When to Expect 3G Services in Your City?


While we know that telcos are all set to commercially launch 3G services with-in two weeks from now, mobile phone users across country are super anxious to know the expected arrival date of 3G and 4G services in their respective areas.

Exactly like how it had happened with 2G services, the commercial launch of 3G services won’t go beyond few major cities of Pakistan.

For now, let’s just absorb the fact that rollout of 3G services across the length of the country will be little sluggish, however, demand of 3G services and associated ARPUs are going to remain major factor in increasing operators’ quest to reach out in more areas of Pakistan.


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Initially major parts of Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad / Rawalpindi are going to experience 3G services at the launch.

During first phase, according to 3G IM, Islamabad, Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad, Quetta and Peshawar must get 3G services before January 2015.

Minimum possible coverage in another 10 cities (minimum two in each province) should be added till October 2015.

According to rollout obligations attached with 3G license, at least 160 cities or 75 percent of all district headquarters are supposed to have 3G services by 2018.

Just to add, above mentioned rollout plan is based on minimum possible requirements included in the license terms. Actual rollout plans will be must faster than the ones mentioned here.

Initially, even the covered cities might face unparalleled coverage. Moreover, some areas of the country might have better performing 3G coverage than the others. But all this will get better with time.

Since the whole play is about converting 2G cell sites into 3G, it will depend how better the transition would be in coming days.

Idea is to wait for some weeks (if you are in major city) or months (if you are in tier two city) to let the 3G service hit your smartphone.

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  • Talha Rafiq

    Amir bhai, can you please tell me why ufone is increasing its Internet Bucket Charges from April 29? I’ve seen it on ufone.com, plus, is it for the current EDGE internet or 3G?

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      • Guest

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      • guest

        wow, you had enough time to check the profile anyway because it has the word “girl’ in the profile name!

        • Eli Ehsan

          may be he was pre-experimenting on the “3G ke FAWAID” thingy… ;)

  • I am not interested in 3G, I am interested for more companies to come against PTCL. We are paying high for slow DSL speeds.

    • AQ

      If I’m not wrong, 3G is not limited to handsets alone. Companies will come up with 3G USB Dongles to rival PTCL EVO, but initially it will be expensive.

      • Thinker

        Could you inform me that can i use evo wingle as 3g device too: (if yes, then how?) and what will be the diff between ptcl 3g evo wingle and the devices you mentioned in your comment?

    • Mushahid Hussain

      not to forget the poor latencies as well.

      • PTCL have proved that they don’t have enough bandwidth after 4MB upgrades. They are giving fine speeds to big cities while small cities and even Faisalabad is suffering with slow browsing problems, sometimes for hours especially during holidays.

    • Fareena

      laggard !!!!

    • Technocrz!

      Not possible at all

    • Muhammad Qaisar Khan

      Yar net per kia karte ho chor do net ko

  • Chowdhury

    What about those networks who say we are 3G ready? Can’t they roll out 3G all over the country at a time?

    • Another Guest

      Ready means :) they are compatible with latest equipment :)

    • Technocrz!

      You misunderstood them 3G ready means ready to buy 3G, rolling it out is different story which we just read above.

      • Chowdhury

        No, it can’t be that they are ready to buy 3G. It should mean their network is capable of providing 3G service.

        @aamir7 please rectify us

        • aamir7

          3G ready means they need very minor configuration for upping 3G network.

        • Technocrz!

          Amir kya bataey ga mai bata raha hon na, if their network was ready, i know they are business hogs, they would have started right after the buying.

    • rizwana

      Is 3g network available in hyderabad and kn xi sim me available he

  • Ashraf

    How come it takes more then a year for complete roll out of 3g in all over Pakistan despite the fact that telenor has upgraded 100% their cell sites to 3g and ufone is cleverly marketting about their 3g ready network since last two years

    • Usman Ali

      any company saying in ads that their service is all across pakistan ?

      they are ready means ready to deploy the technology not deployed

  • Ibrahim

    These are just obligations by PTA. Companies would spread their service very fast as most of networks have 3g supported infrastructure and just they need an activation.

    • Usman Ali

      you did not understand the article i guess.
      pta says minimum requirement for roll out plan they did not say you cannot give before the time and btw no company is ready to give service all across pakistan

  • zohaib

    3g and 3.5g service is already on aired un most of the areas of multan city

    • xeero07

      really? what area of multan you see 3G working? and for which network?

  • zohaib

    Connectivity speed UL 8Mbps DL 3Mbps on Mobilink network

    • zohaib

      Correct ion
      DL 8Mbps and UL 3Mbps

      • omer

        yes at mobilink… getting 3G and 3.5G at kalma chowk, mda chowk , cantt area as far as I have checked…. don’t know about other areas … for now its working for free….. speed is around 100-250kB per sec….

        • omer

          anyone tell difference between UMTS:3 …HSDPA:8….HSPA+:15
          that’s what my atrix HD shows most of the time with a 4G sign

        • xeero07

          well I’m at mda chowk but cell phone still shows Edge2, not 3g or H

  • Ahmed

    Weird because Telenor has been saying they are 3G ready already and Ufone as well. Why will it take “weeks” before launch?.

    • Umer

      Ahmed if only you have went to school and taken education, then you would have known, sadly you are too illiterate

      • sulman

        Weird because Telenor has been saying they are 3G ready already and Ufone as well. Why will it take “weeks” before launch?.

        i am agree with Ahmad’s but if something different scenireao, then educate us.

