USA Can Record Every Call of Any Country for over 30 Days


How if you are told that each and every call made with-in and outside Pakistan from Pakistan is being recorded and recordings of these billions of calls made with-in a calendar month are saved for future listening by National Security Agency of United States of America?

Yes, that would be like blowing the privacy of billions of people on this planet with largest possible a-bomb.

Unfortunately, this is not only possible but in fact this has happened with you.

According to the new information revealed by Edward Snowden, NSA has been operating a programe – called MYSTIC – capable of recording billions of calls of any country in the world, enabling the agency to rewind and review conversations as long as a month after they take place, reported Washington Post.

And we are not talking about just the meta-data, but the original content of the calls or the conversation of two parties involved in the calls.

MYSTIC was initiated in 2009 and reached its full capacity by 2011, says the report.

“Every single” conversation nationwide, storing billions of conversations in a 30-day rolling buffer that clears the oldest calls as new ones arrive, according to a classified summary that has been shared with sources of Washington Post.

Washington Post said that – on request from US officials — it is withholding the name of the country where this system was used, and the names of the countries where this program is intended to be used.

Not to forget, Pakistan was in top five NSA targets from the list countries where US agency had spied over the years.

Most dangerous part of such bulk collection of calls is that it records each and every call of billions of citizens without classifying them. Meaning that, all your calls are tapped and recorded even if you are a common man with common life practices, living in a far-flung hilly areas of Pakistan or in any country for that matter.

President Obama had recently pledged that “United States is not spying on ordinary people who don’t threaten our national security”, however, recent revelations are strongly contradicting his statement.

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  • Ahmed

    Thats why i stopped making calls. :-)

    • Usama Ahmed

      You should start using pigeons for messaging.

      • Ahmed

        Pigeons can not escape as well, the americans will start learning their “boli” and then will come the spy pigeon :-)

        • Bilal Iqbal

          pegions were not taught any message… instead a messge was hanged with them to be delivered over specific place/person…

          • Hadi

            AHHAHAHA Pigeon’s boli?? HAHAHAHAH this shit cracked me up

  • Muhammad Usman Ayub

    smarter people use walkie talkie for carrying out critical operations ;)

  • Eli Ehsan

    Oh pants! What they think I might be asking for IED or Ball barring bomb but in reality it was the recipe of Shahi Kofta with paneer salan.. :(

  • Usama Ahmed

    And this is all possible just because of Cloud Storage.

    • Shahid Saleem

      What does cloud storage have to do with recording calls? You think they couldn’t find space to store recordings before “cloud” came along?

      Seriously, what a way to confuse two issues.

      The main question is HOW they have broken our infrastructure to record the calls in the first place? I would be surprised if they have a way to break GSM in realtime for every cell. But it is known that GSM uses weak encryption.

      So more likely some taps into the phone networks (GSM is only encrypted between phone and tower, rest is unencrypted).

      So how did they get the taps into our phone network?

      • PeeDroid MiNi L420

        Oh You Go Think About That HOE With Your Boyfriend Uzair :D

      • shahid u suck big time

        shahid u suck big time

  • Fenn Rodger

    Ask Edward Snowden to provide a network diagram of this BOMBSHELL solution working in NSA and their connectivity with Pakistani networks. Yes there can culprits who were providing this data offline but live call voice storing is very different and needs direct access to your core network they can’t access without linking with MSC’s, another possibility is smart phone, which is easily hack able. Good publicity of America’s NSA to make world uncomfortable and create new enemies for them.

    • Bilal Iqbal

      agreed…. they are just creating an environment to show their POWER..
      what the hell to bo done with ALL data.. the basic rule of spying is to concentrate over suspect people but concept of Every Call Recording is hellarious… can’t understand

  • huh

    perhaps it would be good to actually read the original WP news story before churning out its copy

    they are not recording “every call of any country”, system has the ability to record every call of a particular country, the name of that country has not been disclosed

  • Adeel Rao

    So Snowden is basically telling us that movie fantasies are true. What a delusional nutjob including those who believe him. Julian Assange told us to start fearing US govt. because they are invincible. Now this Edward dummy is telling us to start fearing NSA because they have deeply penetrated into our daily life. Interestingly, both of them have evaded US wrath which actually makes them more powerful than the Almighty US. Or, are they just propaganda machines?
    btw, was US asleep when an NSA operative – one Edward Snowden – was boarding a flight outside the country without the knowledge of his employers? People working for deep-state have to be on radar.

  • jahangir

    Pakistan me raat k time to sirf dirty talks wali phone calls hi records hongi :)

    Yahan aur hota kia hai iske siwa.

    • Shahid Saleem

      What does time of day have to do with anything?

      • Videovertex

        Bhai raat ko GFs and BFs din ki nisbat zyada JANU JANU khelte hain.(Phone pe) bcoz of night packages……Zara Sochiye!!

  • Shahid Saleem

    “USA Can Record Every Call of Any Country for over 30 Days”


    The article clearly says they did it for one country in 2011, then for five more, and will add one more to the list by end of October last year. That is SEVEN countries, not ANY COUNTRY.

    • aamir7

      You have started to seem like someone sitting in US embassy.

      Headline clearly says, USA can record each and every call of any country in the world for over 30 days. This is plain English, it never said it did for all the over 200 countries.

      Yes, they did this for seven countries, but has capabilities to add any country in the list.

