Industry First: Block / Restore Your Warid SIM Through SMS


Warid today announced its new ‘SMS based Blocking/Restoration’ Service which will enable its users to block or restore their services using simple SMS commands which are absolutely free of cost.

There are three options including; Blocking the number on voluntary basis, restoring the number blocked on voluntary basis and blocking the number in-case of stolen through SMS command from any other number.

Voluntary blocking of services by a customer stops all the services including daily/monthly rentals. A customer can keep its number voluntarily blocked for a maximum period of three months.  Using simple SMS commands a number can be easily blocked or restored. In-case of stolen, number can be blocked from any other Warid number using simple SMS command. The secret t-pin makes the whole process completely secure. 

Nauman Fakhar - VP CS Warid Telecom
Nauman Fakhar – VP CS, Warid Telecom

Speaking on Improved Customer Experience, Warid’s Vice President Customer Services, Mr. Nauman Fakhar said:

“I am glad that we are far innovative in providing many solutions which are offered for the very first time in Pakistan.

In the absence of this service, customers had to call on helpline or had to visit the business center/franchise and now just a simple SMS base command will serve the purpose.

Warid customers have the privilege to take advantage from this service as no other operator in the industry is offering such service.

With great passion to serve, we aim to continue serving our customers the best, making their mobile using a fulfilled yet handy and joyful experience all together

SMS Commands for Blocking/Restoration of Service

  • For Blocking the Service: Write “VOLB TPIN CNIC” in SMS and send it to 321
  • For Restoration: Write “VOLA Warid_Number TPIN CNIC” in SMS and send it to 321 short code, customer will send this sms from any other Warid Number.
  • For Blocking Service Due to Stolen Phone: Write “BOS MSISDN TPIN CNIC” in SMS and send it to 321 short code from any other Warid Number

This service is free of charge!

Note: You can get your TPIN by Calling Warid Helpline. This TPIN or secret pin for your Warid SIM will remain same forever.

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  • what minimum period we can block our warid sim? for example i want to block my sim today and want to restore tomorrow.. can we do this practice when needed?

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