      • Ahmed

        Well, since you are a PhD in mobile communication, please educate all of us here. We are all ears to your valuable knowledge.

        • Umer

          Didnt you read article here at propkaistani & on PTA site that they will start rolling after 2 or 3 weeks?

          • Ahmed

            Well that was my question according to the things we heard in the news months ago, as to why something already in place will take like 3-4 weeks or months. Turns out that you have not read my post completely or maybe your English to Urdu translator went dodgy.

            • Rafi

              Well handled bro!

            • Umer

              Nope your question is wrong

    • Daas Nahk

      Optimization my friend, everything has a plan, and not ke jabh chaha switch flip kiya aur 3G on.

  • Akhtar Rind

    Hey Aamir Attaa, You blamed Zong for copying ad from French company. On the other hand every image in your post is taken from internet. Take above picture for instance which has copied from India . What do you say about this?

    • Usman Ali

      they are not making advertisements here, its just for the informational purpose..this is not an Ad


    watch out for 2000/month with 2 GB data limit :D

  • Truth

    Ufone commerical launch of 3G on 27th April 2014

  • Shahid Mehmood

    No one knows the exact date of 3G/4G service in Major cities of Pakistan. :( :(

  • Shahid Mehmood

    I got a message from UFONE “UMobile internet speed (EDGE) Download 60-150kbps & upload 20-50KBPS (GPRS) DOWNLOAD 24-36kbps and upload 8-16kpbs charges Rs 18/ MB (POSTPAID) AND Rs. 20/MB PREPAID

    • Talha Rafiq

      Yea that’s alright. But they’re increasing the charges of ‘Internet Bucket’.

  • Umar Khan

    Me expecting 3G from Mobilink in Multan in firat phase , bcoz its on testing these days in Multan , and no other network is testing 3G in Multan except Mobilink . Well done Mobilink .hopes Mobilink will be the largest 3G network of Pakistan .getting 850 kbps downloading in Multan on Mobilink

    • Adnan

      @Umar, How can I contact you friend?


  • Umer

    What to expect? well: 1) high increase in tariffs leading to higher taxes 2). Speeds less than 1Mbps while on 3G, 3) Disconnects in connection 4) Poor network coverage 5) Disappointed service experience

  • i am getting 3g of mobilink but not seen any other operator 3g signals till now in gulberg peshawar

  • King

    it is not necessary actually 2018 is deadline for network provide full coverage in Pakistan.(it only max time period for provide service in Pakistan)
    the thing is that whole depend on network infrastructure and a bond signed by networks with pta for fulfil speculated terms.
    so may with in 6 month 3G service covered all Pakistan and may be more time, whole depend on network infrastructure, like telenor have all over Pakistan 3G ready infrastructure so they may provide over all Pakistan 3G coverage to make edge over competitor and repo their bond payment from PTA.
    so time is of tough competition let see who fast more????

  • Lahore main tu jaldi ani chahiya.

  • alu

    Is 3G available in Taxila plxmzz tell me anyone

  • alu

    Anyone plzz tell me

  • alu

    Taxila or Wah mei 3G service available ho gi kiyo ke ye bilkul rawalpinsmdi ke saath hain

  • alu

    What a bullshit;P

  • alu

    Kohi online hai tou reply dey

  • khurram

    Salam. My name is khurram. I just connected data network on mobilink and after click on site . I am amazed that everything going speedy. I have the sign on network state I.e 3g. H. H+ . In settings the same case. I have getting it right now. I have gfive g9. Can anyone tell how to take screen shots on gfive

  • Noob


    According to this article , it looks totally different what CEO Of Telenor said .. So it should be coming in 3 to 5 months in tier 3 cities ..

  • Prince Ge

    @alu im also searching for 3g signal in wahcant but still cant find.

  • Attiq Bhayo

    According to rollout obligations attached with 3G license, at least 160 cities or 75 percent of all district headquarters are supposed to have 3G services by 2018. SERIOUSLY!! .. 2018 me mayeb 5G introduced hojye :(

    • shariq

      Korea ma already 2017 tak realease ho jana ha aur hum yahan 4G ka 2100 MHZ ka License sale kar raha hun ga May Be.LoL

  • Prince Ge

    To check telenor 3G availability in your Area just Dial *7799#.

  • Technocrz!

    As usual pure Pakistani, again gimmicks, so we are not getting 3G anytime soon. FML

  • just

    Guys i think accoring to pta. When operators made full payment of the license fee than they will be able offer 3g or 4g services to consumers

  • Baqir talpur

    What about zong? I haven’t seen a single comment about it testing 3G in any city?

  • Mustafa

    Waiting for Mobilink to start test in HYDERABAD. :)

  • Shoaib


  • naeemafzal

    They doubled each and every package a while ago and even didn;t inform! Like city based offer was 9 Rs and now its 18. UWon was 1 Rs everywhere and now its 2 Rs.

    • Talha Rafiq

      Oops. Let’s see how much will be the price for using 3G. Can only hope for economical rates after observing the current increase in tariff.

  • Arslan

    Can anyone tell me the current speeds of 3g that you guys are getting and when will it come to sialkot?

  • Zee

    And the artwork in this post is done by propakistani? If its taken from somewhere, I do not see an acknowledgement. Not much different from what Zong did.

  • qudratol

    difficult thing to reach us in pakistan

  • Faheem

    I live in lahore and no ufone 3g in my area…. Eagerly waiting for it…..

  • Shahzeb

    Mere area main 3g ki coverage nhi hai why??????????????