USF Approves Optic Fiber Cable Project for KPK


Universal Service Fund yesterday approved a 730 kilometre long Optic Fiber Cable project for Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province, said a statement issued last night.

USF said that Fiber Optic project, that will connect 21 tehsils of the province, will benefit an un-served population of about 3.2 Million people.

Government is aiming that this new Fiber Optic cable will not bring high-speed internet to masses but government channels and development projects will also be enabled with high-end connectivity solutions.

Project was approved during a USF board of directors meeting that was chaired by Minister of State for IT & Telecom Mrs. Anusha Rahman. Annual Budget of USFCo for the Financial Year 2014-2015 was also approved during the meeting. Other important matters significantly related to administration and projects were discussed.

The board was also updated on the status of establishment of Universal Telecenters by the USF. Taking deep interest in the implementation of UTC’s project the Board of Directors advised the USF management to expedite the implementation and establishment of Universal Telecenters.

Additionally special projects for broadband for 100 colleges and Rural telephony project in far flung areas like Chattral, Shanghla, Lower Deer, Boneer were also approved. Furthermore, the Chairperson ensured complete support of Government in the execution of USF projects and hoped that USF will continue its efforts for proliferation of IT & Telecom services in future as well.

The Chairperson USF Board of Directors Mrs. Anusha Rahman Khan was accompanied by Secretary IT, Mr. Azmat Ali Ranjha who is also the Vice-Chairman of USFCo Board of Directors. Other higher dignitaries including the Member Telecom; Mr.Mudassar Hussain , Chairman PTA; Dr. Syed Ismail Shah, CEO & President PTCL; Mr. Walid Irshaid, CEO CMPak; Mr. Fan Yunjun and Representative of Consumer Association of Pakistan Mr. Kaukab Iqbal also graced the gathering.

  • Just one Google’s 1Gbps Optic Fiber connection is enough to deploy internet to the 21 tehsils of the province. :D Think Different!

      • Every internet user of Pakistan uses Google Search Engine and you know Youtube is a company of Google, they why they cannot use Youtube. Everybody knows how to use proxies to open Youtube..!!! It has become easy for every person who knows the alphabet from A to Z.

        • lagta hai aap PAID Proxies use karte hain Zill-e-Bainulaqwai jaal ke maulim.. ya phr PTCL broadband 50mbps ka connection free mil gaya hai aap ko.. tabhi Proxies ko itna Tahe dil se ishtehaar kar rahe hain :) Good on you if that’s the case..

          • It’s not the case. Neither I use paid proxies nor 50Mbps connection. Being a student, Youtube is a very useful for source for me to watch lecture about Biology and Chemistry. I didn’t try to watch the Anti-Muslim videos.

  • Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province and PTI
    PTI Practically giving better facility in their province most focus on education and try to improve law n order situation,

    and now Fiber Optic project, that will connect 21 tehsils of the province, will benefit an un-served population of about 3.2 Million people in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
    If PTI deliver 5 years in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Peshawar will be Paris

    other side
    Punjab Muslim Leauge N
    from last 20 years although Muslim league (N) and mein Shahbaz sahib try to making Istanbul( city Lahore ) but only three days rain, all Lahore city had drowned under water around 5 feet and other 65 punjab every years drown in moon soon

    • i think u didn’t mind to read the article ,plz use ur preciuosu time and read this plzzzz
      For God sake ,federal government is involved in this project ,IT minister anusha rehman herself is accompaning the delegation ..and u r crediting the pti/kpk governemnt ,the problem is with our jahilpana ,jiyalapan,y we dont see waht is ryt wat is wrong , i voted for PTI ,but that doesnt mean that i blindly follow some party ,the day we started critising the wrong and appreciating the good steps made by any party ,from that day ,pakistan will prosper .thank u

      • Fibre optic in 21 tehsil mean covered in pustun belt is big achievement for PTI

        Every pustun can access Internet
        And definitely its demand from PTI ( all credit is going to PTI ) that s way federal govt announced for that province

        Federal govt not announce for any other province because their is no demand from any other province
        Mein shahbaz saib give laptops in their province but without optics fibre these laptops are same in punjab jaise

        Curry is without chilli and salt
        And tea without sugar

        Don’t praise muslim league n
        Because they should announce 121 tehsil in punjab because punjab 5 time big than khaber pukhtunkhwwa

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