where remote access is sometimes life saver, apart from that its of no use to students or home users who want to use torrents or stream media.
    I have being using the service in Rawalpindi/Islamabad, its bearable, but before purchasing the device borrow from someone and check the quality of service on your own intended place of use.

  • Rizwan Yaqoob

    “But they can discard their running devices and get new EVO connections to avail the offer.”
    Are you f**kin’ kidding me?

  • Shehzad

    OH NO! The existing EVO subscribers suffered twice this year because of this kind of offers. I am also a victim. The pathetic speed of 256 kb max. may now drop to 128 kb. What a pity! :(

  • Pyro

    My PTCL Broad Band Internet gets Frequently Disconnected I complained about it many times but nothing worked so I bought the EVO Nitro 9.3Mbps at the Price of 6000/- Rupees with 3 Month Free Internet and after that 2500/- per month Package One Year Ago.

    After 4 Days of Pathetic service Usage even though the PTCL Exchange is 5 Minutes away from my Home i got full signals in my area ,the max pathetic speed of 1Mbps and even worse disconnection than Broadband i went to PTCL to return the EVO they said it would take 25 Days for Return of Money instead of 7 Days which they still lie about and i would need a Bank Account of a Specific Bank which i didn’t have.
    So After 3 Month Free Usage i sold the EVO for 1000/- Rupees .


  • Kamena

    Waste of Money and time .. wingle is little better but when 3G come to Pak i wil show my D*Ck to PTCl Internet then

  • Mobile

    PTCL services is rough tough but offer is hot.

    • sajid rana


  • Saira

    Even if PTCL is selling it for Rs 50/month I will not buy that pathetic internet.

  • Umer Draz

    Ufff PTCL people sharam say doob ker mar jao…itni baisti…just look at the comments of the people….instead of improving and providing state of the art internet services they are busy deceiving the people with their foolish offers.

  • Abdullah

    An absolute rip-off! I regret purchasing the EVO Wingle half price offer (Rs 1500/month). Pathetic speed; it’s unbearable in the peak hours. Signal strength isn’t too good either.

  • Osama

    This is the Speed of my interent on EVO Wingle.

    • Omair Ahmed

      Its 9.3Mbps not 3.1Mbps package.. difference frequency difference speed..

      • Osama

        yes…… but it is….

    • Arif

      I am quite satisfied with Nitro Cloud service. It largely depends upon that how many users are residing in a particular area. If users are less, service is better. If users are more, service is pathetic.

      • Osama

        yes your obsevrvation is right but something i must say ptcl is not too bad if i compare..

    • My current speed and I am sitting in Faisalabad.

      • fawad

        ptcl a sit network dont go with ptcl just waste of time and money

  • ali

    I am using ptcl evo since last year it’s the worst internet connection ever in Pakistan history, their browsing is dead,
    they are having no support and even if you want to pay their monthly
    bill after due date you will not be able to pay fees through, easy
    paisa, u paisa, ubl omni, ptcl one stop shop etc you will need to find
    the ptcl official office in your city first then you can pay with 50 rupees
    plenty, it’s a fool company don’t buy this evo even if they will give it

  • Farrukh

    PTCL is trying to expand its customer base through such promos. However it appears that they are doing business in devices/ hardware. Why would they not allow old customers on new packages? This is bullshit

    • Jan Shair

      you are right man

  • Mustafa

    PTCL waloon ko comments perh ker sharm sa doob merna chahy.
    Pakistan ko kab tak backword rekho gay?
    i am in Muscat we r using 4G LTE here but Pakistanies r still hungry for 3G.

  • This offer should also include Evo Wingle 9.3 Mbps on 50% discount and limit should be 100 GBs.

