Huawei Announces its First Wearable Device, the Talkband B1

Huawei Talkband B1

Huawei is one of the quickly-rising manufacturers from China and its desire to reach into as many industries as possible shows in its latest creation, a wearable, the Talkband B1.

The wearable focuses on fitness and will compete more with products like the Nike+ FuelBand SE and Fitbit Force rather than the Samsung Gear 2 or the forth-coming Apple iWatch.

The front of the Talkband B1 comes with a 1.4″ OLED display, which is also flexible. That is powered by a 90 mAh battery which lasts 6 days but surprisingly also takes 2 hours to charge. The device is 14.6 mm thick.

The Talkband B1 features a popping-out earpiece for making phone calls. Connectivity is done either via NFC or Bluetooth 4.1. It is also IP57-certified so you wouldn’t care less about water and dust.

Being a fitness-tracker, the device calculates the amount of calories you’ve burnt, counts the number of steps you’ve taken and your sleeping habits.

Connectivity with a phone is mandatory right now and we don’t yet know how many phones are currently supported. A microUSB port is built-in right into the band. The Talkband B1 will be available in 6 colours.

The wearable will be available starting from next month for $135.

Talkband B1 is for people who want a fitness device for keeping track of their calories and stuff so if a smartwatch is all you want, you should probably stay away.

  • Rizwan Yaqoob

    14.6 mm thick device on wrist lacks messaging and voice commands worth $135 is not a good deal. Anyway its company’s 1st wearable, best wishes for Huawei and hoping for some ‘WoW’ advancements in coming days.

    • punk


  • Is it available in Pakistan?? and what is its price??/