KWICK Develops Android Based Biometric Verification System for Telcos


KWICK technologies, an Islamabad based firm that specializes in SIM manufacturing, has developed an indigenous solution for biometric verification of cellular customers.

It maybe recalled that Pakistan Telecommunication Authority has said that all new sales of cellular connections in Sindh and Balochistan will only be done after biometric verification of customers.

Similar biometric verification procedures will be made mandatory in Punjab and KPK during the next phase.

With biometric verification system in place, before the issuance of new SIM, the thumb impressions of customers are matched with NADRA database to make sure that the person holding the CNIC card is indeed the legitimate individual with correct credentials or not.

Currently in Sindh and Balochistan, all cellular service centres, franchises and retail outlets are selling new SIMs through biometric verification only.

KWICK, considering the need of the industry, has developed a Biometric SIM Verification system, that will help the telecommunication companies to sell SIMS after proper verification of the buyer.

Just to mention, this whole process is aimed at addressing the issue of unregistered SIMs and prevent the irregular use of cellular connections.

KWICK told ProPakistani that their biometric verification device is efficient, light weight and easy to use.

The solution consists of an android based device which has KWICK’s application running on it, and a biometric device to obtain the fingerprint of the customer. The application itself is very user friendly and easy to navigate.

The software development and solution integration is done by KWICK High Tech’s team which shows the potential of local industry.

According to estimates, over 75,000 deployments of biometric verification devices will be required at countrywide outlets.

KWICK, in addition to BVS solution, has introduced a new SIM card packing that is more cost efficient than before.


Primarily, instead of offering one SIM on the standard card, KWICK will offer packaging that will allow 2 SIMs on a single card, thus saving telecom companies a significant amount of money.

KWICK said that their SIM cards are 3G and 4G ready.

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  • This is interesting,, I guess they can develop a similar device for electronic voting and it can be used to verify the voters via their bio-metric information.
    Get the voter verified by their bio-metric information and then give them a print out paper to vote.

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