      • Shahid Saleem

        WRONG AGAIN. They do NOT have the capability to do it for “any” country. The headline is YOURS, not the source article. NO ANALYST ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD HAS CLAIMED WHAT YOU HAVE. Do you have proof that they can do it for any country?

        Look at what Washington Post says:

        The National Security Agency has built a surveillance system capable of recording “100 percent” of a foreign country’s telephone calls

        Look at what you wrote:

        According to the new information revealed by Edward Snowden, NSA has been operating a programe – called MYSTIC – capable of recording billions of calls of any country in the world

        do you SERIOUSLY expect us to believe that “a” country is the same as “any” country?

        Instead of admitting your mistake, you blame me for paying attention to the details. Wow.

        And if you think I am sitting in the US embassy, where are you sitting that you confuse “a” with “any”?

    • Imran

      What a dumb-ass you are Shahid. What was wrong in it stating that USA ‘can’ record every call…Notice the word can. It means to show the possibility. And if it is possible to record call for seven countries (as you say it), it can record calls of any country in the world.

      • Shahid Saleem

        What is wrong is very simple: IT IS NOT TRUE. THERE IS NO EVIDENCE TO SUPPORT “any”

        And the system was developed to focus on one country, and it took two years to add support for six more. Does that sound like a system that will work for “any” country?

        We don’t know the technical workings of the system, how it gathers data. It is NOT TRUE that every country will have weak telecom network that can be hacked this way.

        You would rather have this site print OUTRIGHT LIES and BELIEVE THEM than insist on truthful and honest reporting?

  • Saad

    America can do this, America can do that….please stop this… if US is that advance then just give a trace of that freaking enormous plane Malaysian Airlines MH370. With thousands of satellites that can read a moving cars’ number plate from 100s of miles above the atmosphere and this so called GSM bugging technology they still had search for 12 years and to rely on Polio Campaigns across Pakistan to find 1 man Mr. OBL. Then 13 years of War with so called hightech technology and resources in Afghanistan and still losing War!!! And list goes on and on…
    Snowden is left out by US just to make this world feel how advance Americans are and how stupid we are.

    • Mohsin Mustufa

      u know nothing

      • Saad

        Are you a blonde???

    • Shahid Saleem

      Even after we find out about how they might have worked with Microsoft to weaken Encryption in Windows, what do we do? We go out and buy pirated copies of Windows.

      So yes, we are acting stupid.

    • Videovertex

      They Still Cannot stop FOREST FIRES….So what they will do more..Ghantaaa!!
      Can record calls of ANY country.hmmm

  • Rafay

    Its not the us govt its the govt of pakistan that is recording calls.
    And u know pak n us.
    The agencies of pak r recordibg calls upto 30 days.

  • HAider

    USA is violating the privacy of other people from different countries.. Dont knw how they track our local calls made nationwide.I am sure its not possible without any help from Mobile Network Operators and Our agencies. Some stand should be taken against this.

    • Fenn

      This is just a tactic to create trust deficit and perfume uncomfortable environment that your own peoples are our touts, nothing else. Technology is on top-heights of advancement but not this much. After sometime Edward Snowden will say NSA is monitoring which channel are you watching !!!!!!!!

    • Videovertex

      Oo bhai tension Q le rhe ho.Tum konsa bomb bnanay ki batein krte ho.Agar krte ho to krna chhor do or agr nhi krte to tension chor do.

  • Khalid

    salay karen gay kia itni calls record ker k :D

  • faisalimtiaz

    I don’t think so its a big deal for NASA or Google,if they can go for
    Google earth they have enough decryption processing power to creak
    at least our security …

    A think to compete on equipment against its designer is a
    stupidity.As we have all imported equipment and don’t know about their
    design,fabrication,operating system and this is a fact we are not so
    competent to design our self.

    A wiki leaks is a name of team that has a lot of community people not hacker don’t blame only equipment.

    And i think our politician /Establishment should not do any ashamed conversation/deeds like 35 PUNCHER etc etc

  • Muhammad Aamir

    hmm…!! Now-a-day, everything is under control i.e., Facebook, GMAIL, Yahoo etc. There is a reason, that is why they are gathering information. Its reason is so long to explain.

  • Mohsin

    Whats the use if they can’t even a missing plane :P

  • Imran Ahmed

    Crap , this is not easy … they only do with the interest of the people .
    i guess i am not the one , whose USA is looking for ! .. there are certain of people .

  • Videovertex

    One sentence for NSA USA etc etc
    Kerna hai jo ker le…Jaa.

  • Videovertex

    Pakistani Chawlein record kerne k liye itni mehnat? Wah Amreeka.

  • hasan

    Facebook and Whatsapp are the biggest spying agents.

    Rethink that on facebook, we provide each and every detail willingly and sharing private photos of our family, including mothers, sisters, wives and other members. Why we ‘tag’ by they way :) ?

    Think again, would you like to share your phone numbers stored inside your phone to anyone? And what Whatsapp does?

    Samething about all Google services, Linkedin and all email services.

    And by the way, Windows is also a spying tool……. the moment to you connect your pc/laptop to the internet, you’re not secure !

  • Mian Shahzad Raza

    LOL :D meri calls sun kar hi pachtayen gy :P

  • ali

    This is more of an hoax.. How on earth is it possible to record a local GSM/Landline call made within a country? If they say skype or viber call then yes they may have the capacity to do so.. You literally need physical access to telco’s data center for this purpose. What this article implies is that either the telco’s have strong penetration of NSA people or it is some liability on the part of government to share calls recording with them..