Jang Group Still Can’t Differentiate Between 3G and G3 [Cartoon]

We thought it were politicians only saying things such as “G3”, “taknalogy Lasansss” and “Daalar”, but apparently our mighty Jang Group is not behind in the race.

Before we go into further discussion, have a look at following cartoon published in Daily Jang Today:


Cartoon depicts 3G and 4G technologies as newly born babies, just getting out of a birth centre in Pakistan.

However, the problem is that instead of terming them 3G and 4G, Daily Jang cartoonist conveniently mentioned them as “G3” and “G4”. Editor didn’t object to the masterpiece and let it go as it is appearing above. This cartoon is published in all cities of Daily Jang in Pakistan.

Just if you can’t recall, Mr. Parvez Rashid, Information Minister of Pakistan, had first tabled the term called “G3” as a technology for mobile phone networks in a TV program called “Capital Talk”. Mr. Hamid Mir, the host of the show, instead of correcting Mr. Parvez, started using the same term, i.e. G3, and continued using it till the end of the show.

I am just wondering if our main stream media is any good at topics other than politics? And if not, its a pity that we have to rely on it for our informational needs.

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK

  • Im so Done ._.
    what the hell, all that talk about development in our country everyday and they still can’t see difference in “3G” and “G3”.. well i suppose all they can do is “talk”

  • Well after what they did to ISI and its chief, probably everything looks and sounds like a G3 to them :-)

  • wow what a discovery aamir, very productive and informative, you really “break” news…

  • I don’t see any mistake here. 3g is 3rd genration and g3 is generation 3rd — whats the difference then? :-)

        • Q g ithay kera kiraya lagda hai? jithay marzi chalay jao :D wase dusre coment mein apko reply ni kia tha “Silent observer” ko kia tha.

            • 3G is a given name so that we cant change or read this in reverse order……………………..G3 is a name given to weapon so you started to read 3G also as a weapon name???

              but so called typical educated pakistani can read anything with any sequence any combination and with any order. because we are superior than any other nation and thats why we are highly developed country (LOL).

              confused peoples, seemed to retrieve positives from everything but didn’t know that necessary education is required.

  • As far as this newspaper cartoon is concerned, I find no mistake there. The cartoon is published in Urdu daily in Urdu language and it’s better to write G3 in this case as 3 would be read first and G later (from right to left).

      • It will still mean the same. We should not overly criticise the things, which is complete useless. But newly born written in carriages and not main part of the sketch.

        Regarding NEWLY BORN, It could also be said it is pre-written on the baby carriages. Their main focus was there.

          • You should learn how to behave. What a stereotype of typical Pakistani…

            I am not endorsing you at all to read Newly Born as Born Newly.Newly born might have been shown written on the baby carriage by the makers of it.

            If you know what typical Pakistanis are, you should not waste your time in such articles otherwise.

            • Enough is enough! You have shown enough expertise in Urdu “take na lo ji”. Have something better to do with your time – and your life.

    • Funny explanation , Mr chowdhury. We get “born newly” in english and “technologize” in Urdu. Wow! what style we’ve got! Viva La Urdu take-na-lo-ji!!
      Life is much more fun with Urdu, better with a big big one.

  • I have seen many times people writing arabic numerics in reverse order in URDU so its just not a new thing but yes, normally, u dont see this everytime.

  • So you think our politician are capable enough for these things. You are
    so generous for this.They know how to make corruption everything else
    is beyond their sense of understanding.

    As far Jang is concerned, “unkay to aaj kal tottay uray hoay hain ISI kay chakkar main”.

  • Well it solves the purpose, cartoons are for laugh and this is sort of tarka for big laugh, be positive.

  • As far as I know, 3G or 3G or 2G are just the names of technologies i.e 2nd generation to 4th generation and LTE is long term evolution.
    If someone say 3G means 3rd generation technologies or G3 means generation 3 technology.
    Its something like Joru ka Ghulam. Jo angraiz nay bola woe naam bolna hai.

      • i know change nhi kia ja sakta, but it doesn’t mean kay hum non native english walay galti na karen. Yaar mein UAE mein rehta hun yahan goray log bhi hamari terms ko apnay hisaab say adjust ker k boltay hen or hum unki english ko.koi itna bara issue nhi k news bana di jaye k pta nhi english ka janaza nikal dia ho hum ne

        • Han ghalti hogai news nhi bnani chahye lkn jo dusro ki chhoti chhoti mistakes pakar k beth jaen us ko baar baar apne channel pe chlaein un ko mistake nhi krni chahye phir un k liye itna to bnta hai na.

