PTA Releases Revised IM for 3G / 4G


Pakistan Telecommunication Authority has released the revised and final version of Information Memorandum for spectrum auction for 3G and 4G technologies.

According to revised IM, final auction date is set for April 23rd, 2014, while interested operators can submit their application and sealed bid for participation – along with pre-bid deposits – by April 14th, 2014.

PTA has said that some demands of operators were met in the revised IM, however, the base prices, licence duration (of 15 years), license type and various details have remained unchanged.

There are three 3G (in 2100 Mhz) and two 4G (in 1800 Mhz) licenses to be auctioned through two-stage bidding. One 15Mhz spectrum from 850 MHz band will allotted if any new operator gets the license.

IM said that operators can deploy technology-neutral network for the spectrum that will be auctioned next month. However, operators can only offer next-gen services only that are mandated with the licenses.

The assigned spectrum must not be used to provide Fixed Services or any services not explicitly authorized by the license conditions.

The License shall be personal to the licensee and shall not be assigned, sub-licensed to, or held on trust for another person, without the prior written approval of PTA.

Infrastructure Sharing and mandatory National Roaming terms were relaxed in revised IM.

Base Prices:

  • 2100 MHz: USD 295 Million
  • 1800MHz: USD 210 Million
  • 850MHz: USD 291 Million

License fee can be paid in USD or equivalent value of USDs in Pakistani currency.

PTA has changed the roll-out obligations for next-gen network. Details are as following:

Minimum rollout obligations for 2100 MHz spectrum


Minimum rollout obligations for 1800 MHz spectrum


Minimum rollout obligations for 850 MHz spectrum


.Quality of Service requirements / KPIs


Complete IM can be downloaded by clicking this link.

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  • PTA has been working transparently as by looking in to mnews by media and other sources regarding 3G, it is crystal clear that they are putting all their efforts to launch its services for comforting the massess…

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