Samsung’s Smart Home will Let You Control Your Home Appliances via Your Phone

Samsung  Smart Home

Samsung has announced a new platform – Samsung Smart Home — which brings all the technologies you interact in one place.

It is a new service which consists of a single application installed on your mobile device, which will forward messages to other appliances in your home, be it a Smart TV, air conditioner, refrigerator or a vacuum cleaner.

Initially, it will allow you three features: Device Control, Home View and Smart Consumer Service. Device control gives you control over Smart TV, lightning in your home and other high-tech stuff. Yes, in the future, your smartphone will control your air conditioner!

Home View allows you to see what’s going on in your home via the cameras installed on your home applications. Lastly, Smart Consumer Service will notify you when these appliances require servicing or when consumables need replacing.

Voice Over will also be supported. For example, saying “goodnight” to your Gear will dim lightning while telling it “going out” will shut down select appliances.

Samsung should be making more revelations at the CES 2014 event later this week.

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