          • g banta ha per us say sub aik jese ho jatay hen..btw mene koi ye bat jang ya geo k favor kay liye nae ki..just normal ki chahay koi bhi ho..secondly boht log aese b milen gy jin ko pta bi nhi k 3G chez kia ha is sy kia hota ha..to ab unka b mazak kia banana ya unka jinko phone bhi use nhi kerna ata hamary haan
            mene general baat ki ha specific nhi

            • dear usman, fazool mn favor krne se pehle tume ye sochna chahye tha k aisa likh kon rha he, agr so called educated log bhi jahilo’n wali harkte’n kre’n ge ya hmare I.T k minister bhi bongia’n mare’n ge to phr baqiyo’n ka Allah hi Hafiz he…… wese soch tmari typical pakistanio’n wali he is liye lge rho munna bhai…………

              • mere munnay pervez rahsid IT minister nhi ha or na he Hamid Mir IT minister hai..or jisne ye cartoon banaya wo bhi IT expert nhi ha or jisne publish kiya wo bhi IT expert nhi hai.
                tum wo ho jin ko 2 baten pta chal jaen to khud ko genius or dusron ko jahil samajny lag jatay ho..typical pakistani to tum ho..to lgay rho mr genius 3G
                or mr genius 3G mene uper likha ha k mene ksi ki favor nhi ki or na us sy pehle kisi coment mein favor ki..per genius 3G jhail ko parhna he bus 3G aye to mein kia karun

    • These bastards at Jang and geo are only busy in defaming Pakistan. Bloody Indians supported channels

  • Aamir come on man, what difference it makes it we call it Third Generation (3G) or Generation Three (G3) Technologies..

    This article is not worth it, honestly :-)

  • Wow, next level… Kash koi government ka banda itna damaag YouTube kay maslay may lara deta. ;)

  • Geo ko apni jaan ke lalay pare howe hein or ap ko us ko ye release krwa rahe ho k us k cartoons galat hain

  • Amir… get ready for a campeign against you by jang and Geo group.. you might be declared as Indian agent etc…. your picture will be screens for many hours .. lol

  • What does PML N has to do with it? U got any problem with that… MR. AZAD MEDIA… Aesa Azad media k mauqa milte he apna asal rang dikha diya sab TV channels ne… Well it was very hard to believe that our porky media groups are so biased and opportunists that they find an opportunity to defame any of their competitors and at the end they use the word “Azadiye Sahafat” and “Sahafi Baradari”… And what are you gonna say when this same ‘G3’ would be turned towards ur face?

    • My channel doesn’t consider Hamid Mir – Geo – ISI triangle newsworthy and we don’t air anything about them unlike other channels :) Your talking style just depicted where you came from. Cheers.

  • .. It is not a mistake… It is actually writing in urdu and english that makes it look wrong. Stop blaming to Jang group for every mistake.

  • just received this sms from warid
    “Dear Warid family member, this is to update you that announcement regarding our new data technologies would be made soon in the days ahead”
    Seems like warid really is cooking something!

  • If there is a glass which is half full with water,sum people would say that the glass is half full,sum wuld say it is half empty, i am sure the author meant to write or say it 3g or 4g by reading it from right to left.I dont think it was worth a news on propakistani.Its more like criticism for the sake of criticism…..the method of writing the ad is lil bit ambigious,it does give the impression that the 3g/4g denomination was supposed to be read from right to left as this is an urdu ad.However this was not worthy of a news….you can bit benefit of the doubt to jang group.
    Poor reporting by propakistani

  • I believe Jang group is nowadays more attentive to G3 than 3G after Hamid Mir failed campaign :)

  • بیمار ذہن اور کیا سوچ سکتا ہے ؟؟؟ جاوید اقبال کے کارٹون کو جھنگ گروپ پر کیچڑ اچھالنے کے لئے استمعال کرنا شرمناک ہے. یہ پاکستانیوں کا قومی کھیل بن چکا ہے …. “گرتی ہوئی دیوار کو ایک دھکا اور دو “

    • Bemaar zehan nahi bro, now is the time that we start exposing those who are promoting indian ideology in Pakistan and Jang and geo group are the pioneers in this field like bloody fu*king aman ki asha

  • Dear All
    Really it is not astonishing for me because we certainly know that in our country print & electronic entire media is purely non-technical. Just having glance of Pakistani News Papers, weekly or monthly journals you will not find any technical, scientific or technological literature, even in new bulletins no news about any technology or information about new products in this modern era.
    Let me recall national Election-90s PTV back to back program while comprehensive coverage was being given and updated results were being announced and during the live telecast it has to be announced that these result are also available on our website and Chacha Mustansar Hussain Tarrar was unable to read web address and he says we don’t know what is this KACHHO QUMA @ and even he taken help from program director and he was also unable to read the web address. Let me say one thing more that now a days we don’t have any English news bulletin on Pakistani channels.
    It is exigency of the circumstances to introduce some technical programs on our national media to create technical awareness in the nation. I do appreciate ZEE TV and when its telecast initially started after 1992 there was a program to teach computer and I am proud to say that during those days I myself and my growing children learn a lot from that half an hour morning program. Question is this why our education department or higher education commission is not playing its positive role to introduce distance learning programs utilizing satellite channels.
    Hope that some one will take initiative to fill this gap.
    With best regards,

    Engineer Nazir Malik

  • Does this even matter? Move on with your OWN lives. Change the world. Stop trying to change others.

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