    • Bilal Iqbal

      i would love it…

  • haseeb

    evo is a mess it is expensive even in 300

  • Syed UmerFarooq Bukhari Leo

    This is bagarti for PTCL eVo nahe sale hoti tu awaz ko chkar dy ry ho evo free do pher sochy gy ly ya nae wateen ly le bohot ha free collage ma dy ny ay thay ap be jao collages uni ma free bantny jao just 500 recharge karny per le thi ya wateen 512kbps

  • asad

    this is with evo 3.1mbs very disappointing
    ptcl is just trying to expand their business by making innocent nation fool

  • Hassan Ahmed

    1. PTCL, as the leading
    service provider of internet, offering another exclusive package at the
    occasion of New Year with an awesome downloading speed up to 30 GB limit. I
    really inspired, first time I feel that I have done a great job after buying
    this package.

    • asad

      u from which area??
      how much speed u get on this pakage??
      i’m planning to avail this offer…

  • Hassan Ahmed

    PTCL, as the leading
    service provider of internet, offering another exclusive package at the
    occasion of New Year with an awesome downloading speed up to 30 GB limit. I
    really inspired, first time I feel that I have done a great job after buying
    this package.

  • Sara Khan

    After fed up movements of my life regarding internet speed, yesterday I have purchased a New Year offer of 3G Evo by PTCL. When I use it I get shocked with an epic speed including downloading of videos and graphics.

  • Bilal Iqbal

    New evo is giving better speed than zte model….love it

  • Javed Afridi

    PTCL offered New Year 3G EVO for all PTCL lovers which is now extended to till 31st of January 2014. Providing flawless connectivity using PTCL’s 3G EVO network giving speeds up to 3.1 Mbps. Covering the way for smoothly page loading, it takes just a second to browse heavy web pages containing the download of videos and graphics substance.

  • Sadia Khalid

    Now PTCL 3G Evo Epic New year offer comes up in to the ground with an amazing extension up to 31st of January 2014. It provides a marvellous speed up to 3.1 Mbps. I Just use it at one of my friend home and now ready to buy for myself inspiring with it great New Year package.

  • tjnapster555

    2 mb net ki limit portal par check hoti hai?

    or student package ab bhi hai?

  • aamir sohail

    how to check the remaining GB in this evo kindly help yar ??

  • Taqi

    Article likhne wale ne bhi DATE ghalt e likhi ha ta k koi buy na kare.. 3rd Jan ..jab k ye 31 Jan 2014 ha

  • Remi Khan

    Muje ye leni thi….but after reading these comments….I’ll never buy this even in my dremz :D

  • saim

    what a bhain yakkiiiiiii……u should give a sister to old evo users zzz…..what a fuck man

  • nomi

    yar ye fazul ha 3g evo koi fida nhi fazul m 3000 zaya kia ha maine isy khrid k

  • Yasir

    can anyone plz tell in 500 pkg after 30gb downloaded.. what will be the rate of additional usage per mb??

  • 69

    The director should take all the remaining EVO 3G in his Cloechal aperture immediately.

  • faizan121

    hello every one…. buy a antina of 3g evo and get great speed …i have 5 signals and speed over 300kbps

  • Waqas Ch

    Brother i bought it from a friend now i came to know that its a one year pakage only i mean only for this year not for next on is it true please confirm this thanx

  • Asher


    If you Consume 50 GB in a month, Don’t recharge till the 50 GB Package (Already Consumed) Validity Expires, otherwise you will charge 10 paisa / MB.

    50 GB can only be given after Last Package Date Validity Expire.

    Beware of it…

  • MA Khan

    ptcl is best but high coast

  • hahahaha…

  • Usman


  • Usman

    mare bat suno

  • Usman

    koi muj kuch bta sakta hai.?????????????

  • Usman

    kaha mar gay ho sab kay sab

  • Usman

    ye evo usb kaha say milay gi or kitne ki……???????????????????????

  • khan

    can i use my 3g evo in peshawar, i will buy this in bannu

  • Arshad Awan

    dear sir evo 3.1 new yers pakg k sath available hy

  • global links

    Wifi device 500/30GB monthly special Discount pkg

    device price 4000 one month pkg. without pacakge 3500including tcs . cash on delivery


    All pakistan delivery available

  • Shah Nawaz Ali Arisar

    500 Men kitne GB milte hen

  • zubair ali

    500 wala

  • zubair ali

    No yar 500 wala pekage