CEO Warid Meets Chairman PTA


Getting permission for deployment of LTE services without participating in next generation mobile services award (NGSMA) might not be as simple as it seems, hinted a statement issued by Pakistan Telecommunication Authority.

Statement from authority revealed that Chairman PTA Dr. Syed Ismail Shah held a meeting with Mr. Muneer Farooqui, CEO Warid Telecom in Pakistan to discuss the reports of Warid Telecom launching 4G services without participating in Next Generation Mobile Services Award (NGMSA).

Statement said that Warid has indicated that it does not intend to immediately launch such service, although the existing license of Warid is technology neutral, it would properly seek PTA’s consent.

Muneer Farooqui was quoted as saying “In order to compete with the market, Warid is exploring all the options to remain competitive. The existing license of Warid is technology-neutral, however he assured that all the PTA regulations, requirements and permissions will be taken into full consideration, as per license.”

He further added “With the shareholders’ support, Warid continues to remain committed to providing its customers with superior quality services. The company has always been at the forefront of serving the cellular needs of the people of Pakistan and would continue to be one of the most innovative cellular services providers.”

PTA, in response, maintained that it will look into request from Warid based on the license conditions and in the best interest of the cellular industry at large and the bidders participating in the 3G/4G spectrum auction.

Chairman PTA informed that offer of 4G/LTE services by the existing licensee will have to go through a process as per their license as well as requirements of assuring proper coverage and quality of service, enhanced monitoring requirements and commencement permission by PTA.

The Chairman also used this occasion to inform that auction of 23rd April 2014 will dispel all impression about lack of interest of bidders in 3G/4G spectrum.

He also assured the CEO Warid Telecom that as a regulatory body they would continue supporting Warid Telecom a subsidiary of Abu Dhabi Group which is one of the largest foreign investor in Pakistan.

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    • very simple to understand! company is already on the verge of bankruptcy and under heavy foreign debt. how can they go for more heavy investment?

  • i tell u wat? if u cud read between the lines, warid would use its allocated spectrum for LTE services in future merely by fulfilling some documentation formalities.

    • yes they can but at the expense of sacrificing their quality. because the spectrum with warid is not enough to hold such a large number of users with durable speeds.

      • i cant tell you the story of Ufone here.. if i could you will be surprised to here the capacity of 3G site from ufone….

  • Just imagine Warid as 4G Services Provider considering Warid’ Edge services currently are the best

  • Well… If it coughs up some money, buys 850 mhz spectrum of instaphone’s, then it may transfer all voice traffic to the 850 and 900 mhz spectrum and use the 1800 mhz spectrum for 4G…hope they get some cash inflow quick, they do have history on their side lol… Wateen was the first in the world to commercially deploy 4G Wimax, then Warid becomes the first in Pakistan to deploy 4G LTE :) plus the 3500 mhz spectrum they have of Wateen’s, IF U SMEEEEEEEELLLLLLL… WHAT WARID IS COOKING!!!

    • woh gie app ka ghar, thori c sugar lanay :)
      agay agay, dakho hota ha kya janu

      Sonay, Kapray nahi tonay

  • Warid is like an old virgin getting older day by day waiting the proposal. She dresses up, wears cosmetics, and behaves gently to lure the family of the prospective groom to be. After each refusal, she decides she will remain unmarried for the rest of her life. But whenever a match-maker comes up with a new proposal, she repeats all the same as before.
    Which company has not tried to buy Warid? Internationally, SingTel, etc. and locally Mobilink, China Mobile, Telenor, and Ufone (Etisalat). Now, they say we are not for sale any more. Because the investor in Warid namely Abu Dhabi Group is not really a true business people interested in operating a business; they are investor. They invest in turn-key projects and sell them at an appreciated price as they have done in Bangladesh and South Africa.
    In Pakistan, their investment stuck in their throat, they cannot spit nor swallow. I personally suggest PTA must force Warid to either provide state-of-the-art technology to its customers, PTA must have Warid forcefully sold through courts.

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