Punjab Government Launches SMS Based Price Information System



Technology is a useful tool to improve governance; keeping that in mind the Government of Punjab has launched a short messaging service (SMS) based price information service for the residents of Punjab.

This service has been launched for all districts of Punjab.

This SMS based service will provide daily updated prices of grocery items on the user’s cell phone.

The mobile user will have to enter his/her city name and send the message to 80024 (more details on the mechanics of the service are provided below). The resulting reply will give price details of around 36 essential grocery items including ‘Atta’, Rice, ‘Ghee’, Apple, Chicken, Mutton, Sugar, Milk, Onions, and many other items. This service is launched as an attempt to educate consumers with the price list issued by Government of Punjab.

An app for prices would also be a good idea.

 Mechanics of the Service:

  • Type ‘Price’ <space> ‘City Name’ and send SMS to 80024
  • For instance if you want to receive prices for Lahore and surrounding areas type ‘Price Lahore’ and send it to 80024.
  • An SMS to 80024 is charged at Rs 1.43 inclusive of Tax.

On a related note, just in case if you experience any difference in prices for your local market, then go ahead and register complaint with Punjab Government at their toll free number 0800-02346.

Below is a response that we received for today’s prices in Rawalpindi:

  • Atta Bag (20 Kg): 785 Rs.
  • Vegetable Ghee (Kg): 161 Rs.
  • Rice Basmati (Kg): 145 Rs.
  • Rice Irri (Kg): 48 Rs.
  • Gram Pulse (Kg): 65 Rs.
  • Masoor (Kg): 140 Rs.
  • Mash (Kg): 138 Rs.
  • Moong (Kg): 145 Rs.
  • Mutton (Kg): 480 Rs.
  • Beef (Kg): 260 Rs.
  • Chicken Meat (Kg): 276 Rs.
  • Sugar White (Kg): 52 Rs.
  • Eggs Farmi (Dozen): 94 Rs.
  • Milk Litre (Loose): 70 Rs.
  • Red Chillies (Kg): 170 Rs.
  • Roti Tandori (100 gm): 6 Rs.
  • Potato (Kg): 26 Rs.
  • Tomato (Kg): 34 Rs.
  • Onion (Kg): 38 Rs.
  • Couliflower (Kg): 18 Rs.
  • Lady Finger (Kg): 130 Rs.
  • Bitter Gourd (Kg): 130 Rs.
  • Kaddu (Kg): 50 Rs.
  • Brinjal (Kg): 54 Rs.
  • Ginger (Kg): 238 Rs.
  • Spinach (Kg): 14 Rs.
  • Tenda (Kg): 54 Rs.
  • Green Peas (Kg): 44 Rs.
  • Turnip (Kg): 16 Rs.
  • Banana (Dozen): 60 Rs.
  • Apple (Kg): 100 Rs.
  • Pomegranate (Kg): 190 Rs.
  • Radish (Kg): 14 Rs.
  • Carrot (Kg): 18 Rs.
  • Musambi(Dozen): 70 Rs.
  • Kinno (Dozen): 65 Rs.


  • It would be nice if every retailer had an ID displayed at the shop/cart which you can report back in case of overpricing.

    My 2 cents.

    • Lol, you are a fanatic! Just look at what the KPK Gov. Is doing and has done. The recent Insaaf Kits (Cured so many polio affected in just a short time) is just one example

  • Chicken 276?????? today rate (for Saaf) is about 200 in Lahore. Khadim e Ala, plz check huge difference

  • Good initiative! This service could have been free of cost as well. Just make a twitter account and ask the inhabitants to follow. They will get free sms on daily basis… A suggestion to Punjab Govt

  • koi b ye rate nahi uper se aap ka helpline nomber nahi milta aur hamare shahar me milk ka rate 88 hai koi inko nahi pakrta gujranwala me

  • innitiative doesn’t do any good if there is no check and balance!!!!!
    slap on government on fooling people!!!!!!
    rates in lahore alot higher than their sms service says it should be

  • takla (shahbaz sharif) ur serivice is not working and i lost 5 rs . too to mara tax ka pasay per iyasi kar raha hai this was my hard earned money

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