Punjab Gets E-Learn Platform to Make Textbooks Available Online for Free

Punjab Gets E-Learn Platform to Make Textbooks Available Online for Free

Punjab Government has made its e-learn platform available online, which will enable students to access textbooks, videos, tutorials and other academic stuff online for free.

Somewhat similar to Khan’s Academy, PITB’s e-learning platform will be specifically tailored for students enrolled with Punjab Education Boards.

Platform will offer Text Books, Videos, Simulations,  Animations and other supporting assessments for the better understanding of students about their subjects and topics.

Currently platform offers content for just a few subjects for 9th and 10th class. There are overall 1744 videos, 369 simulations and 1700 pages of content available for Chemistry, Biology, Physics and Maths.

Of course there is a lot more content to come in coming days. Moreover, anyone can contribute towards the digital content that will be made available to other students after necessary evaluations.

Dr. Umar Said, Chairman PITB, in a statement said that for the first time in Pakistan, textbooks are made freely available online, augmented with a lot of supplementary material. “We have made this platform to also crowdsource content from our users, which will make textbooks richer and enhance the overall learning experience”, Dr. Said concluded.

E-Learn Platform, down the line, may get this same content pre-loaded into laptops or tablets, or made available in the form of CDs. The introduction of online self-assessment features as well as centralized course/content management tools for public schools is also planned.

You can Access ELearn.Punjab here: http://elearn.punjab.gov.pk/

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  • Waqas Mumtaz

    Great initiative taken by Punjab Govt. Keep it up.

  • Rehmat

    We must appreciate the good work by Punjab government.

  • test

    Punjab Govt take a lead here, good work needs to be appropriated.

    • Shameel Faraz

      *appreciated :)

  • Zaksh

    Great initiative taken by Punjab Govt but they are also using videos hosted on YouTube (Blocked site). Shouldn’t we unblock YouTube ? Here is link http://elearn.punjab.gov.pk/home/read_book/17/86#ch_heading_1
    Video 1.1: Introduction of Matrices
    Source & Credit: Khan Academy

  • SAM

    What an unnecessary thing to write…”Somewhat similar to Khan’s Academy”… how will it sound, Google has launched Gmail somewhat similar to hotmail. Even if you hate Punjab Govt, try to admire good things instead of points scoring.

    • Shahid Saleem

      Don’t you think the comparison was to explain to people what kind of site it is? Before they visit it? I didn’t think the comparison was a bad thing. And I didn’t think it was a “put down” kind of comparison.

      Don’t be so defencive.

      • Bilal Iqbal

        Better it would be made with Virtual University being the largest e-Learning institution in Pakistan…
        Being a graduate from Virtual University, i can imagine the importance of such good initiative and ease for students… this will prepare them for advance learning in near future and meet modern challenges…

      • aamir7

        Arite, I can confirm that comparison was just to explain the people the type of content they should expect from this website.

  • LifeH2O

    What the hell is this? All books there are in English? If English is the language they have made available on this site. There are far better alternatives. I was expecting it in Urdu.

  • jaleel9109

    Great leader always take great action..keep it up

  • Monster

    kamal kar diya

  • Shan Elahi

    Great effort bu Panjab Govt.

  • Κ@§ђ!ƒ @ђм@đ ♐

    That’s great, other provinces should follow this trend…

  • Saeed Akram

    Great work. They should expand it to primary classes as well and promote it through schools gov websites etc so that everyone would know and make use of this facility. It isn’t a bad thing at all if this project is inspired by someone else’s work e.g Khan academy.

  • Saeed Akram

    Yar urdu medium ki jaan chor do ab, it is time we accept english and start learning through this medium.

    • LifeH2O

      FYI! We have accepted it a long time ago. We are just burying Urdu as deep as possible. Let china become super power and we will be studying Chinese. If English connects us to the world, Urdu connects us with each other. Let a few decades pass and most will forget how to read write Urdu.

    • LifeH2O

      Bhai aap islam ki jaan chor do, muhazzib dunya men khuda ko manna choti soch smjha jata hay



  • muhammad

    very good that’s great

  • This is another laudable initiative taken by the Punjab Govt. and it is surely playing a leading role in becoming a model for the other provinces to follow.

  • Sardar Ali

    Yes sub Beghairat hain khud us k naam ki building main baithay hain jo computer ki master thi, even computers guru appreciated that girl named Arfa Kareem but in jahilon ne ek bhi computer related book nhi dali us website pe jo computer main khulti hai.
    aise corrupt or ghair zumaidar logon ki wajah se hamari awam computer ko porn ka zariya samajhti hai aur us main aisa phasti hai k us se agay computer ko koi samajh hi nahi pata.
    Tou jo hamain khalis Taleem hi nhi de saktay un se hamain light kya milay gi.
    WAKE UP PAKISTAN until its too late..

  • zahra abbas

    what abt da students of HSSC….??

  • Guest

    It’s Dr. Umar Saif*
    Kindly correct it

  • fatima aziz

    its a mind blowing initiative taken by our Govt. i would like to participate in the field of English, if I can………..

  • shoukat

    Sir we need some books of THE EDUCATORS SCHOOL of class 2th to 7th . Science, math, computer and english