Govt in Trouble as 3G Signals Aren’t Blocked by Mobile Phone Jammers


3G technology has become a headache for law enforcement agencies as its signals aren’t blocked by mobile phone jammers that are deployed at sensitive locations in capital and across the country including Senate and National Assembly building.

Government has reportedly approached PTA for the solution.

As per a local news channel, law enforcement agencies are worried because the jammers installed at sensitive locations aren’t blocking 3G signals and hence data and voice reception on Mobile Phones is possible even in presence of mobile phone jammers.

For those who aren’t familiar, these mobile phone jammers transmit a noise signal at a particular frequency and resultantly all the legitimate signals (from cellular operators, TV, Radio, GPS or others) get distorted or blocked.

It appears that already deployed mobile phone jammers are capable of disrupting signals only in 900Mhz and 1800Mhz bands. 2G networks in Pakistan operate with-in these bands and jammers with these frequencies (900Mhz and 1800Mhz ) were considered sufficient for blocking cellular signals during pre 3G era.

It merits mentioning here that majority of mobile phone jammers come in multiple frequency bands with ability to block signals in more than one frequency band, however, some vendors – to save cost — also produce single or only two band signal jammers.

Now as you may know that 3G networks in Pakistan are deployed in 2100Mhz which aren’t apparently blocked by the same jammers, hinting that these jammers are not capable of jamming 2100Mhz signals.

In such cases, government will have to upgrade their jammers or replace them to completely block cellular signals both for 2G and 3G networks.

Which, by the way, will mean another tender and more chances for the FnF to grab some bucks. Overall, its nothing to worry about just some more expense and that’s it.

On a related note, all those illegal Jammers – that were unofficially deployed by individuals – may also not function properly to block 3G signals.

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  • haha, they didn’t think about it ? that’s the main downfall of Pakistani trend. we always follow the opposite trend “Think after the implementation” & as you mentioned about 3G signals, what about 4G which works on 2600Mhz frequency ? or I guess they will block the entire 3G/4G signals by forcing mobile operators on special occasions ? lol

  • Irresponsible statement!

    Which, by the way, will mean another tender and more chances for the FnF to grab some bucks. Overall, its nothing to worry about just some more expense and that’s it.

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  • LOL, they should certainly outsource this problem to a private firm. PTA won’t ever be able to solve it considering their approach on YouTube.

    • actually in govt. level.. for every problem.. the solution can be suggessted by concerned person or departement.. that’s why PTA is being discussed because they are the authority over telecom and they can better suggest about it…as far as youtube.. it is much more political rather technical… also it is in court and can’t be decided by PTA at once…

  • When PTA don’t have a solution, they BAN the concerned product. So will they ban 3G/4G as well? A little far fetched but i won’t be surprised given their incompetency :p

    Lets also talk about the fact that the jammers inplace will need to be changed/modified which means more cost will need to be incurred. Govt will obviously take 3x the amount from the budget for that work and will spend 0.5x of it on intended task … just so they can spend more amount in coming years.

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