Jang Group Still Can’t Differentiate Between 3G and G3 [Cartoon]

We thought it were politicians only saying things such as “G3”, “taknalogy Lasansss” and “Daalar”, but apparently our mighty Jang Group is not behind in the race.

Before we go into further discussion, have a look at following cartoon published in Daily Jang Today:


Cartoon depicts 3G and 4G technologies as newly born babies, just getting out of a birth centre in Pakistan.

However, the problem is that instead of terming them 3G and 4G, Daily Jang cartoonist conveniently mentioned them as “G3” and “G4”. Editor didn’t object to the masterpiece and let it go as it is appearing above. This cartoon is published in all cities of Daily Jang in Pakistan.

Just if you can’t recall, Mr. Parvez Rashid, Information Minister of Pakistan, had first tabled the term called “G3” as a technology for mobile phone networks in a TV program called “Capital Talk”. Mr. Hamid Mir, the host of the show, instead of correcting Mr. Parvez, started using the same term, i.e. G3, and continued using it till the end of the show.

I am just wondering if our main stream media is any good at topics other than politics? And if not, its a pity that we have to rely on it for our informational needs.

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK