Zong Starts 3G Trial Services for Limited Users in Lahore


Zong today announced the commencement of its free 3G trial service in Lahore, however, these 3G trials aren’t for everyone unlike Telenor, Mobilink and Ufone.

Instead Zong has asked its customers in Lahore to get enrolled for the trial 3G services if they want to experience free 3G services.

Zong said that it is accepting limited users for 3G trials, during which – if selected — they will be offered free 3G services from Zong.

Zong users from Lahore can go to this link to get themselves enrolled for participation in 3G trials: http://zong.com.pk/3g-exp-prog.html

Zong said that customers can apply for participation in 3G trials from 6th till 12th May. Customers will be informed by 14th May about their selection who will be able to use free 3G trials.

Selected users, upon completion of 3G trials, will also be offered with free prizes including Free Mobile Internet (4GB Monthly Internet Package), Samsung Note 3, S5 & iPhone 5s via Lucky Draw!

After completion of 3G trials, Zong has said, customers will be asked for Feedback and their experience on Zong’s 3G network.

Zong has told ProPakistani that they will commercially launch 3G services in at least seven cities across Pakistan, including Islamabad/Rawalpindi, Lahore, Karachi, Faisalahad, Peshawar and Quetta

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    • I think something terrible is going on at Zong’s backend. They haven’t been able to offer 3G trial till date and their condition looks awfully pathetic. I just shifted from their postpaid to prepaid and they haven’t been able to even refund my security deposit despite several visits to their office. They are an utter failure as far as business ethics are concerned. But that’s perhaps is a norm with our Chinese employers.

  • They should open this form for all the cities listed at least. I am from Islamabad and unable to apply for enrolment.

  • Well this is simply unacceptable !! Every operator has launched 3g in major cities for everý customer and zong on the other hand is just launching in lahore and only for limited customers!! God will help zong ! Extremely uncompetitive move……
    furthermore if warid gets 4g lte by the end of this month which is highly probable then zong should seriously take action as it will be in great trouble !!!

    • It may be but currently they are exponentially growing in terms of their subscribers, if this trend carries on, they will beat telenor and mobilink, and thats due to only fact that they have won 4G license unlike those other networks.

      • They may have been able to lure no of customers but the sad fact is that their service is getting pathetic by the day. I have been their postpaid customer for last four years but I am just leaving. Highly unethical bunch of non professional characters.

        • May be its just right time for you to stay with them few more days and experience their 3G and 4G services and then decide to leave them. If you really want to move on, if you could, resort to new sim for other connection instead of mobile number portability thing for now, before you try their 4G specially.

    • for 4G service, they already told that it took several months or a year to launch.

  • I think that zong is not ready for 3G services, that is the reason for delay.
    Selected customers means they just testing the service which they haven’t yet.
    Don’t know why they want a full payment and a 4G license.
    They have money for this but not for the technology deployment

    • May be they were not expecting they will do this good with 3G and 4G licenses. BTW zong is one thing, i didn’t thought operators like mobilink will just have equipment installed in very less areas mostly in cities whereever they are providing trail, also they joined trail bandwagon pretty late.

      • yeah but others only need to deploy 3G but zong after 3G they have to start 4G in a year from now.
        Up-gradations from Zong must be done first than other operators.
        This isn’t a good step by zong, evry other operator is trying to capture the market of 3G and they are still puncture :D

  • Most of people will not eligible for trial as most of the nos. are not registered to their actual owners

  • Zong warid ke 4G license ke waja si kuch parishan lag raha hai, my hypo was right kh zong 3G 4G trial 8may ko haas cities mi start kariga,.

    • Absolutely it is an em brassing situation for Zong which was supposed to be the only 4G service provider so they were dreaming for their monopoly but things changed all of a sudden.

  • when 3G trial finish how much speed we get on commercially launch 3G *?
    (A) 2Mbps
    (B) 5Mbps
    (C) 9Mbps
    (D) 12Mbps
    please answer must give right answer and get free pizza.

    • I guess no ones gonna go above 5Mbps and i expect lots of crazy caps like 3 to 4 GB of data limit per month.

      Lets see what zong will do with 4G.

      • I think, speeds will be less than 1 Mbps at day time on the average. I am using 3G in Thailand for 6 years and I used all companies and tested all times. the best speed is at night after 2am. more over very high speed is not so important I think consistent speed with no drops are a must

    • PTCL Evo is already covering lots of areas, and its 3G. Packages are also better than any expected from these cell phone operators. However, you will have to look for service quality in your area, if thats not good, lemme give you heads up, they have most pathetic customer service of world.

  • Zong k is 3G Experience pay aik sher araz karunga…
    نہ چھیڑ اے نکہتِ بادِ بہاری، راہ لگ اپنی
    تجھے اٹھکھیلیاں سوجھی ہیں ہم بے زار بیٹھے ہیں

  • Zong has screwed this up !!! i think i might be converting to Telenor or Mobilink

  • yar dina jo ke jhelum me ata hae…din ka zong free cal pakage ke lie ..dina ka city code kia hae …koi bta sakta hae kia

    • sorry bro ma nay tu PTCL wala city code bata dia. i think app jehlum wala code send karoo , wohi dina k liay bhi apply ho ga.. aur wo code

      Daily offer keyword = JHE
      Weekly offer keyword = JHE7

  • Who has received the Zong 3g reception in Lahore?

    It’s 13th May today and Zong management is still silent. WHAT THE HELL!

  • Whereas all network providing trail base 3G services which is open for all to experience it and share its experience further with their network users friends and family. This sort of approach will really discourage its users it would even provoke them to use other Networks to experience 3G trail Service. Limited access always discourage users.
    Zong Network will have to provide it on trail for all to experince it and then decide either to continue or go for other network.
    If Zong does not provide we all zong users will protest and will not use Zong network anymore.

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